Learning How To Trade Without A Trading Course

Learning How To Trade Without A Trading Course

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In this video I will answer the following question: Can I realistically make profit trading without having an academy of trading?

Academies did not exist all the time, this is quite new. As the access to the market and the more possibilities to learn to trade has enabled more people to trade. In reality you don’t need to go through an academy to learn how to trade. Academies will not make the decisions for you or trade with your money, that is your decision. You can find everything online, there is a lot of information available out there and you can find pretty much anything out there.
However, this will take more time, and require more trial and error as you will have to try your way there. It’s possible and for sure people have managed to learn by themselves, but it requires time and even more patience than learning in an academy.

To learn to trade is not easy anyway, whether it is through an academy or not. It will depend on you, and on your willingness to learn. Anyone can learn, you don’t need any specific skills or knowledge, but you do need to be patient because it is not easy. You do also need to really want it, just like any other thing you will learn in life, if you want to become professional, you will have to practice a lot.

Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions for me, I always try to answer all your question. My aim is always to be transparent with you and I always try to share as much as possible for you to understand the reality of the trading world and of a trader’s life

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Learning How To Trade Without A Trading Course


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Jewel afraim says:

#Askmarcello:as we know most of the european style option contracts expire worthless,will you prefer futures trading over OTM option selling if so why?

Avi says:

Hi I’m from India.. I’m watching ur video i learn lots of thing from u sir…

Bernardo Marchese says:

#AskMarcello Hi Marcello, could you please talk a little bit about how much do you need for starting with the DTA?

Sangdin Hatzaw says:


lance pheng says:

Time is money. I would rather take a course that will stream line things quickly for me and build good habits than fool around waste time and money… as a cananadian I am limited to brokerages and platforms to use to trade US futures. DTA teaches on a more universal platform ninja trader… how ever if I was American and had access to think or swim and infinity futures platform I would go with Tim racett at EminiMind.com… he has a lot of free material on his blog in a very easy to understand manner and uses heiken Ashi charts and Fibonacci in real time on his live trading videos and he actually calls out the retracements before they hit the fib levels.

Day Trading Missy says:

Marcello thanks for starting up the videos regularly again. They are fun and informative…. V

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