Why is learning how to day trade so hard

Why is learning to day trade so hard?

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I am talking to you today from St Lucia in the Carribean, as you can see the view is beautiful. If you do get the opportunity to visit St Lucia, definitely check out this resort which is called Ladera Resort. Another place that I would recommend is called Jade Mountain.

This has been more of a vacation for me, so I’ve not done that much work while I have been here. When I have opened the laptop you can see the amazing workspace that I’ve had, with such an extraordinary view.

I really wanted to do this video about why is learning to day trade so hard, for the people that are watching this that want to learn how to day trade and think that it will be easy.

This industry, including myself, show you all the beautiful locations and the lifestyle that you can have when you achieve success. A large majority of people think that this happens overnight and that is just not the case.

I’ve been doing this for over 15 years, when I first got out of high school I took out $25,000 in student loans to learn how to trade. I lost all of that money within a month and then did the responsible thing and took out more loans. For me this is what I always wanted to do, there was no option B or C so that I could have the freedom and lifestyle that I wanted.

When we now live in a world of instant gratification, wanting everything to happen now. Society has developed a lack of patience, which is something you are going to need if you want to learn how to day trade.

There is a process & journey you will go through that will develop you to have the right personality traits to be a successful trader.

I hope you enjoy this video where I go in-depth to answer the question, why is learning how to day trade so hard?

If you have any questions or comments please let me know in the comment section below!

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69flyman says:

Audio is fucked at some parts

LifeisaGamble says:

I just said this to myself yesterday just in some other words

Andres Arbelaez says:

Great! Definitely this is very motivating, I would like someday to have something like that

Konrad Grygo says:

Great video. Thanks for the inspiration and these important message. Currently saving up to dedicate to trading in 100%. Give myself half a year, max a year to become profitable. Regards 🙂

Karno says:

The last 5 of your videos I’ve watched are you saying the exact same thing for 10+ minutes

Kurt Cooper says:

Wow. Your the first young trader that speaks as though he’s sharing wisdom of a 50 yr old. So much truth finally in a video that doesn’t focus on the Ferrari @ the end of a rainbow. You mentioned the person that u we’re not being able to sleep & waking up & pounding the screen & charts to demand the most out of yourself. Exactly the way I am. Except no defeat due to lack of effort. Make adjustments that cost u, patients is actually my one advantage, and refusing to remain beaten! Always learning & looking for the reason why this or that happened….. Wish I could of met u when u we’re taking on students. Thanks.

Jon Adams says:

Also its hard to over come that instinct to panic when you see $-3k

Antonio Alves says:


Kevin Nelson says:

What is the place called? Looks amazing,

Dave Agar says:

Great video… PLUS… you made your trip a write off.. BRILLIANT.

Jelani Smit says:

The lighting is so bad.

Alexander Lang says:

Uargh, really nice video and nice content actually but the mono sound in the middle is horrible!

Dan Brown says:

Great Key statement… “People make time for what’s important for them”! Trading IS Difficult, but if we make the necessary sacrifices, we’ll see the Success, in due time! Peace ✌

Wavy Porter says:

i appreciate you keeping it real bro

Mr. Easy Fix says:

Hard because “now” culture.Responsibility to take action.

James Edwards-Marche says:

#askmarcello Can you go into detail about your personal trading demons? Maybe give some examples of what that looks like in your trading and in your life. Thanks!

eddyvideostar says:

This video should be: *_Why is profiting from day trading so hard?_*

John Harrison says:

True words it can take years to develop the mindset for consistent profits

Jakub Valenta says:

Holy shit this is really fantastic! I’ll go for it trading yeah!!

Boston Hoppman says:

Damn I love how real this guy is. When I first began my journey as a trader 2 years ago at 18, I was so optimistic about the results I would have. I thought it would be a walk in the park and I would easily avoid working a 9-5 job right out of high school. This was not the case at all… 2 years later and after blowing up 2 accounts, I am just now starting to feel like I am seeing the market through a different perspective. I am just now starting to feel like I’m learning more about myself and developing traits to SOMEDAY be a successful day trader. It’s never guaranteed and I’m still not profitable, but I do see progress. It IS a journey and you should never put a time limit on YOUR personal learning curve. Although I don’t day trade futures, I trade momentum stocks, every part of this video still applies.

Thank you for being so honest and transparent. The industry needs more people like this!

stg5ive says:

So true! Thought that was your house at first.

Chi Hai Truong says:

Thanks a lot for your great videos, I ve been watching it , and to be honest, it really does help me a lot about my trading result. I have a question : how come I always feel so tense when i am focusing on market activities. I feel that the tension from watching it makes my heart in stress. How can I be so relaxing and focusing on the market activities at the same time. Thanks, a lot ( from Vietnam which by the way have a lots of nice resort, check out the Da Nang Intercontinental, very very nice )

Geovani Jnpierre says:

I’m from St.Lucia

Top90Knucklez says:

Hey, I want to start day trading, what do you think is the best online brokerage?

Brandon Caudell says:

Disappointing! This is a rehash of another video. I thought I was going to learn “WHY day trading is so hard”, not a rehash of the fact that it is hard for young people because they don’t want to make the sacrifices! Waist of time.

avaz333 says:

If you do that well then at least hire a decent camera crew! Horrible video

Saurian DT says:

So how about giving some good examples of “where” to learn to day trade. I have watched many of your videos and you say that there is much BS out there about trading, how about giving some tips on where to go to learn the right way?

Bernard Williams says:

question. would you tutor a first time beginner as a brother in crise.

Diesel says:

bet that place is a pain in the ass to stain

Brandon Lilly says:

First time I’ve seen one of your vids. Excellent advice. I’m a 10 year trader and I failed my first 6 years not having the right discipline, trying to develop an accurate strategy that is consistently profitable, and most of all ridding my life of distractions that interfered with my success. I blew up about 5 accounts in that time but none were more than $1k, and it wasnt til my 6th account that all my experience came together and I made it work. So patience, determination, and focus are the name of the game. Really great video bro!!!

Melanie Menji says:

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Back Nforth says:

I expect to make $10,000 from $100,000. so I can’t lose money quickly too?

Madjockja says:

i accidentally ruptured my asshole watching this, keep up the dank work my negro

SUNNY LIFE365 says:

Such an honest , humble and forward presentation , I subscribed ! provide more .. talk more… explain more about trading habits, personality etc !

jordan rivers says:

man I wish I had an opportunity to learn to trade from this guy. would so anything to learn.

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