Want to Learn Day Trading? BBT Members Recap: Robert Trade of $LOW | May 22 2018

Robert is one of the members of Bear Bull Traders that has completed the day trading program and he show us one of his trades in his live account….

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Education and Book: How to Day Trade for a Living http://amzn.to/2pnfccr
My Trading Platform: DAS Pro http://dastrader.com/
My Stock Scanner: Trade Idea https://goo.gl/KHZQyQ
Broker SpeedTrader https://www.bearbulltraders.com/go/sp…
Or Interactive Brokers https://www.interactivebrokers.com/
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David Smith says:

Excellent recap Robert, thanks. I had less patience than you but was green on $LOW as well.

59nang says:

Great job, thx for the vid. So how did you find this ticker? Also, once you meet your daily goal do you shut her down or switch over to a sim account to get some more experience?

Jimmy Lam says:

Great video. Nicely done.

Aznariy Ramazanov says:

Good good, keep it going

Miguel A. Nogueras says:

Outstanding Robert!

Joe Slow says:

I’m getting really proud of being a Bear Bull Trader member! These are real people who work really hard to make real trades! I’m learning from everyone in the room so much! These members recap videos is just a brilliant idea.

Debjit625 says:

Thanks always learning more from these videos

David Dos Santos says:

Andrew…how are you able to zoom in with the mouse on Das Charts? get a specific part of the chart to look at?

Mario Jähn says:

You did great Robert!

Dave Pagdin says:

Nicely played Robert! Way to keep a cool head. 2% on one trade…beautiful.

Carlos Moreta says:

Excellent!! $2 move on this trade… can’t beat that! Nice work Robert.

Hussain Yami says:

Great job man, keep going .Thanks.

Elkeen Eng says:

Excellent video. The detailed explanation is much appreciated.

joseph hays says:

This is great stuff! Well played. Thanks for sharing Robert.

Prasanna kumar says:


Muaddhib says:

Great job Robert H!

domiflichi says:

Nice Robert!

balsingh65 says:

Nice job Robert ! Keep up the good work and spread your wisdom …. looking forward to many more ….

David Owens says:

Good recap Robert. Interesting to hear your thought process.

David Dos Santos says:

Thank you! That helps a lot

Kevin Monk says:

Great job Robert H! “Captain Chill”! Thank you for sharing. Keep ’em coming!

Kevin D. E says:

good stuff. Really learning more , like about that “reversal” but it didnt hit the 3 MA so you werent worried.

wunchh says:

Great trade Robert and very well managed with patience, something that I lack. Please keen these videos going!

ABanjoLife says:

Hey Robert, William H here. Fantastic video and trade. So clean and love your explanation and exit points. Also, on that first 5 minute green candle that didnt make a new high or low that you werent worried about, notice the volume. Less Volume than previous Red candle indicates a weak candle. So great job not being fooled by that potential bottom.

Dima Spivak says:

Great trade, William!

Esprit Rentier says:

Thanks for your really nice recap ! Could you please tell us more about your trading background please ?

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