3 Stages Of A Stock Reversal FOR BEGINNERS

This video covers the very basics for Stock reversals with my approach. I hope you learn something new and are one step closer to making money in the stock market.

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Mr S says:

Can anybody help me please. When placing a line of resistance does it have to be 100% level or can it have an incline or decline or is this not classes as a true resistance line? Thanks in advance

irockas C4 says:

desperately trying to find a purpose for my life, rejected by university, who cares, lots of thoughts lots of projects, but where to get started? randomly found one of your videos, and now here i am, to your videos…i think i just found where i should get started, starting to learn from you

M P says:

Can anyone tell me what my MACD data points should be for the best results? Im thinking OPEN+HIGH+LOW+CLOSE/4 ….. does this make the most sense? I’d really appreciate your feedback. Thanks

Nelly Hanek says:

Finally, straight to the topic instead of advertising yourself. Way better. Keep it up. You’re awesome.

Bigassbabymomma3 says:

That’s all it is 3 major hits consolidation then a M or W at low or high

Slow-MOE says:

1080p 60fps? Bring your sister back!

gregp83 says:


Buda King says:

Hey Ricky,
What happens if a stock doesn’t confirm on the resistance, but it continues to make higher highs and lower lows after the break out… So it does not sell off. Would that also be a confirmation? Answer to this would really help me out. (day trade)

Paul Ivan says:

thanks Ricky, very informative

Spacevestments says:

Spacevestments here, and I just want to say gotta love this video, very unique from your usual niché. And I feel can help people who learn a different way than the candle chart etc…

mikedok1 says:

Thank you, Ricky

Justin Joise says:

any one guide me to the steps of getting in to this trading stuffs,stocks, etc etc.., i dont have any knowledge! where to start? what to do? where can i study?

Nick says:

thanks bro

fred stewart says:

Very informative… that really explains consolidation and confirmation… thx ricky!

G Man says:

Quick tip: If you’re ever caught in the rejection phase; make sure to either sell to cut losses quickly or practice patience when enrolling as a new memeber at Bagholders’ University!

Andrew Yau says:

As an LPP member, I have been watching you religiously for around 2 months. Your live streams, your videos on here etc.

My mind is boggled by seeing your legs in a video….

Architectural Hardware Solutions SA says:

Good info. Just an observation; you should install some sound absorbing panels. It will make your audio improve by eliminating the reverb echo

Iris Rojas says:

What swing trading/day trading books would you recommend?

Jaidan Craig says:

Look at TNDM today. That is why you wait patiently 🙂

Ryan Davis says:

Seriously Ricky this is my favorite video so far. I’ve been following you for months now and this cleared some stuff up. Thanks man and keep up the good work.

Chris Egan says:


mikedok1 says:

If it’s your preference, and it’s made you a multi millionaire, I would be a fool to try do something else. I’ll copy your preference.

maxbass says:

Nice video Ricky. But the echo in that room is very noticeable. Throw a thick 9 x 12 rug on the floor and add some foam sound dampening material on the walls. It will make a huge difference. You could build a little video studio for a minimal investment.
The lighting and sound could both have a big bump in quality without breaking the bank. Keep up the good work.

Mani Kanta v says:

Bro suggest best books to learn about share market

djkhoi79 says:

“Hey guys and gals my name’s Jason Bond of Jason vajdkfnexisojahsidndofk” kill me.

Mr S says:

Hi ricky, do you ever short stocks or do you try to avoid it?

David Castro says:

New trader here .. good video.. short, sweet, and to the point!

Pj Cornell says:

It’s crazy man I’ve been watching you for weeks leaning about day trading and studying everything you say about being profitable. I started day trading two days ago around a thousand dollars and my portfolio is up almost 20%. I don’t know if it’s cause I got lucky or not. But for sure it was all possible because of your videos man. Thank you so much

Matthew Ludivico says:

Perfectly timing best price in a dip buy and best selling price can be difficult (an understatement).

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