The 7 Golden Rules of Day Traders

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Traders On Flow says:

Watch my trades, get the system

M. YEYIN says:


The Floogiel Trading Co. says:

Nice video. I love the fact that you are talking about using a rules based system. I agree 1000%. You have to have a set of rules to lean on and guide your trading.. NO EMOTIONS! Thank you for the video.

slnhn says:

Can you do a video on how to invest without the emotions? Impatience, excitement, boredom, anger, etc. are emotions that hurt us a lot more than help us.

ottozia says:

Rule#8 pick up a 50 day forecast tool to help your decision making. Unique and Unrivalled..

Anson Grehams says:

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Jensway1 says:

Only got hold of your link today… Still awesome info 4 years later. Thanks man

DOV J says:

Do you think that you have better information and insight than the analysts at Morgan Stanley and Goldmann Sachs??????    thats good……….

Nash'at Handal says:

This phoenix mobile app actually works, thanks to youtube comments that led me to trying H.W.A Phoenix

babyz says:

This is all actually pretty damn true.

Aerial says:

I haven’t lost a trade in 11 years.

Miljan Krkic says:

This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about “strategic stock trading” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Annahiy Stockify Sabinianus – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin got excellent success with it.

Mark M says:

Great info. You guys can also go to
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Nadine Peters says:

Wow the anticipated H.W.A Phoenix 5.0 App Trading has been released, The new feature is incredible…… High earning

Jack Stewart says:


gowtham says:

I’m a crypto trader but this video is useful

Patel Vidhu says:

I sell when new of particular stock run on tv for 5 minutes and stock is about 13 % high. I wind up trade when I got 4 % profit.

Sriram Kris Sharma says:

A very nice presentation on the warnings and pre-cautions. Some of the rules are even applicable for short term trading as well. You have exactly mirrored my bad experiences and the wrong decisions that I had made and the consequences that were felt that even crippled my trading for many years. Thanks !

'Dkz-. says:

Truly great video, had a nice laugh seeing how I broke rule 1 and 3 today. Felt like a video made for me lol. Subscribed and hoping to learn much more

Nifty - BankNifty Prediction - Yogesh Dadkar says:

great rules thank you

Joshua Hester says:

Great short video with some very important fundamentals! I actually first watched this several months ago, but it’s always good to go back and review the basics:)

Jose Quintal says:

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ahsanullah shanto says:

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Johnbosco Odek says:

Great Video Kunal. These rules touch on every aspect of intraday trading. They form the core. I’ve noted them, printed and engraved them on a frame near my desk to serve as a daily reminder. Keep up the fantastic work.

BrazitodeWawa says:

Trading has no rules, that’s a no-no

Anil M says:

I have created pattern finding software which can automate your scanning with predefined rules. Contact me to automate scanning part to concentrate on trading only…

BrazitodeWawa says:

By not allowing rating you have lost 99% of people who would listen, I saw 10 seconds and quit because of it

Glen Armstrong says:

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ahsan khan says:

Can you please let me know what is the name of the website from where you are using the chart ?

Christian Garcia says:

My mistake is trying to catch a pullback sell on a trending buying market. Not going to do that anymore fuck that I’ve learned my lesson. The trend is your friend!!

chanpenn c says:

Never hold any stock overnight PERIOD! Day trade it and get rid of it after you see a profit! I’ve lost thousands because I held a stock overnight thinking it was going to open up higher the next day and got a big surprise! Great video here! Thanks for sharing!

Fradey Thomas says:

you did a very sincere job. I appreciate you brother. god bless .

Laurie Udall says:

Great Video… I’ve been trading a long time, but more recently day trading. Wish I had these rules two days ago! I held onto a winner over night, thinking it was still in upward trend, at least it looked like it was in the fibonacci I drew. I’m down thousands!!!!

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