Learn How To Day Trade for Beginners with the FOUS4 Strategy

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Tone Tone says:

When’s the webinar can you please extend the deal on the trading software

phillipe bittar says:

do you guys know what trading software/platform he is using.. like the thing to read charts lol?

Chris Ortiz says:

Can you teach me sir

Kamal Kumar says:

What were you going to school for?

Chris Ortiz says:

Can you teach me sir

Owonikoko Wasiu Olawale says:

Could you please send me your contact and as well mail address.. thanks

Karolin lombardo says:

This is a brand new fresh method for pulling $100+ per day from a standing start. It is a full case study with real results! Just Search Google, *SULUDOLLARHOME. COM*

Mohammed Ahmed says:

Does your strategies works in Indian Stock Market? I Am from India.

J Callis says:

Anyone know of a way to trade penny stocks like this in the UK?

Tracy Yang says:

They say good people no longer exist but i can stand against such quote because i have seen a good man in CAMERON , his strategy has proven to be the best i have ever seen in my life, making 19k weekly is more than success, thank you sir (cameronfous4trading@gmail.com) feel free and contact him.

Aparajith KV says:

Which is that software you are using for trading?

what? huh? says:

Just listen to their analysis…you can tell that they are scammers…beginners…They all sound very unsure of their Trades..they have hesitation in their voices…and they all hope we fall for their bullshit….For the type of LIFESTYLE they live they should not sound so amateurish…and should not be charging for their Trading tips….and reason being is that they DON’T MAKE MONEY FROM TRADING more than they do suckering people into paying them money…fucking scammers…

Le Conte says:

What intra-day time frame do you use?

Suhas Samdeshi says:

would you also guide us to which software to use while trading in your trading system?

Chris Ortiz says:

Can you teach me sir

Tone Tone says:

What the Gmail for the webinar

Daryle Zeno says:

I can ensure that every trader will get benefit from this site. Just you have to check it now and take the decision when you will start trading. Search on Google; *”Quick Dollar Academy”* This system makes 1920 dollars/day. Best of luck

Daniel Andre says:

I just bought 20 shares on Facebook using paypal. This company has made it so easy. Its a new currency i paid 5$ a share and seen my stock rise $4 in 3 weeks. Its a long term investment but they guarantee growth. Consistent growth these guys not only made it easy to buy the stock but they use money generated by advertisement to build the stock on a weekly basis. Its by far my favorite currency stock to date. I missed out on bitcom im not missing out on these Shells. They r projected to grow into the 10’s of thousands in 8 to 10 years its a no brainer

Jordan Warren says:

Thanks for uploading these videos to youtube, I haven’t been able to watch live and like this as an option.
I believe the last video you also shared the live viewers comments/questions, but didn’t on this one. If you upload more of these webinars it’d be nice to see those comments as well.

salamiindia says:

trading trading trading lol the product is the real thing that makes money lol

Guillaume Lefevre says:

Has anybody subscribed to the edge fund and made money?

Jaelyn Wilson says:

What platform and brokerage does Cameron use?

Mathew Emmel says:

Had it be that i knew or come in contact with Mr Frank Robert for the past years of trading i would have gone far beyound where i am now in the Stock trade and Forex/Binary Option, his strategy works like miracle and his ways of trading is extraordinary frabjous, just adhering to his order and instructions on his strategy not labouring myself any more and winning my capital back with 60k dollar monthly, truly he is a fabulous Broker with winning strategy for every trader.

maira fuentes says:

Hi I wanna know how to join the chatroom?

Nene The IdeaList says:

Where can i get them dvds at?

Nick X says:

Hey love your page I want to learn from you and represent you here in Canada.

Thu Win says:

One thing to say about trading with the chatroom is a very bad idea in my opinion.

FK Orangina says:

Come on… The guy’s at wall street and he’s going to follow your advice ???

Tigerlillielibra says:

Thank you for making this. I am a total beginner.

Dillon Bult says:

Where do i buy your DVD’S?

Joe Pittman says:

Just bought me Lenovo and am going to buy your DVD next month or so!!! Tired of the rat race…want to be Independent!

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