STOP! Trying To Learn Day Trading Strategies!

Stop Trying to Learn Day Trading Strategies and start DayTrading! Too many people get so caught up in the idea of learning DayTrading strategies that they don’t actually learn to DayTrade. At the end of the day there’s one basic principle everyone needs to understand and it’s that Stocks Move in waves. Everything else is just noise!

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Mario says:

Best advice.

malespec65 says:

Yo Patrick….what kind of monitor is that on the leftmost side of your station?

High Low Traders says:

P-Dub makes a brilliant point while talking about a strategy that works for one person may not work for you. Later in the video he says he trades low float stocks because they are predictable for him and it is easy for him to spot their patterns. I trade mid-float+ stocks and actually avoid low float stocks because I find them too unpredictable for me. “For me” is key. Patrick has worked with low float stocks enough that their patterns have become like a recognizable old friend to him. For me, that familiarity is in mid-float and up stocks. Low float scares the bleep out of me because I don’t know how they move. We are both profitable day traders, but I would get wrecked trading his way, and he may not do well trading mine. Learning to day trade is the process of hearing others’ ideas and then learning what actually works for you. Great video, Patrick! Keep them coming.

SoLit CantQuit says:

Patrick now that I’m past PDT I noticed that if I take a trade and I lose money I end up trading so much to make that money back and attempt to profit which also results in me then losing. I can start the day up $200 and then continue to trade to lose it the day up $200 and then continue to trade to lose it all and then resulting in a – $200 day… I guess I’m trying to figure out for one what I’m doing wrong and for two how do you know when to just walk away

Tom Matson says:

Always great videos

M Ave says:


alan316 says:

never follow anyone. find what you like and what works for you and be your own trader. Always!

Verne Fits says:

Great video

SoLit CantQuit says:

Bulshit Patrick we all know you can see the future

Rob Bradley says:

*Stocks move in waves* isn’t a strategy.

Which kind of stocks will I trade (price, float, short float, gapping up/down, catalyst)?
How many shares will I trade?
What time of day will I trade?
Where will I buy/short?
Where will I take my profit/loss?
When do I stop trading (target/max loss)?

I think this video is going to convince some of your inexperienced subscribers to jump into the markets without a plan(strategy) and lose money that they can’t afford to lose.

R. Trade says:

I feel this video was directed at me lol. I am so focused on trying to learn. I am overwhelmed with so much info. Its just that unlike you. I keep losing money and I cant figure out why

Worst Trader Ever says:

You are wise man Patrick
Very true, for every person out there that’ll tell you to do something this way another person will tell you that that way is stupid and to do it this way instead… Million ways to trade, find your own path. Keep it simple.

R. Trade says:

What are those 10 core strategies that everyone uses?

Jose Almaraz says:


rednblack inc says:

The best video ever from you Patrick!

Aswin S Nair says:

yh,lets do this ,make some money…..

TNA10042001 says:

your right the market is a ebb & flow, thanks for all your help..

TheCornbeefsoup says:

“Okay, saho! Being a trading can really suck at times especially if you’re losing trade after trade after tra-” *Skip Ad*

Patrick Wieland says:

Less time trying to figure out the best Strategy and more time Learning to DayTrade!

John Wilson says:

You help me out alot Patrick…THNK You….

Robertson Thirdly says:

I wouldn’t call it gambling when you can place thousands on the line and only lose pennies with a tight enough stop loss.

J. Collins says:

Just what I needed to hear.
Subscribed. ✋

TechBooze says:

Your office is BA can we get a tour?

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