Live Day Trading – 1 Trade, 5 minutes, $450 Profit

Live Day Trading – 1 Trade, 5 minutes, $450 Profit

While I didn’t capture a whole ton of trading in the video, I actually only made two trades. The beautiful thing about the one trade I made though was it yielded a very nice amount of money, particularly when you factor in the time I spent in the trade. Don’t be greedy and look at rates of return from a time perspective and life becomes a bit easier as a trader in regards to honoring the system and strategy you have in place.

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Jaime Rodriguez Roman says:

Good vids. Not many ppl are willing to show how they trade.

I do some day trades for fun using Robinhood. I use RSI to determine entry and out points and so far it works and I get over 3% profit per trade which i beleive is not bad. Too bad I dont have over 25K on my account. I have to deal with pattern day trader regulation which keeps me from doing good money.

Anyway, keep doing these vids buddy 🙂

Atlanta guy says:

You should teach courses on how to utilize the software and research stocks..

Chanel Ubiera says:

I’m new to the stock market but you have been a very helpful and yet simple introduction to the business. Not sure if I saw this correctly (I’m at work and couldn’t watch the whole video) but did you buy 500 RIOT shares at 40.35 and sold them at 41.55 in just a matter of minutes?

Ronald E says:

Love the videos. Everyone asks me for advice and I’ve sent like 20 people to your channel in the past two weeks. You’re the best. Keep the good content coming.

Johan Friesen says:

very educational video, keep making/posting these clips

jennie sui says:

Yes,I will…..

musica cristiana says:

Hello Clay, I have been watching your videos for almost a year, I also paid a inner circle membership for one year.
I opened an account with lightspeed and daytraded for 2 months, I was doing what I learned in your videos and in my research in the internet, it kinda works for me, at the beginning of each month I was consistently profitable, almost everyday was a profitable day (small profits), but at the end of each month I had 2 loser days that ate all the profits and a bit more. I want to take a step back and prepare myself better, how I probably should did before. Clay will your courses help me to control my losses?

William Zhang says:

Congrats on 100k subs, I am one of them!

Sohail Mahroof says:

can i please know which trading platform you use?

William Zhang says:

Quick question, do your courses mainly focus on trading as a whole, day trading, swing trading, position trading, etc. I’ve noticed that you do day trading a lot on this channel but do your courses cover other types of trading. Thanks.

Nerdist Aquarist says:

Hi Clay, I imagine most traders don’t use 2 minute charts. Is it just your preference?

dave r says:

super insights clay! thanks man..

Atlanta guy says:

Do you teach???

VEL LZ says:

Hey Clay could you maybe do a video explaining the indicators you use such as the different MA’s and Fibonacci levels, and how you use them? I know you are busy but just thought I’d ask. Thanks

Jorge Luis says:

I believe breakout trading has less risk with bigger profits. Its just harder to do because one needs to be more disciplined. Will you do the breakout strategy using paper money on a live trade one day?

Aggelos Droggitis says:

I am 18 years old, i was start back in 2015 , i thing to trade in short time frames it has less risk too trade like investor buy and hold for days a stock that is my opinion and my trading style, have you greate profits and small losses .

calico19812 says:

Hey clay just wanted to know as a first time trader what would be my first investment and tools i would need to succeed? Thx, keep it coming with your videos.

jennie sui says:

I don’t get anything…. looking at the charts and 2-3 computer screens on all at once really intimidates me….but,I will try my best to learn and keep saving for the courses…

Nicolai Mentz says:

Hi ClayTrader, What platform do you use for your trading?

Josh Favret says:

hey clay, what are those lines you were using at the two minute mark? is that how you decide where to make an entry?

jennie sui says:

Yes, definitely……thanks for encouraging……every videos I watched,I read ur comments below and always click for the links you provide for other videos….

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