How to day trade stocks in 2019 for beginners. Learn to read charts & also the news in order to be consistent in 2019. 3 in 1 stock course:

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Richard Talipan says:

Cheers Zed! Now we have good foundation to start with. Fundamentals!

Rocky Always Learning says:

This is awesome, thanks

Doubtless Wisdom says:

I’m confused. I just don’t understand the earnings report strategy. I’ve looked at several large cap stocks that had recent earnings, including the ones listed in this video. All of them have unpredictable reactions. Some have good earnings and go up premarket and keep going up when the market opens, which would make this strategy work. But some go up premarket and then tank once the market opens following their earnings. And the same goes for stocks stocks that have bad earnings. It seems like a total 50/50 gamble to me. What am I missing? I want this strategy to work, but it just doesn’t seem like it would.

Romeo Lives says:

Brillant golden nuggets from the passionate mentor! Thanks always brother!

Crypto Moon Boys says:

Assuming the US market enters a recession in the next 12 months, how would that affect the Asian and Emerging Markets?

tbutt43 says:

Another cracking tutorial bro!

Kochos says:

I didn’t get the strategy? Wait for the news or what?

Juliana Wills says:

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Rafe West says:

but when you get out you can still lose on a market order buy if the stock is volatile so how do you counter that?

mr lotfy says:

essalamo alaikom dear brother zed, thank you brother for all the courses and efforts you provide and give with kindness foe your followers, with alot of love I follow and support you may allah bless you dear brother zed

Elizabeth Knight says:

I’ve been watching your videos. Thank you for the tips. Im a newbie and appreciate your videos. Keep it up!

Jackson Joe says:

I never believed I will gain so much in trading thanks to Mr James comm I earn more every week


I’m form india

Charles Thomas says:

How are you doing trying to figure out your strategy it looks pretty easy to understand for beginner like me where do you find me earning reports

tim campbell says:

Hey Zed, not to sound negative and maybe I’ve made some mistakes but here are some comments :

At 6:13 you say $RNN had good news an analyst upgrade on 1-17-2019 and that was the catalyst as to why the stock moved up.

I searched and could not find news on of an analyst upgrade on that date for $RNN.
I searched my broker’s news, NASDAQ $RNN ticker news, and many other financial sites.

Can you verify and show some screenshots of the news on 1-17-2019 for $RNN or if you’re wrong can you correct that mistake?

Also I charted up each of your picks and their dates and it’s a mixed bag of wins and losses which is nothing special.
However, I did not calculate win loss ratio, or % ROI using the same R:R had I traded them.

Rather than making potential customers of yours each do the work proving you correct can you post your broker’s statements (hide your account number) to show your ROI using your trading methods?

People have no idea if you’re a good trader or a bad one and without broker statements things are easily faked online.
For example, I could post winning trades all day and post them on YouTube and most people would have no idea they’re fake trades.

You’re also giving bad advice when you said that every stock that goes up has to come down. That’s mostly true with most penny stocks but even then it’s not 100% true.
If you try to short a low float ticker that shot up be it GAP or non GAP you could easily blow your account if you don’t know what you’re doing. $LFIN and some others come to mind.
So yes, by far most do come down and much of the time they come down quickly but it’s not reliable as to being the same day or the next day or the next day, etc…

Going from memory, LFIN went from something like $9 to almost $150 in two days!

A different time $LFIN had shot up big in one day then it kept running up for next 9 days!
And then there are tickers that gap up or shoot up and don’t come down or they don’t come down in any reasonable time period meaning it takes them many days, weeks, months, and sometimes years and some don’t come back down to their prior levels.

I’m still interested in watching your videos and possibly paying for your lifetime course/chat room, if it is lifetime?

Do you give real time chat alerts in your chatroom?

I believe someone selling a trading service/lessons, etc. should provide concrete historical data of the trades and plays and show the win loss ratio…

There’s so many con artists in this business that take advantage of people I think every honest trading coach would do this willingly and those that do it will get many many students.

If I decide to coach people or sell a course I’m going to have all of my statistics, win loss ratio, etc. for each trading strategy and whoever buys my course will see exactly which plays win what % of the time.


F A Uddin says:


jaycoleman83 says:

this is the worst advice i’ve ever seen


Help me

malibuu6969 says:

I’m a hedge fund trader and you are wrong. Close your channel

Eesaf Khan says:

I am struggling a lot in earning oh Allah help me

Victor De smet says:

10min “tutorial”.. using sites like wow this must be the way to get broke fast.. WHY do you post this shit? You KNOW people follow this right? You are no educator, nor a financial expert so why try to teach people this? i cant imagine how many naive people just blindly follow this. just the fact you said i don’t focus on candle sticks.. what do you focus on? bad news on jeez you are almost worse then Ziptrader. you handle this as a hobby! such a shame people buy this crap and you think you are a prof trader.

david king says:

Could u make a video about trading Forex?

Ricardo Martins says:

l live in brazil

Crypto Richard says:


Game Junkie says:

“I just knew this stock was oversold” there is no price too high or price too low, you are not a trader

Jan ice says:

The stock market has many different ways to play…you have to find you edge. Got it.

Rafe West says:

sometimes what about an upgrade to “outperform” or buy rating from a research company?

Zed Monopoly says:

don’t disregard charts, but use them as a side kick.This is only the basics my 3 in 1 course is useful if you decide to take this approach.
Instagram @ Simplyzedd

Charles Thomas says:

Can you trade penny stocks with your method

Omi Khalil says:

Good job Zed!

Alex Jimenez says:

What labtop are you using? I know it is a hp but I’m curious to know what is the exact model. I’ve been looking for a good trading labtop

Jan ice says:

Did anyone see thr news…edge fund manager bought 230k penthouse.

Username404 says:

what is the platform you use?

crypto trading says:

your not trading stop calling yourself a trader all you do is gamble on good or bad news

Richard B Magsig says:

i am so discouraged…

Zed Monopoly says:

btw guys this is just the basics, find a pattern using this strategy and you should be good, this is the last tutorial on this channel.

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