Live Day Trading – Learn How to Trade Options

Live Day Trading – Learn How to Trade Options

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Options can be a powerful tool, and while this particular trade wasnt a massive winner, as you will see, with a plan/strategy in place, you can position yourself in a way where things can go “a little wrong” or “massively right”.

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Dr Jambi says:

This is TD ameritrade?

cbatchler says:

Are you looking at and considering Delta?  When you day trade options are you getting in at strike prices ATM with a lower Delta or do you find having a high Delta has a better return?  Any chance at testing this out?   

iwbtssothy says:

How does this work at lightspeed? When you buy 5 contracts and then sell them separately 1 at a time, would I still pay full commission for each one I sell or just the price per contract? Now I know you might not pay any commission at all at lightspeed, I’m just asking in general. Thanks.

myke smyth says:

skip to 3:30

BulletShogun says:

Whats the program being used on this webcast

uSyntax says:

More options videos!

SouthernMuscle says:

Yet another great video!

Charles G says:

Hey, I was wondering what technicals you like to use for options trading. What period MAs or any specific time charts and why?

RageRay says:

Don’t ask him anything he’s just gonna say to buy his course

teebone 21 says:

I am a trading noob but looking at options and pennystocks
interested in options more now

TheTruthseeker707 says:

But who originally makes the option contract?

richy r says:

I got TD I want to use light speed but I don’t know if it would let me transfer my funds to light?

ClayTrader says:

Charles – not sure why I can’t reply to your comment directly, but all those types of things are explained within my training courses:

james callahan says:

are you a options trader mainly

nicetiga says:

gosh , i really need to learn. I thought i knew! How in the world are you able to do any type of trading of options or anything for less than $1000 like everyone says. what am i missing? How is this done?

Brandon Williams says:

great video Clay. I’m looking to get into day trading options. what would you say is a good starting capital? newbie question I

Lord Aizen says:

Hey clay I have two questions for you. Do I need credit (I have none concurrently though I am trying to get assigned one) to buy stocks and is it okay (or wise / legal for that matter) to have more than one online brokerage signed up to? I have been studying your youtube videos since 2 /26/17 to prepare myself with the education needed to get into the business. Granted LOTS of more training is needed, but I want to start myself off in the most ideal situation possible before I decide when it is appropriate to begin this new journey in my life (btw I do work near full time, so a couple hundreds is not a problem as a down payment).

jay inka says:

so in this video are you buying put or selling call? what is the expiration? strike price? iv?

M Sagnia says:

great video. Do you typically use weekly options?

Bob Jones says:

Didn’t you just make a video on how bad options trading is?

Jimmy The Gent says:

how do you profit if option commissions are so high

Shykil Chandler says:

If you brought one contract at 1.76 that’s 176 dollars and then you sold it at 1.85 that’s a 9 cent difference which would put you at 185-176 which is a 9 dollar profit…how did you make 88 dollars????

travbh says:

What made you become a teacher? And what are your goals for trading? By goals, I mean are you just mataining at this point in ur life or are you still trying to scale? lastly, what do you hate most about trading?

B Kelly says:

i did buy the options course and it was very good

i cant find this answer anywhere

your only one i can think of might have an answer

even the most heavily traded options at a given are only trading 5,000 contracts…

i guess they all get recycled ?

5000 doesnt seem alot

jack boba says:

u can’t answer because you are poosie and u want to sell shit to people???

MFiskeaux says:

you should do more live option trades

Svtcobra60 says:

How much did each TSLA contract cost to purchase? 

sniff says:

What was your strike price? And could you do more of these live option trade videos?

Ken Jondoe says:

Hey Clay, I have a app called Robinhood I was wondering if you could day trade from there or if there’s another app you can use to do it?

Coconut Fist says:

Hey Clay, your videos are awesome and I recently bought your RvR course, but I have an options question. I have been paper trading options to get the practice, and it is all working well for me, but I have a major issue when I place my stop-loss where it is constantly getting triggered when the price isn’t even coming near the trigger! For example just now I had my stop loss at 0.65, and the price was at 0.75, the price then went UP to 0.85 and my stop loss triggered and sold my options at 0.64. This never happened to me with stocks, only options, what is going on?

Yaras Jenny says:

Is day trading the same as option trading? Is that what day trading is?

Kurt Paumen says:

How do you set the contract to expire once you are ready for it to happen?

trading2 says:

Great video! What kind of trading software and broker do you use? Thanks

Dan Ustin says:

Hi Clay. I’d like to ask, can I adjust Tws for trading option like Lightspeed?

AKMA Madness says:

What University course do you teach?

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