11 Golden Rules For Beginners in Stock Market

Are you a Beginner in Stock Market and afraid of losing your hard earned Money? Can you rely on your friends, family members or so-called Stock Gurus for Stock Investment? Stock Investment is not a child’s play. To be a successful stock investor you have to follow certain rules. This video blog discusses the 11 Golden Rules for the beginners in Stock Market.

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Mayuresh bhoskar says:

dear sir ,,one basic question? if any stock price is growing and company profit growing and i am invested in that stock then how it ius zero sum game? who is in loss in such cases?/

Kapil Sharma Comedy Circus says:

Good English!

Трофим Геворгян says:

thank you, sir

Debasish Pathak says:

Thank you for the video…. You are precise and clear in your opinion.

rekha rastogi says:

Dear sir

I am beginner also from Tech field I want to start invest in stocks , pls guide me

Robin Panwar says:

Sir it is possible like job doing personal us to get profit from share market.
Please make a video for this sir.

archis chhatre says:

do i have to be a maths student or more specific a commerce to opt for a stock market analyt in future.As im studying ba economics and have started developing interest in stocks.

salman mahmood says:

Great advice for a beginner thanks for the information

Idris Ali says:

thank you sir , you are talking with experience /thanks for sharing it.

abhishek roy says:

very nicely explained 🙂

thajuddin thajuddin says:

sir long term ke liye konsa indicater apnaya jai.


I am very new and I would like to invest in a company which I think will grow in next couple of years and that could be a continuous growth. I am wondering if the company will continuously grow in long term, should I invest on that or should I invest in a company where the risk is more but the growth possibility is also there? Please help me to make the right choice.

Sonu Kumar says:

Sir your videos are very motivational to invest in stock market….
Pls guide me to create the dummy portfolio.. On which site i can create my dummy portfolio???

Xa says:

Good Advice for a beginner ! Nice presentation and clarity of thoughts.

Patel Meet says:

plz this video in Hindi

Muthi says:

What does dummy portfolia meaning ?

Aravind Muthukumaraswamy says:

Very useful…. Thanks

Vivekanand Margam says:

Seems vivid .Ideal for a layman Thanks a lot.

balgautam says:

Join indiantradersden.com for stock market articles forum and books

sonu raju says:

sir I am 18 and trying to invest some funds in stock at this movement and thrilled to learn more can u pls help me out …

sunil nair says:

very practical and pragmatic

zakir shaikh says:

Nitin Bhai Thank you so much for your useful information…Allah may give you good health and happy life (just a small prayer for you as a “Hadiya” as you gave usefull information).

Thank you so much Nitin Bhai…

Mayuresh bhoskar says:

Thanks again,sir,,

satish muntode says:

sir I just pass out from college and want to do career in stock market will you plz explain the concept of port folio.. and other important concept which you think important for new comers.

saikat bera says:

you always say that successful trader/investor never disclose their strategy….then why are you disclosing your strategy here.

mrmahabal1 says:

Excellent speech..very informative..and to the point.

viswanatha reddy yapamanu says:

First of all thank you so much for your valuable information.

i’m new to stock market. i have open account through Upstox brokerage.

few things please guide to me:
1)for beginners whether NSE is better or BSE.
2) if INTRADAY is better or Delivery is for beginners
3)if i go with DELIVERY like what kind of industries is better for buy a shares…like media or FMCG or PHARMA.

Muthi says:


Joseph Job says:

really a great video. A good insight for beginners…

Santosh burungale says:

sir agar Maine xyz company ke kuch share kharide aur woh xyz company agar hamesha keliaband ho gai toh Maine dala hua paisa dub jayga ki wapis milega?

Ravikanth Lingala says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge to young investors .

Vatsal Dedhia says:

How to open an account for starting trading in stocks

Ashok Athawale says:

Very good explanation.Thanks

Ramkrishna Dadgelwar says:

According to you what is best starting amount for a beginner

Hamid Choudhary says:

Nitin bathia always the best in his videos, huge respect sir

Prasanna Y.M says:


Ashis Prasad says:

sir i m a beginner should i invest 10k .. and sir i m going to join sharekhan is it good for me

Gourab Chowdhury says:

Can you recommend a few places/websites where I can create a dummy portfolio?

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