Live Day Trading Stream +$3,913.49 in Real-Time

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Finished the morning with trades on $BOXL $ANY $RSLS $SPEX and $INPX

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Brutus Empire says:

great job bro!!! i love live trades!! i gotta post videos of my live trades

Eagle i Trader says:

Love this video.

Zay Zay says:

Does any one know the simulator for stocks ? I’ve been reading and watching trading for a good amount of time now but I don’t trust myself to go to the real deal

flashsplat says:

What’s been screwing me with suretrader is they publish a list of ‘banned’ stocks for BP. The other day it came out @ 9:36! I had already tried to buy my shares only to get an error. By the time i figured it out and got in with just my equity it was to late and I lost $ :(. – Does CMEG do that? Can’t use BP on volatile stocks?

herewithcoffee says:

Anyone know what Ross defines as a low float?

Urixu says:

Do you trade USA or Canadian?

Preston Jeter says:

Please tell me someone else made money on ANY today?

Leo Castillo says:

What are the fees for trading at CMEG. Kinda confused about it. What are the fees per trade?

danemania001 says:

Ross do you ever dabble in trading etf stocks? And if not why? Thank you

Stock Market Guide says:

LIVE DAY TRADING YES!!!!!!! This just made my day 🙂

megaman mooshrom says:

5:15 – That “STD” made me laugh. Thanks Ross, and people say stocks aren’t funny 😉

ruststar says:

That was great watching you trading, well done on another nice green day

Flo HS says:

Where did you recognize that the ANY halt will be at 5.92?

Adam Pennington says:

$ANY — The low was 4.70 the high was 8.70. Someone somewhere doubled their money today!

Kuan Tam says:

thank you for the live stream

Khang Pham says:

thanks for the live trade Ross. I also added this to my watch list to study later. this could be good lessons that I can use in the future. I was listening to your live trade this morning but didn’t trade RSLS because of previous history on it. I notice that every time it hype up premarket it would get sold off at the opening so I didn’t trust it.

Tasty Trees says:

Ross I’m killing it with rgse but I put a stop loss in cause of what happened to you with them lol. Good point with sim trading, I’m gonna start doing large volume sim trading on top of my little micro account I’m practicing with.

Katherine Bradley says:

Nice video Ross and clegg still remains the best trader

Mason Levit says:

He stated ‘you can always get back in (after taking a loss)’. Does he not care about the 30 day wash rule or am I missing something?

Tommy Lee says:

A good trader may not be a good teacher, that’s very true, Ross. Thanks for the video clip.

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