Trading 101: How to Get Started Trading

Trading 101: How to Get Started Trading

The first step to start trading is all mental. You need to set-up your expectations with what reality actually is. If you can start with this mindset of how to start to trade, you are putting yourself as a trader in a much more profitable place for long term success.

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Hiếu Tô says:

Fucking green marker suck!

D. A. says:

First genuine financial advice not another get rich quick schemer

The Confederate states of America says:

No stocks

Jo-Anna Stephenson says:

I appreciate his realness

MrGtoriginal says:

I’ve had “short term pain” for the last 20 years. How do I fix that?

yuvaraj uv says:

is it the third video in order of the videos about stock market

Batman says:

Is it possible to calculate if the prices is stock are going to to go up? How rich would you be if you could see the future?

Dileepa Jayamaha says:

“How to Get Started Trading” is not suitable for this video contain

Aminu Ojo says:

are you a dick head ? get on with it already

jasonheman says:

I like your style. A lot the whiny wimps tend to be the EMOTIONAL investors…opposite of what your raving audience is who is more HEAD than HEART tired of the feel-good positivity to spare hurting their delicate self with the straight-up real talk tough love needed. To all those whiny wimps, go somewhere else or don’t even enter trading.

Steffan Adamsen says:

iam really new to this , but since iam new to trading i putted my money on gold and that something i knew was safe , so out of 100 dollars i made 10 dollars in few day and sold :D, i have also been looking for like forecast etc , where do you recommend ?


you shouldnt create videos assuming people lack intelligence or are lazy. half this video was wasted was useless because you spent time creating imaginary responses to being responsible and getting a stream of income to start investing. thumbs down for sure man

tagtog - The text annotation tool to train AI says:

I still miss a list of best possible online brokers. Can anyone help?

Thúy Aiko says:

The people in this comment section probably didn’t went to school and just want things handed to them for free

fred fairchild says:

I saw a guy in a chat room basically make every excuse in the book why he couldn’t do this or that. When he finally asked for advice someone told him “scrape sh*t together, bud.”

judd brady says:

Don’t waste your listening to this horse shit.

Abdullah N.A.M ALMutairi says:

how dose the online brocker work

Nassim says:

He had me till “90% fail”

abite aroundtheworld says:

is there a video about how much money to start with?

Darjan Barukcic says:

hey Clay. Thank you for the great advice! I’m learning slowly and surely before I start trading, also doing the short term pain haha.
I’m wondering what would be a good amount of cash to start with after acquiring a solid knowledge? From what I gathered with papertrading is that it would make no good gains starting with 2000 dollars, that’s just something to ”burn” fast regarding the broker fees, and of course one is not going to have most green days at the start. Anyway, I’m trying out and am gonna do so until I figure more things out. Cheers!

Dance1713 says:

Excellent. You sir are creating REAL investors.

Scott Miller says:

Please don’t use a light yellow marker on a white board difficult to see

Born to be wild says:

This man is to much unnecessary talk

Daisha Bradley says:

They never show you how to actually trade they give u the run around

_Xandr _ says:

Can someone pls clarify, aren’t you the trader, also the broker? If not is the broker a real person of just a website or app you use? Thank you if u reply

Aaron Wilson says:

How much money is a good amount to start trading?

Gedyakyeh Levin says:

very helpful can you do a video on investing in real estate PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This f****** video was Payne get to the f****** point biatch and if you’re wondering what’s up with my f****** grammar it’s because I’m using the voice text apparatus that this f****** phone has you piece of s*** mother f***** stock ass biotch I don’t give a f*** SC what the f*** is s c I said sa not SC you piece of s*** f****** phone b****

Paul Rosenthal says:

is this just a motivational video ?


What do you think about the robbinhood app?

God body66 says:

He tricked me he ain’t say not one thing about trading jus t short term pain and sacrifice that’s it

Виллем Дэ Корте says:

Perfect video! I learn from you. I understand what you meant:) not only on this video:) thanks a lot

Mckayla Hennigar says:

I know you’re a very active man, but would you give me the yay or nay on this? I have only 2,000$ to invest, I lost my job, I want to day trade. I’m only 18, so high risk is okay. Do you think I should give it a try? Or wait until I have another job. I live with my mom so I don’t have any bills.

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