Learn to Day Trade with this simple 30 minute video breaking down the basics! Theres lots more to learn after you have an understanding of the basics but this should get you started. DayTrading takes time and experience! You really just need to focus on learning as much as possible when you first start to trade!

Learning to Day Trade is not as simple as many people make it seem. Focusing on the basics and understanding is key to becoming profitable overtime. The Stock Market is built to take your money and theres no reset buttons. Once you buy a stock you own those shares!

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Michael Ward Photography says:

Thanks Patrick! Great advice here!

Matthew Ludivico says:

Do you use indicators like stochastics or MACD to decide when to sell a stock that has a breakout past resistance price?

JandCfilms1 says:

I’ve watched this video twice so far because it has so much good stuff. It has definitely put me more at ease after watching this.

Matthew Ludivico says:

Really great video. It is hard to find so much info in your face, in such a short video length without padding.

Christian Strickland says:

Great value here, thanks for what you do.

J Marciano says:

This guy is way better than Ricky G….prolly drivers a Ford too…………..not a pretender, he’s a realist, he’s battle tested you can tell……..keep up the hardcore work brother…..show us more examples!!!

Lakatos Stefan says:

awsome video,im glad that i found you,very educative videos! (sry my bad english not my native language)

avner nagar says:

I like it so much

asha jithesh says:


Smalltime Recycling says:

I like what you are doing. Straight to the point. It is like baseball, you pick your pitches, or you can swing away and strike out. Base hits score runs and this is not a nine inning ordeal so you can tap them out as long as there is a market to trade in!

Salvador torres says:

It is buying and selling nothing else ……like in and out

Sally Davis says:

Can you do a video on -remarked trading,limit orders, in and out of position. Thank you or let’s talk some how.

Noemi Morales says:

Love your passion, why do this if it doesn’t make yo feel Alive. Keep it up

CreativiTimothy says:

It’s very hard to day trade if you have less than $25,000 so you can’t day trade more. So if you accidentally go into a stock that levels out -2 to 2% and then going down later. Then there’s a stock that goes up 100% you can’t get into that one. Any tips? Is there a way to get up to $25,000 or margin

Anthony Perez says:

This is so true. It happened to me yesterday. I typed an extra number in my other, $4500 opportunity gone by the time I changed one number lol. Still can’t complain. Two red days since I started trading two months ago. I am an accountant so that helps. But knowing how to “read the news”, understanding people’s emotions, etc. This are the things that have been helping me. You have to be able to combine all of this things effectively. Keeping my emotions on check has been a great help. I am still learning everyday. Now I am going to go figure out how to set hot keys.

Syed Ahmed says:

Good One…

Kristian Nunez says:

You need some eye drops my dude

b s says:

high as fuck brah

Jin says:

nice information bro. thank you

Darren Terry says:

I’ve found my guy. I can easily listen to you, and learn. Now, time to implement. Thank you for such a succinct breakdown of the process without all the bells and whistles.

Ahmed Surajuddin says:

Nice video

Gilbert Tarin says:

if you cut your losses to much it adds up and IRS WONT COUNT IT THEY WILL JUST COUNT WHAT YOU WON I AM I WRONG?

Adam Walker says:

Thanks for all you do for us. Your the man!

Patrick Wieland says:

Learn more about THE HOT KEYS I USE FOR DAY TRADING IN THIS VIDEO! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL3MAdE-TVU

TornadoBarrage says:

Ever since I saw this video in August I’m still even on my trade, I’m proud that I’m still alive lol

Brandon Of Omega says:

Stumbled on this video during the weekend and applied what you said. Needless to say, I made $600+ on $NETE on Monday. I truly believe you gave me he final piece of info I needed bro. Thank you so damn much lol.

J Marciano says:

This guys shows his P/L, full transparency, Ricky G just shows off driving his daddy’s lambo-pretender……….hehehe………Patty boy is 4real………..

matt whitfield says:

ok speed trader pro looks complicated can you make a guide to that, or is it just practice makes perfect ??

Jonas Sal says:

bro you rippe thebong before this lol? youre eyes are super red!

Duck My Sick says:

what about gappers down on bad news?

Richie Sacolic says:

First off I really like your videos but I must have missed something what is the second level?

Ms. Mom says:

A lot of small caps don’t have market sale prices, sometimes it goes up but the sale price is not the same as the current price..mostly penny stocks rob you

meltdownman says:

What are using to find the stocks that are moving?

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