Live Day Trading – The One Hour Work Day

Live Day Trading – The One Hour Work Day

Thanks to a very active stock this morning, TSRO, there were quite a few trading opportunities available all from a single stock. With technical analysis at my side, I went to battle with TSRO and tried to slay the dragon. Let’s see how I did.

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the_great_ vegeto says:

What site are you using ?

renato muu says:

Is this kind of trading illegal in the USA ???

DC Ambitionz says:

Yo clay can you PLEASE make a video of you commentating some of your trades you have already done. and tell us why you press the buttons you press and what they mean im a new teenage trader and i am very very eager to learn!!!

Matt Barnes says:

Hi Clay, why not use candle sticks which repeat at a lesser amount of time? Wouldn’t this let you better visualize trends in the history of the graph (e.g. is growth slowing down etc)

Adam says:

Clay, I am a subscriber to you and i just wanted to get a little tip if you could. When you do your support and resistance videos, do the support and resistance lines dictate the price movement of the next day? I’ve been studying your GEVO video and I noticed that it usually hits resistance and falls, but how do you know when is a good time to buy considering that it could pass the support lines.

chanpenn c says:

Your video shows absolutely nothing and all of those company tickers are scam companies . The sad truth is you cannot make any real life changing money out of the stock market unless you are already rich and have money to invest. Most poor people who don’t have any money to save after all the bills every month and living from paycheck to paycheck will never have enough money to get into the stock market and be successful!

EstonianGodfather says:

What strategy do you use?

Jeffrey Liva says:

clay you are short this, you are negative

Alpha Omega says:

Hello Clay, which Platform are you using and is it free to download? Thanks Clay!

Nguyên says:

I would be so freak out if I see the unrealized loss at 1,000. You keep it so calm.

Jack Lynch says:

Please keep up with these videos, I really enjoy watching and learning from them!!

Sunny Lau says:

Nice trade
but 3:24 why you sell the price up?

aeroman5000 says:

Thank you Clay Trader. it’s great to see this in action. I’m very interested in learning the inspiration and outs of day trading. many people don’t believe in the stock market but it’s videos like yours that give proof other wise. yes it can go either way but that’s where learning and experience come into play to minimalist risk while still buffering the potential rewards. keep at it and again thank you sincerely for your time!

IDuGiI says:

How did you find this stock and why didn’t you play it before it doubled? I’m new here =) nice video!

Tushar Dhondge says:

u played tsro…saw -1000 n booked only 100??
instead of buying u took short everytime…this is gambling…

Beau Hebert says:

I’m just starting my education in stock trading….WOW, that was an amazing video. Now to replay it in super slow motion…thanks for sharing.

Luc Van Steen says:

Thanks Clay for this post.

Raul Ramirez says:

up $436 by the end of the video.. dam, and I actually had no idea what was going on haha

ross john says:

Clay, I am a subscriber I’d like to know why you choose TSRO for first trade.and theirs so many gap up .

Terrell Durant says:

It’s been a year. Your vids are still helping!

Marnu B says:

Live Day Gambling: The One Hour Gambling Day

Aidan Suljic says:

What software is this that you use to trade?

Mr7angels5 says:


TorNationGaming TnG says:

what program is this?

Blondie Brows says:

Clay dont you think your risk/reward was a bit off? 1000 unrealized to make 100 haha crazy

iSyre says:

Curious what you’re using in this video b/c none of it is synced up. Chart changes price, your p/l doesnt. the level 1 and level 2 change and your p/l doesnt right away. Very confused lol. But good quick trades there. Also, I never put in my orders at the whole dollar or half dollar. Always off. like in this one i would have done 79.03 or 06 lol. and arca can give you good fills usually. i like being able to watch these when the markets closed haha

shykil chandler says:

You have to make monthly payment on that program you’re using

bobby288 says:

Hello, I am a new trader. I use stocktrade and with every trade there is a $7.00 fee. You put in like 10 orders in the video, do you pay a fee on all ten trades?

LoneStarGal100 says:

TSRO is much higher now!!

doommega says:

thanks clay for your videos i will continue to study and learn tips from the likes of you

tim collins says:

Clay, what do you think of day trading Gevo, it has been so predictable lately.

Eli Obasi says:

What platform is this?

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