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Big Mike aka Micahel J Spinosa once started out same as me… An aspiring “Stock Broker” with a dream of wall street but came to the realization that its really not all that its cut out to be. A stock broker is nothing more than a salesmen trying to convince a client to give them money so they can earn a comission. Once I myself learned this i quickly opted out of the career path and started day trading. 

Micahel went into the small cap analyst world where he discovered how boring, overly complex, and corrupt the system is and that analyst ratings are nothing more than a ploy to influence stocks in the direction to their benefit. Upon stumbling acrossed my instagram Mike decided it was time to take that leap of faith and make a career change. He dove headfirst into the FOUS4 training program of which I have been the CEO of for over a decade. 

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Ben Martin says:

You guys match pants on purpose? lol Great video man. I feel like I will 110% benefit from your 90 day course. I’m a paramedic in Texas who is sick of working 120 hours a paycheck to just make it in life. I’m fed up with the bull shit and ready to open the door to a fulfilling life. I’m devoted and chomping at the bit to be free in life, instead of in the daily grind getting me nowhere!

Vincent Barbarotta says:

good stuff Cameron, you and Big Mike are some real ones

Simone Mammano says:

Cameron, is your course for beginners, meaning little to no knowledge of the stock market at all? Or should you have some background education to understand the course and back yourself up? Please let me know, or even anyone who’s bought the course already.

Kevin peace says:

Greetings from Czech Republic, I’ve been trading for 1 year, I blew up few accounts, not proud of it but I thing I gained a lot of experience in this process. I keep going.. I’m still learning and improving my strategy. I hope you’ll be the man who help me with it and give me some feedback what I do right and what wrong. Take care!

Bluejack Jeffrey says:

How do I become a student?

Alex Delano says:

I must say the production quality on your videos has improved a lot. Love the content!

Cameron Fous says:

Want to get mentored by Big Mike and I in a 90 Day Mentorship program?? We are offering a free 1 hour class here http://fous.ly/joinbigmike

enis korpinar says:

Hey guys, I am still in highschool. been trading crypto for 2 years now. But I want to take it to the next level. Thinking about dropping out of highschool to trade. And youre 90 day mentorship could get me in the historybooks 😉

Diana says:

What trading platform do they use??

Patricia Allen says:

I have been trading forex/binary options for about a year and i have a lot when ever I trade but it all changed for the better when i came cross posts about Mr Harry James who taught me all i need to know about trades with his strategy and am so glad i met him cause his strategy earns me $13k weekly and i cant thank him enough.if you want to know more about his strategy, you can contact him via email:harryjames8889@gmail. com

irina maria kouakou says:

thank you Fous , i like your lifestyle

Xavier Tan says:

The video editings in this video alone showed how much you cared about the community! Thank you for taking your time to publish such an inspiring vlog daily, loved it! Keep up the awesome work, Fous!

Nathan Carey says:

@cameron i messaged you on instagram, but i found your course. my mother passed away in 2016 from stage 4 lung cancer with her inheritance i have chosen to purchase your course. i believe that you and big mike are inspiring people and i have tried and failed and tried and won at day trading since mum got sick, i am 19 and hope to one day be like you both so thankyou so much guys i hope to one day meet you both. cheers nathan

jacky Chen says:

Fous you are a legend, give me the free membership and ill show you how you turn idiot to legend! Appreciate for what you did for the society. cheers!

Martijn Kootstra says:

I would love to win because i’m interested in stock trading and want to be mentored just to learn how to trade the right way. Further is it a step out of my comfort zone and try something new while I learn how to trade.

Tomas Fernandes says:

Hey Cameron this is awesome, when you can work for yourself and do what you love that´s the best thing no bosses no nothing.Please read.Let’s do this!

Kelson Bertrand says:

My dream car is a 98 Geo Metro. Would make a perfect second episode success story, mobbing in the 3 cylinder! Imagine the views you would get! Dream it, visualize it, be it!

Ashfaq Sheikh says:

Please don’t take it the wrong way but please fix the volume at a constant level throughout the show.

Keegan P says:

❤️ yes please

Adam Sferruzzi says:

Do either of you have professional experience trading other people’s money in a bank or hedge fund? I’m not referring to stock broking which as you mention in your bio, is a salesman role.


Man I would love to buy your system and be part of your awesome team but the dolar exchange rate in Brazil is very high now and cannot participate.

Daniel Littrell says:

Thank you for this interview. I trade Forex but it’s all relative

yamy linda says:

Great interview thank you

Damian Masztalerz says:

Big mike swole as fuck

Booche says:

I never really liked your videos but this one at the end talking about getting over zealous and all that helped me out as i have had a bad couple days after a great month so thanks for the mentality check. Spot on what i have been doing time to role it back and stick to my rules.

OK says:

I try to learn as much as I can from everything especially from challenges in my life.
To be successful you need help sometimes, everyone needs help sometimes. I really want to learn about the markets and I think it is possible to make your own mistakes and learn from them to become a successful trader and maybe you have to do the mistakes to be consistent over time. But why shouldn’t I use the chance to win a course and get help along my way to a successful trader? As I’ve said before everyone needs help sometimes, and I really need and want help to understand and to be able to trade the markets the right way to become a successful trader.

Papa Giorgio says:

Yo Cam!
big shout out to big Mike, it’s great to see that one of your students succeed through your training. You seem pretty sincere and your work and talent are amazing. I been watching your videos for a while now and would love the chance to learn from you. Day trading is what i love and most passionate about. I am obsessed with learning to be the best day trader, just as i believe a lot of people here in the commentary are. Would love the chance to learn from you. Big shout out to all your followers. You said before you have to believe in yourself and dream big!

Mpho Mahloko says:


Uhm Brothy’ .. like always, great job with the video, good one !!!

I really like and respect what you guys doing to help people out there ( INCLUDING MYSELF of’course :} ) … uhm Great Job and continue making such great impacts and changes, ONE TIME !!! Haha and its the Kid from South Africa … I’d appreciate the Mentorship Program 🙂

Lord Densel Michel says:

This is a solid series. May it continues long after this wonderful debut. Don’t neglect vlogging though

Tom Dalton says:

Hey fous i see janine davis comment below, don’t know her from ADAM but she sounds like a good bet to win !!

icon says:

That’s funny because i thought toking up is what you are supposed to do before you start trading…Well excuse the hell out of me!

RamPam says:

Fuck I needed this

Travis R says:

Driving Maserati’s, but still have holes in jeans.

Berry Dgray says:

How Mike keep getting approval from his bosses to day trade the stocks? Don’t you have to get clearance to trade stocks on your personal account if you’re an analyst? Or this rule only in Asia

Ismael Hernandez says:

wow back in usa

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