Live Day Trading – How to Make $415 in 1 Hour

Live Day Trading – How to Make $415 in 1 Hour

This morning the stock market was presenting all kinds of profitable trades. As you will see, I was able to rapid-fire several trades within the first few minutes that had the gains adding up quickly. All in all, it was a solid morning that I was pleased with the results.

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R Preis says:

which brokage is that

Edwin Iglesias says:

Great video. Thanks Clay.

Simon Holland says:

I’ll tell you how to make $415 in 1 hour FIRST spend 5 YEARS learning how to trade.

Mario Jensen says:

At minute 7:33 you’re selling 500 shares @43.25 and 500 @43.3 but they’re not on the level 2 on the ask. Must be using some kind of alternate ECN or something.

Jonathan Husband says:

Can you do a video on your screen setup or do you already have one available? Which programs do you have running? Brokerage?

Conrad Gumbs says:

Thank you for showing us newbies how it works. I enjoy and am learning from your videos. Thank you!!

Juann Antonio says:

How do you pause or cancel an order ?? Your screen is too small.

Hayden Kendall says:

Sooo gambling basically?

Rida Taha says:

how much money do you use for trading and What rate of your funds you risk for 1 trade ?
thanks for this great video 🙂

Will Thompson says:

Do you have live videos doing options..? and are all these videos of you shorting..?

Samer Henen says:

Ok… Now I’m kinda confused. So do you buy low and sell high or buy high and sell low? Thanks

Crypto Trader says:

Hi Dear Clay !
can you tell me why did you choose ESPR precisely, and what are your criteria to find the best stocks to trade on ?
Dear +Наида Вазирханова Clay is my favorite stock trading teacher, 🙂 enjoy

michaeljackocaco says:

What broker and platform did u use in video?

Mario Jensen says:

hmm why don’t i see your shares on the ask when you have sell orders out?

andrei stefan says:

What MA do you have there?

rodeo0808 says:

Clay I’m a little confused, you say your shorting but what I see is your buying the dip and then selling when it goes up a bit. Am I off?

zzjaameszz _ says:

Hey Clay, how do you predict if a stock is going to gap up or down at the market open?

Our World says:


DK tv says:

Thanks Clay these types of videos are my favorite

Willie Gator says:

Hot stocks ticker names EGI, MEMP, CVM, CLSM buy shares now!!

Mr Vince007 says:

and blow up account the next day.

Jason Clark says:

Thanks for sharing these!

Hamza Rashid says:

Yea I really do enjoy these kind of videos. I wanna join your chat room really badly but hopefully if the cheap stocks that I bought on dips payout. First this I’m gonna do is subscribe to your site.

Aman S says:

what candle timeframe do you use. ?

awesomeisasawesomedoes yo says:


Sykout says:

How much are you paying per trade?

Charles C. says:

I’m interested in looking at how he day trades and also realizing he has $22,000 dollars to use on trading!!!! Whoah!!!

James Francis says:

Hey clay, I’ve been watching your videos for quite a while now, a lot of these live day trading videos and I was wondering this. Since you’re pretty bearish (not all the time but I see a lot of your trades are bearish) you set your short limits pretty high and build your position if it gets higher. When you enter your position, how come you wait for it to get to your limit price, but then retract down back to your buy price for like your usual 10-15 cent profit per share? Wouldn’t make more sense to go long at the price you wanna get out at for your shorts and then when it hits the price you wanna short at, you unload twice as many shares so you lock in that long position profit and then it rolls over to your intended short position? Example if it’s hard to understand (price is at 41.00, you set a limit to short at 41.35, 500 shares, cover at 41.20, 15 cents profit, I.e. Your typical trade) wouldn’t it be smarter to set a long order of 500 shares at 41.20, short 1000 shares at 41.35 and then cover at 41.20? It seems like you’d make your trades more profitable but I’m not an expert, I just noticed that.

Moe DeNiro says:

Hi, I have a question. Are you buying all 500 shares at 45.35 (so total $22,675 coming out of your pocket). Or does your broker give you a percentage or an amount of shares so you have more power in your positions? And I’m curious as to why you decided to short a very bullish candle? It’s really amazing to watch if you ask me I love watching your videos!

chhiring sherpa says:

How do I get that software?

Simon Holland says:

After reading the comments I’d just like to point out that Clay has found a way HE can make money more or less reliably because stocks always pull back sometimes a little sometimes a lot weather they are going up or down – what do you know for sure?

Chris N DogKayddie says:

CEGX clay!

yes so says:

Have no clue what you are doing.

Alex Isa says:

Do you mind telling me what trading platform you use and what your fees are, I want to get started day trading and I really like the software you use.

Luis Francis says:

Thanks Clay, I really appreciate the great content.

Tomas O'Connor says:

I’m confused, I’ve never traded and am just trying to learn but I thought you’d be going long when the price of the stock was rising and short when it was falling but to seemed to do the reverse? Why did you counter-trade the trend and how do you know when to?

Indie Investments says:

What charting and broker are you using?

ritz punsalan says:

what is this software you’re using?

Cam Mitchell says:

Hi Clay .. Please help me understand. I don’t know why you show these types of trades as they are so risky. The Trend and all the big money is clearly up, however you are shorting against the trend to make a few cents. If you had traded with the Trend then that $415 would have been over $1,000 and would have been safer. Why would you show / teach people on here to go against the trend like this for a few cents. Don’t you think it’s risky and gambling? With so many subscribers what if people copy you and get it wrong? Can you show some trades with the trend or do you not trade like this…

Eddie Stewart III says:

When adrenaline is running that normally means someone is trading more shares than they should.I like the mental stimulation of it, strategizing and stuff it’s fun!

La Dama del Caribe says: going on..?

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