Live Day Trading – 20 Minutes, $572 Profit

Live Day Trading – 20 Minutes, $572 Profit

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The new year got off to a great start with some favorable volatility within a pharmaceutical stock. This strategy is not something I

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Lineman2044 says:

do you get charged everytime you hit the buy and sell button?

asha rani says:

brother i was waiting for you are reply it is very very important to my life, are you surely help to me please mail me, i have less time to do this so please don’t postpone brother

asha rani says:

please help me brother

Silver Speed says:

do you trade the forex

Antonella Pippia says:

which broker do you use?

Jay Ziggy says:

how do you know if your buying call or put options?

OGtrolled420 SuckmydiKk says:

fuck you.

Ryan Miller says:

Totally awesome trades. I am a beginner trader and am trying to learn. I have watched Tim Sykes videos and been in his chat room. I have two observations form this trade: 1) You said the $BCLI was overextended and that’s why you shorted it. Then, later you said it was oversold and was needing to bounce. What was your indicator it was oversold since it was still up a bunch from the gap-up. 2) Could someone with less capital have held their shorts longer to achieve more % profit, instead of shorting at $8.20 and covering at $7.90, but holding to $7.40.

Mohammed Uddin says:

I noticed you average in a lot into these gap plays, instead of digging yourself into a bigger and bigger whole why not long these positions and sit comfortably? I mean no offense, I used to do the same myself but I thought to myself, instead of sitting through a -$1k+ position, why not try to find out how to long it?

yakso first says:

with how much capital are you making those trades? Thank you

broncofan311 says:

So on average, what is your monthly income from day trading if u don’t mind me asking?

Rodrigo Munaretto says:

@ClayTrade how much are you charged per transaction? Because you put in at least 10-15 transactions in this video.

MrSensitiveNipples says:

What’s a trading platform similar to this that is available in Canada?

asha rani says:

brother it is possible to earn money fast, i was stop selling my home and i was adjust some amount of money for sold my jewelry

FDAmusic says:

hi clay trader what program is that? it seems so much easier to do shorts with it, i use active trader with fidelity, its confusing as hell

Roger Welch says:

Much respect to you sir for replying to soo many of these comments. Its funny how anyone feel they can critque a pro when they are clearly great at what they do. Keep up the good trading sir.

Joe Beef says:

hey clay, do taxes kill you when trading? I’ve heard they are as high as 28% if this is true are their any kind of write offs?

MyManDan says:

Man I don’t understand how you can let your losses run like that and keep building on a position. What if that first trade ran up to $9? Interesting strategy.

10MEDRADO says:

Does anyone knows if it is possible to have a deeper view into level 2, beyond the 10 market makers shown on Clay’s screen? Thanks.

Cheri Parker says:

under ur orders where it says side what does BOTmean

Richard Contracting says:

Nice trading my brother 

Ben7 says:

Hi , can i ask you what software do you use , or its a website ? Thank you very much.

bananajoe700 says:

You don’t seem to be using any kind of indicators, is it because you trade in such a short time frame?

MyMac2011 says:

what type of trading is this? i mean its crazy how fast pace it is. it normly takes me like 4 to a week to make 30 bucks XD

justin foster says:

is that a 5 minute chart?

Juan Caicedo says:

Hi Clay, quick question. Each time you fulfill a trade (buy or sell) you pay a commission? Thanks 🙂 (beginner over here)

asha rani says:

hello brother this is asha from india i was 26 year old and i was doing online data entry work form home 150 dollars per month, i saw so many videos like this but i don’t know how do this.
so many mails i receive like these type of trading systems. are you interested to help others please help me. my father was safariing heart problem last 6 month, doctor said to do operation is must and should, i was middle class family, my father was decided to sale my house, but i don’t like to do this . i love home and my father both. so many people ready to buy home very cheaply for my problems. i was only one daughter to my parents and i also i was postpone my marriage 2 months back.

i have a 20 days time to left my home it is horrible time for me and never think in my dreams.

and i was invest 250 dollars in system but they are not responding for my mails after paying amount. i loose my money.

i don’t understand what i do. money is urgent for me because my family in trouble.

bother it is possible to earn $10,000 dollars in 20 days i can do everything for my family, please help meeeeeeeeeeee bother.

if you like to help me please contact this is my email id:

i was ready invest money, but i have 25 days time remind to left my house…….

i love house and my dad tooooooo, that’s why inever loose both
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astafe hassan says:

what kind of broker that plz?

Yafet Teshome says:

can u tell me how i can do that like where do i sign up

JKKA says:

How much money do you need to get 500Dollars per 20mins?

MarkyBhoy says:

what is the method of trading youre using called?

Eric Hernandez says:

I don’t know how I feel about ‘building a position’ like that (your first trade)… You increased size as the trade moved against you to i.e.: averaged up… Isn’t that the same as a sinking ship deliberately taking on more water? you were lucky to get out of that profitable.

ClayTrader says:

@Austin Bakanec yes, lightspeed allows you to short shares

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