Trade Recap: Blah Day -$14.28

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Today is a flat trading day. I took two trades; one small win and one small loss, finishing the day -$14.28. You have to be able to adapt to the changes in the market. Not every win can be a big win and remember that small wins can all add. $OGEN (Oragenics, Inc.) +$100.68, $GEVO (Gevo) -$114.96.


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Nguyen Pham says:

I just want to let you know how inspiring you are to me. Seeing you digging yourself out of the hole reminded me of my trading account that I left untouched for several months now from fear of trading. I took a trade this morning on $AXON going in 4000 share at 3.38 at the pull back then took profit at 3.84 in 7 mins. Thanks for teaching me to trade Ross.

Almighty King Matt says:

Hey Ross, I started trading in January and I keep having this nightmare that I use my three day trades all on Monday. Ever experience this?

Emily#Dance says:

Ross, can you share whom did you learn from? Were you part of a prop firm? I understand if you don’t want to answer in public forum. Thanks says:

lol ross

D. Thompson says:


Colin Maharaj says:

The VIX is going down

K03N says:

The crypto market feels the same right now, 16:32 hit the 500 000 a day goal? nice

jhsung79 says:

I beat u. Made $4 lol

Joshua Mayo says:

Hey Ross, why do you think $GEVO opened so low? What would have caused that? On the daily, it tapped the 20 EMA when it opened but then did that horrible drop.

brucelee2550 says:

AXON was hot. May I asked why you didn’t bother trading that stock? (out of curiosity)

Mibocaj Utagum says:

I went back to live stops, totally takes the emotion out of the trade. However, I notice that I seem to lose money buying out of the apex when using hotkeys and it makes me stop out faster. Do you think typing in orders would eliminate some of that slippage?

sonicmax says:

i have been flat for 1 year now please short 100 k shares of AMZN

bacon says:

I went in on AXON at 4.20, hoping to see profits soon!!

M Ahmadzai says:

Do you have hot keys on WT-SIM?

JON HYPE says:

I’m going to be taking this course next time it comes around. In the mean time, I’m getting all my ducks in a row. I have two questions. I have a MacBook Pro. I’m I going to have to bootcamp it to use the require software? Question two; does Suretrader extend margin to all WT students regardless of credit and nationality? Is it a question of proving one’s self with paper trading metrics?


Thomas McCloughan says:

Using your lessons in this choppy market instead of using the 1-minute on the open I have found the 5-minute to be more favorable

Leoehm Daytrader says:

Ross what is the issue that you are having? Is with your internet connection or with Lightspeed?
You are the best!!!

Dan Buchner says:

I made a nice profit today just staying invested and doing nothing. One of the few times I did better than Ross.

Kinzo Jones says:

Where was Mike today? Did he take the day off? No Mike’s watchlist video this morning.

Lesley Molloy says:

Love the wave metaphor 🙂 Thanks for all you do to help others!

Ryan Adams says:

honestly, I think this is the first time I ever say you lost this little. Better than -1000 or even -5000

TRY to HELP you says:

The wave your on…. I felt a light breeze. I think it was created at all the monks bowing to the enlightenment that was shared today 🙂

Santiago Alcantara says:


hamza fiyarhi says:

i dont know why i always feel like u talking about me. the same happened to me this morning with eurusd and usdchf and usdcad

9eman9 says:

AXON chopped me to bits… After the morning squeeze it was an overcrowded mess of stops getting taken out left right and center.

Eric Smith says:

The more tools in the tool box, the more things people can fix on their vehicle.

Long, short, one minute, five minute, tick, 30 minute, daily, weekly charts, overnight trades. People need to be able to switch easily from one strategy to another on any given day.

If people are only comfortable using a one minute chart, they’re not going to be able to fix much on that engine, because they only know how to use the 5mm box wrench, and nothing else.

Finding opportunities in different time frames, is similar to using different tools. When your original tool breaks, is not working, or is rattling around in the bottom of the washing machine again, you go with a different tool and get the job done.

Daniel Lewis says:

I’ve got to remember that if the market isn’t in my favor that it’s ok not to take a position.

Thomas McCloughan says:

As a complete aside – I bought Trade Ideas through Warrior Trading …. I believe you had mentioned if so we could download your scans …. If I’m wrong my bad… if correct could you explain how I do so? Love your material!

hamza fiyarhi says:

Hey Ross, this is on of your best videos

J T says:

Options have been non stop killing it.

Michael Rivadavia says:

Couldn’t thank you enough for your courage, discernment, transparency and balance!
Proud to be part of the Warrior team!


hheythered says:

I didnt trade AXON either. Small caps have burned me more than anything so I stayed away, but I was tempted to over 4 bucks. How come you moved away from large caps Ross? It was a great day for large caps!

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