Day Trading for a living is something that can open up a world of opportunities for you. I have been doing it for 14 years and i have been teaching people how to day trade stocks for a living for the last 10 years.

Day Trading for beginners is exactly what we cater too at IKNK traders. We want to take out the guesswork and teach you exactly how to trade stocks successfully in our 90 day mentorship program the IKNK Traders Accelerator!

So if you want to learn to day trade stocks , not forex or bitcoin. The IKNK traders team is where you should be learning.

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Embrace The Trade says:

Congratulations IKNK for you new project !
I want to win the 90 day Trading accelarator program because i’ve been for 22 years a film director in advertising and that´s game over for me so i want to follow my other dream i had and that was to be a independent trader . i believe you guys are the right mentors to help me materialize my dream.


Jeremy Robertson says:

I would like to be the lucky winner because I feel I have the drive and determination to succeed just need to
Help and tools to that path. I have followed you from the beginning from
Selling the cars and items to travel and have been inspired by the Churchill quote you have tattooed. And knowing that successes are from hard work and want to show you but also myself I am a success despite my previous failures. That’s again for the great content and look forward to watching along aside in the future. Cheers

Raj Bajwa says:

i have been trying get out profitable from last 4 years and not ready to give up until i crack my code, i can send you my real money account details from plus500. to prove that i have cracked the 50% code of how not to lose the capital. Which will prove you from my real money trades, I have lost 145 trades in last month and just won 20 or 25 and still above !0% plus from my initial capital, So basically i need a refinement and we will be taking the flight. Hope you pick me and we can work together. Cheers

Michael Hoste says:

So I’m a business student in Belgium and have been looking into day trading and the stocks and how it works. Now for me, as I know of, there is no learning program that puts me on my way to get to know the stockmarket. Not only would it be cool to learn how to trade but I would love to bring your program to the Eu and help others here.

Patrick Ryan says:

Hey INKN team,

“Why I do I think I should be the next success story?” The reason why I should be the next success story is prove to myself and my family/friends and other people that I’m not a failure because the school system didn’t work out for me, my parents weren’t wealthy so I won’t be successful and the American dream no longer exists with a 9-5 job.

After moving from Thailand where an average income per month is less than $100. I was in search for my own success journey. I was promised education will lead me to success with a steady job and an income. Little did I know, college was a lot of “C’s will get degrees” mentally. After an unfortunate event a year ago, everything was taken away from my family. We had to start over and getting a full-time job to support myself is now a priority. With college on hold and a 9-5 job, I realized this is not my success story.

At the time when light at the end of the tunnel seem dimmed.. I discovered Cameron’s videos and his journey through the ups and downs with trading and personal life challenges. Watching Big Mike’s – the Profile, I just knew I want to break free from the corporate world and want to have that lifestyle and this is going to be my success story.

Why being part of the INKN traders team is different than others is the mentors, community and growth that manifest through Cameron and Mike is so motivating. Being able to learn and obtain trading knowledge will allow me to create my own success story and the one I would be proud of. Being a successful trader and a balance lifestyle is what I strive for and being successful is what will prove to others that it’s possible.

Leandri Pieterse says:

Because IKNK traders are lekker traders! Hope you are enjoying Cape Town in my home country. Would love to be mentored. Have tried trading a few times and just not cracking it yet. Thanks for your epic content. Cheers Leandri

rigo martinez says:

I dont wanna be part of the rat race,I’m an 19 yr old college student. I want to help my community thorough my success.

Gavin Storrer says:

Been actively trading for two and a half years being stubborn as hell wanting to do it all on my own which has been a hard and stressful process and have blown up so many damn accounts and would love the opportunity to learn what I need to do to profit in the market

Nico B says:

I can only its amazing to see how you live by just doing trading. I sometimes wonder how true it is and it leave me to wish I could live like that too someday. I have no fancy story to give more than a chance to help myself and my family would truly help in ways you couldn’t understand. So all I can ask is to give me a chance

A Wild Bastard says:

Hello Cameron, well really I’m not my first priority, but my family, especially my mom who suffers from mental delusions obviously I want to provide the best medical attention for her, my dad is mechanical and repairs cars and works on this full time, my younger sister is 12 years old and I would like to be able to pay all her university expenses (if she wants to go) because my parents are not able to sustain me in my dreams, I am 19 years old and I live in Argentina.

Balal Ebrahimi says:

Love your content Fous. Been watching your journey for a year and watching your free training videos you and big mike post. I’m also a part of your iknk trading community and been following everyone’s teachings, trainings and tweaking my own. Also been paper trading for a month and if I Win this contest it will ready fast forward my learning process to live my dream. Whether I win or not you have impacted my life in a really positive way and I’m forever grateful for that.

Santiago Sebastián. says:

If you’re finding it hard making profits let’s all signify by replying “non profiting” lol

Genovese Capo From Howard Beach says:

if you fous you lose. Hope someones paying attention to this con artist.

Daniel C. says:

I have to win this because why not?

Scott Pike says:

Change my mind. I like you and your program but I’m currently learning with another mentor.

K says:

Been trading for 14 months now, cant find consistency. Hope I win.

Professional Traders says:

you are great trader

Yves Stgermain says:

Been following you for a while and like what you guys are you doing , i just like how you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do, and love Big mike style of teaching and i want to be like Mike if not better, i don’t mind the work and your program can help me get there.

s1lentsound says:

I don’t think there is a system that can beat the market, I have paid for my education in the past , but am close to giving up, if selected and I am proven wrong I would give the cost of the course to charity , I believe traders are born not made 🙂

Cameron Fous says:


Troy Ulita says:

I am 17 years old, Im from the philippines, i have been studyingg stocks for about 5 months but I’m still not profitable, I really want to learn and develop my own system, I want to be successful trader so i can help other people in my country. I also want to teach people how to achieve financial freedom by trading stocks. only 1% of the population of our country invest/trade in stocks, that’s why i really want to be an example for the people here in the Philippines that they can be successful by trading stocks

krishna sharma says:

For more than year I’m following you watching you doing trading inspired by your life, i want life like you work from anywhere in the world, and moreover I’m having Interest in forex trading but don’t know where to start and how, your courses are very costly specially for university students. Thanx fous

Alan Rytwinski says:

Stocks = products
Market = buyers & sellers, platform.
Best time to make money = 9:30-11 AM, 3-4 PM.
Follow High Frequency Traders + Manage Risk and use as much Margin whenever possible.
If you believe you can teach me something, I don’t already know – DO IT!
I am watching channels like yours purely for entertainment, however, don’t see a problem benefiting from an additional opportunity.
Take care.


Those’ who can do, do. Those who can’t, teach!

Phillip Almeda says:

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life when coming out of high school. All I knew was that I didn’t want to struggle in life and wanted to provide for myself. I went to college thinking I could find it through there but I actually found it through youtube. Watching your videos have been so influential to me. I never been so motivated and driven to learn how to trade stocks. I developed a passion for it and now I wake up everyday wanted to learn so I could be successful. This opportunity will help me learn something more when doing what I am passion for.

Michael Morra says:

Been reading everyone’s comments and trying to figure out what will make me stand out. I got nothing so I’ll pay to play

Edward Croban says:

Thank you Cameron for all the content you share with so much positive enegy on social media. I look forward winning and succeeding with the 90 day accelerator program, 2019 will be the beginning of the IKNK legacy.

Yohanes Fillipo says:

I am a stock and forex trader with more than 10 years experience yet earn 0 bucks out of it. I am attracted with what you are saying aboutday trading which sounds very possible and would really love to prove that it’s possible and break the 0 bucks earning to become millions

Dean Wall says:

I’ve been following your content over a year now and have joined the chatroom already. But more importantly I think to do well you have to surround yourself with people that make sense to you! I feel like you’ve got a great team with a likeminded attitude.

Why me? I left my home, job, and family at 22 to move to Dubai by myself, so I’m no stranger to making big decisions and sticking to a plan. 4 years on I’m still here and doing well, but, I’ve always wanted to have freedom away from the corporate lifestyle. Being able to do that whilst building new relationships is the dream.

Hope to see you back in town soon!

Cheers guys,


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