Scanning for stocks & Multiple Time Frames – Beginners lesson 7 of 8

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Learn How to Become a Better Day Trader
In no way is day trading stocks easy. That said, as a beginner trader, you can learn from the mistakes of others and save a lot of money. At Investors Underground, we teach traders to refine their trading strategies and maximize their potential to make money in the stock market. While this is not a science, we rely on certain principles to add more structure to the seemingly chaotic markets.

Technical Analysis and Chart Reading
We utilize pattern recognition strategies to create high probability trading opportunities. By analyzing stock charts and market data, we can take the emotion out of day trading and increase our odds of making money in the markets. These concepts are discussed in-depth in our educational trading courses.

What is scanning
Why is scanning important
Familiar patterns
Interesting charts
Trading setups we like
Using Finviz
News Scanners
Live scanners
chat room
former runners
putting it together


Derrick Crews says:

AWESOME job thanks so much amazing work

Daniel Murphy says:

Good stuff. great guide to getting started.

DarkSagan says:


anthony gardiner says:

Thanks for the Lessons great info.

Brandon says:

Awesome stuff

olowo711 says:

Thanks, guys, you are the best, this are great information

Elva Salinas says:

Love all the video lesson I can’t wait to see # 8 ……. Thank You Investers Underground

Triple V says:

Thank you for lesson 7!

Krogzax Ants says:

This information is amazing!

Justin King says:

Hi I have been watching all you videos and think they are great. I live in Canada and wanted to what is the best Broker and Platform for me to use.

RICH 852 says:


L M says:

Where’s lesson 8? Thanks for the good work btw!

Shane says:

Excited for the upcoming content for the rest of the year! when are we expected to see the next lesson and when is the first lesson of the intermediate series?

Frank Silval says:

Woww…Lots of information….Thank you for these lessons …An interesting open door to the trade world

Joker says:

when lesson 8 of 8?

Dakota Girl says:

what happened to intermediate and advanced videos

Arif Khan says:

Great content, easy to understand and looking forward to the next series.

Reggie McGill says:

Thanks for your time and information i will be joining IU

StarFlame Dia says:

I am watching the basics course a second time! Phenomenal organization of the material. Thank you very much for putting this together for free here!

Adam-Winston Woloczkow says:

It’s great you guys are sharing all this information – I tip my cap sirs!

Adam Ellerbe says:

Looking forward to Video 8, thx for the videos so far

Trade stocks or die trying says:

i think i be having ticker and youtube over load.

cameron moran says:

are the intermediate videos out yet

Jaytee Ali says:

Man this was amazing thanks alot cam, my biggest issue as a new trader was trying to find stocks to trade in the morning but man you guys answered all of my question cant wait to join IU, after I finish all you you guys videos on youtube I will

Nasir Abbas says:

lesson 8 plz?

Joe Seleh says:

Cam, have you posted the last video yet?

Ricky Wall says:

So you pick your stocks via finviz the night before to look at again in the morning. What do you look for that morning from the stocks you scanned the night before?

Andre Juliano Teixeira says:

Thank you for putting these lessons together! I loved the content and the many insights shared. Well done!

Thomas Culia says:

Hey, guys! will you be releasing the 8th video of the beginners series anytime soon?

Matthew Hoyle says:

Nice, really helped me narrow my focus and watching.

Shane Brown says:

First off, a big thanks. I think I’ve taken more out of your videos so far than I did in the 100’s of others I’ve watched. Most now seem to have been clickbait (Watch me make $100,000 in 10 minutes) with no actual content. Still learning but when I become a bit more comfortable with this, I think I know where I’m gonna go. Again, thanks

Christian Arroyo says:

Nothing but GOLD KNOWLEDGE BARZ IN THIS ONE! I’m only 19 mins in!! So freaking excited lol…

Raynold Calderon says:

Whats a good stock scanner to use? Has anyone used Fidelitys?

Yass Mob says:

You have enlightenment me so much already bro. Please don’t stop sharing your knowledge

Gurjyot Sandhu says:

waiting for lesson 8….great lessons

Matthew Hoyle says:


kariuki kagombe says:

It’s amazing how guys are demanding for the videos, talk of entitlement..

Nasir Abbas says:

its almost end of october still waiting for lessen 8?

Tony Stank says:

Many thanks cam and nate. Really interested in signing up for the montly sub trade alerts

R M says:

consolidation is where there’s isn’t any significant movement right? So the price of a stock is staying around the same level?

Steven Diffie says:

Well… Its almost November and no lesson 8 lol

Hamzah H says:

lesson 8 coming out soon?? 🙂


Are you guys gonna keep posting it’s been weeks

Samuel Hernandez says:

thank you very much so far but don’t leave us hanging we’d like to videos number 8 please

Ashley Lemmer says:

Like the multiple account advice.

Chris Boulas says:

Bring this series back!

E Es says:

I have a question (might sound stupid); why do you need DAS and a broker account?

HipHopWithAMeaning says:

Is the advanced and intermediate levels coming later??

IronMan Trader says:


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