Live Day Trading – $300 in 2 Minutes‏

Live Day Trading – $300 in 2 Minutes‏

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This mornings trading got off to a very fast start. It was just one of those mornings where many things were in my favor, and there was some luck involved too on the entry point. The key learning example here is why you need to let winning trades become winning trades.

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Erick Solorio says:

Can you give me name the page please

categories21 says:

What’s that program in the computer? I have an account in Wells Trade and every transactions I made it charges me .

quinn mollow says:

I heard a lot of stories which when u win money, the online broker does not actually pay you money that u earn through trading, in other words, online broker scamming. Is that true?

christian ortiz says:

Hello there but where you get the that program to trade stocks ? (Sorry for my ignorance if it isnt a program)

FunAndGames says:

This is like when a gambler wins a bet and says “hey look, I just made $1,000 dollars in 2 minutes!.”

Ken Ancheta says:

what is this trading platform?

No Peanuts says:

so basically stocks is gambling?

d. anirudh says:

Too many numbers

qid_wolf _ says:

Wtf is going on … I’m 13 trying to find a way to get money.

Insanity says:

This comment section shows why over 90% of people lose when they trade stocks. They see a video like this think it is easy and jump into it and randomly buy stocks that “feel like they will go up”.

Guys trading stocks is never easy, but it can be very profitable if you have the skill and capital for it and have put in the hard work to learn as much as you can. You can lose the money just as quickly if you don’t know what you are doing.

Finn Colville says:

This looks so stressful

Phineas Fuhrmeister says:

What program are you using to do this?

collins 2641 says:

When you look through the comments and most questions are answered with links. I get you want more people to watch your videos but c’mon, you’re spamming your own comments section.

diegobrown19 says:

Dude, if I had the capacity to even make $100 in an hour I would would be putting in 8 hour shifts 6 days a week. How is this even possible?! How long did it take you to learn how to do this? Does learning how to do this require any college?

LeFred Files says:

I dont understand level 2 very well but i do understand everything else, seeing the volume expand upwards with the Bollinger bands, why not go for long and hold it? At least until the bands start showing the bulls weakening, oh and how much were your commission fees. Thanks Clay

Rvoel777 says:

Hi. I have one question. If someone can make a lot of money trading could this person call all his friends to do the same thing that he does and all of them would become rich like him?

Brennen Kuhn says:

So confused I thought you buy at the lowest number possible and sell at the highest???

kost4060 says:

What program/software/broker are you using to trade?

bob sacamano says:

Is 5000$ a good amount to start trading with, or should i keep saving?

Lu Banks says:

What software are you using? Or what do you call this?

Crystal Lightman says:

Why stop trading when you’re on a roll? It seems that you’re focused and ‘in the zone’ so why not go until you hit, say $800, $1500 or something like that? Why stop at 300 3 minutes into trading? What makes you think that tomorrow you will be’ in the zone’ and focused like today?

Henry Horne says:

I don’t know what just happened

Keshawn Logan says:

What program is he using to track his profiles?

Ice_Man 1500 says:

Clay, I have no idea what was going on, but based on what I was hearing, the end results were loud jingling sounds… LoL! I will say however, it was if I was watching an artist at work. Good Stuff! Good Stuff Indeed!!!

Miguel Noriega says:

How can i learn this? Jesus

Nick Soule says:

what software is that where he can check the stock prices? I’m new to the investing game.

rogen pulmones says:

i am very begginer i dont know when and how to start trading.
can you help me sir couz i want to know this fucking trading game.
i discover a online trading web called hope you have information about that web.
coz i want to start with a capital of $10

Shawn McMenamee says:

Have you ever seen the “Robinhood” app? If so do you think it’s alright?

Stephen Roz says:

Referring to the first trade, is that considered one trade or 5 trades for someone who is under the pattern day trader rule?

cormac doyle says:

I would love to know what’s actually happening here…it makes no sense to me

Teddy isola says:

scam if it seems to real for what it is its scam

bryce e says:


Is there still a minimum account balance to trade of 25k?

Nic Nolan says:

Nice trading man! btw how much were you investing here? you bought 100 shares at around $65 so around $6500?

DJ Stash says:

Can anyone please tell me what site is this and send me a link so I can start day trading using this plate form I would appreciate it

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