Live Day Trading: Sloppy Day Trades in Action

Live Day Trading: Sloppy Day Trades in Action

As much as I wish I could proclaim that every trade I make as a trader (or you will make as a trader) is completely flawless, that would be severely misleading. It is very annoying, but the reality of the matter is that no matter how hard we try, sometimes things get sloppy. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad trader, it just means you are a human being.

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Joseph Hemingway says:

Use charts to trade

Be careful and watch your trades closely

RaniFaris says:

Clay, why are you always worried about how long the video will turn out to be, I enjoy your videos and love watching every bit of them I’d watch an hour of that every day no problem :)! Stop worrying so much 😀

HaYwireCrew says:

Keep these live trade vids coming. These and CT mail are the best IMO

Jonathan Walker says:

Have you ever done a video on fundamental analysis of stocks? I’m learning alot about Candlestick patters at the moment and would like to round out.

HaYwireCrew says:

Nice clay. I love it!

Azhan Akmal says:

What do you see that makes you change your SSL order .10 higher?

icon says:

You should make a video of you trying to scalp Forex..if you need some quality training just let me know ahahaha

Elana P. says:

I don’t mind the long vids, that wasn’t long.

Robert L Treadway Jr says:

Live is the best way to learn, no question.

bike Life says:

Clay you didn’t like the long position ?
after the first 3 candles and that consolidation you had a beautiful bull pole,

Holden MeNatural says:

i watch in confusion for now.

Martin is god says:

I personally like the longer videos. I think if someone is watching these videos they are stock market junkies and also enjoy the longer videos to feed their addiction.

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