Learn How to Day Trade!

Learn how to Day Trade FREE! Thats right no catch…. I explain how I learned to Day Trade and become a consistently profitable Daytrader free. So many people think you need spends 1000s of dollars to learn to day trade and thats not true. If you really have the drive to learn you can. You dont need a college degree or fancy DVD to become a profitable DayTrader in the Stock Market. What are you waiting on?

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I am not a investment professional. Please do not make investment choices off of the ideas you see in these videos without the proper knowledge and research. Day Trading can be very volatile! You need to understand the basics and the risk involved first!


Edwin Iglesias says:

Awesome video, thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.

Edward desouzia says:

So many good points

Ben Money says:

What camera do you use for your vids?

Hulk Trader says:

Drone = hulktrader

Joe Pro says:

I used to buy penny stocks and wonder why they wouldn’t go up on decent news…then I realized shorting is where some of the good money is haha. But learning through experience is definitely key….more and more screen time.

TradeAndLive says:

Hey Patrick, after how many Months / years of Trading did you start uploading your trading-videos ?

William West says:

Hi Patrick, good info. Hey here’s my personal journey. I got taken from a Daytrading Guru, I paid $1000 and quite after 1 month because the guy was so combative. I requested a refund and dropped it after he threaten me with a lawsuit. So, beware out there, I should taken your approach and learn on YouTube instead. Live and Learn… Damm 🙁


Nice. Thanks brother.

kazman20 says:

Patrick. Love watching your videos, but can I just give you one small piece of constructive criticism? Slow down. You seem like you’re trying to fly through your script. Act more relaxed. Have a conversation with the camera. Love you bro.

Seth & Alisha Walker says:

Great video. I am basically in your boat as an early trader. Small account on Robinhood and watch YouTube videos like yours every day. I would love to see some more swing trade focused videos.

Uriel Orozco says:

Great video and always great content keep it up! I had a quick question pat, what do you do when the setup you win the most at is also the setup you lose the most at?

Ross says:

Pat it’s about time to make a new video from Life 000 series

Patrick Wieland says:

Day Trading Rules I follow! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVOzxpBaxoM

Green Wind says:

Help you, also help new traders, great channel!

Justin Dennison says:

Great Video everyone should watch this.

b6 says:

can you give tips on how to play earnings? whats the fastest way to figure out if they beat? seems like everyone finds out before me.

Daniel Reynaga says:

You should make a video, crunching down numbers! Like ex. how a NEW trader using ST would realistically have to pay because of com fees! I feel that would help the new traders a whole lot and have insights. Only because I’m sure your fees are cheaper since you are a novice trader! Thank you and I appreciate all your videos !

Maksi333 says:

What time frame do you look at? like 1min 5 min 30min`?

Yenom says:

Where’s the chat room?

Andy Peer says:

have u ever heard of colmax pro there like sure trader but the fees r less

Jesse W says:

Learning isn’t that hard. Emotion control is the hardest! Most people won’t even know how important emotions are until they spend a few weeks trading. Good vid man

Ron Day says:

Also, something I have come to understand and I believe it may help others. As Patrick said, “It takes time.” I feel it is 6 to 12 months before you begin to figure it out and gain the confidence. But you must understand that, which will allow you to stay the course. Survive until you Thrive…

Jackington Kellogers says:

Yeah I agree, but I can’t stand those days when you take a loss and you’re just stuck thinking, “Do I even want to do this anymore?” Obviously yes, but sometimes you just gotta take a break and clear your head.

mathieux martin says:

evrything u said is true i learned the same way stock investing learning the market the news ect im just starting to get in day trading it takes time ,time is key thank for some of the video there helping out saving some mistakes

Good Times says:

Like always appreciate the videos! Very informational

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