Live Day Trading: $320 in 30 Minutes

Live Day Trading: $320 in 30 Minutes

These are my favorite mornings. When a single stock makes an appearance that allows you to day trade it multiple times for profits. While the profits were not massive, given the overall context of the situation of me being able to work from home and make money online, I’m not complaining and am grateful for it. The key is having a trading strategy in place so that when opportunities arise, you can take advantage of them. $ACIA $FB $SPY $TSLA $AMZN $AAPL

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billy kidd says:

You should do a tutorial and show us on what u do to prepair for each day before u start trading. The research that goes into the decisions you make

The Floogiel Trading Co. says:

Nice job Clay!!!

Vincent Titone says:

Out of curiosity, how many different time frames do you typically have up on your other screens? Also, are there any particular studies, such as RSI, that you prefer?

MidCali831 says:

Can you maybe explain what exactly bid and buy means . I see you buying for low but if you can explain for someone new that would be great!

9eman9 says:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to short gap downs? You would have made a killing on ACIA. Im guessing your broker didnt have shares

Logiks F says:

Which broker do you use clay?

nathan earnest says:

Hey Clay how do you determine your entry points they always seem fairly far from the current price when you put the order in?

Jordan Fogel says:

why don’t you short these stocks instead of scalp buying them?

Vaughan Adams says:

Making it look easy Clay, see you at the webinar tonight

rob roy says:

Been demoing MT4 for a year and I have no idea what I’ve just watched.

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