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I’ve been a Day Trader for 12 years and a digital nomad for just 2 weeks. Is day trading the best job for digital nomads? i think it just might!

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Home base is San Diego, ca but my favorite past time and thing to spend my money on is traveling. These are not per say vacation, im a hustler and i’m always working while on the go which is whats so great about having a remote job!

I am a veteran stock trader of 12 years. I developed the Fous4 strategy and I teach Day Trading strategies for beginner to intermediate traders. We have the most hands-on program as the Fous4 Team works hard for your success.

I focus on part-time momentum trading strategies including swing-trading and day-trading both long and short.

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Helpful Blogs/Links

5 Steps to Get Started Day Trading Stocks: http://fous.ly/5stepFous
Why I am Not a “Penny Stock Trader”: http://fous.ly/what2trade
My Favorite Trading Software: http://fousalerts.com/hedgefund/
My Favorite Charting Scanning Software: http://alphascans.com/

Connect with Me

snapchat: cascfoto
Twitter: @fousalerts
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fousalerts/
Email: fous@fousalerts.com
Phone: (619) 430-2424

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Love Islam says:

Which Broker do you use ?

MOE says:

What laptop is that


Hoky fuck your buying power is almost 200k

MKME says:

Where in thailand, isn’t internet / electricity sketchy there?

Stephen Coyle says:

Dude I was standing on that sand bridge a few months ago. What an amazing place

Rudrabhoj Bhati says:

I am 22, I started with $89 few days ago, now I am at $135. I am sure I’ll make it before my 23rd birthday late december 😉

Zane Trotter says:

why post shit like this man, great you have a good room and views but your fucking video is on TRADING?????

SPY Options Trading says:

That’s is absolutely awesome. this Channel inspired me to start my own channel where I also am starting to post up all my trades. great stuff!

Endro Wasito3 says:

hey what you have contact.

badabing badabing says:

Didn’t hear anything you said lol

Endro Wasito3 says:

ey where are tou now and where are from. i still learn trading what you can help.

ASDF123000 says:

did anyone notice the hicky? sandra….

Da hazeh OG says:

did you went to school to become a trader?

Ramon Austin says:

Hi everyone, I want to get a signals program so I can execute some easy trades and make money. I’m thinking about going with ABS. Have yall seen it? *OnlineNetCareer. Com*

Dung Ngo says:

What platform are u using?

Jamesh H says:

I dont understand what the fuck that you are exactly trying to tell us.. You fuckin waste all my time.

Netred red says:

I offer private mentoring. It a rigorous curriculum that blows this stuff away. If you have a strong work ethic, feel free to send me a message.

Spiritual Reaper says:

hey man beautiful house, do you own it or is it on a rent for your holiday and stuff…??

Tom Runner says:

you are a fucking asshole. it’s not a trading. it’s bullshit!

Hugh Royd says:

what you beting ?

Frank Urrea says:

Full of it. don’t buy anything. Smells just like a scam. Run and hide your money.
if you really want to learn how to trade check out, R.C.

Casey S says:

iqtrade.com is a good broker to trade penny stocks from europe?

Cesar Matheus says:

What do you usually trade man?


What trading platform do you use??

Joseph Sandli says:

the iq tade site is no longer available.

Ashton A says:

What trading software are you using?

Pedro Manuel says:

Hi Cameron,
how can i find a broker in europe to trade penny stocks. can you help me?

Anthony Goldschlager says:

The best part is @10:58.

funaicha1 says:

If you don’t want to loose your money stay away from these scammers

FOUS4 Trading says:

Ive been day trading mentoring for 12 years. Now I’m Travel Vlogging on my channel hitting every country in the world while i day trade! Its the best job in the world!

Guang Jin says:

What is this software platform?

77seban says:

Hi Where do you have stock broker account ?

Albert N. Dodge says:

I am so glad to have a friend and mentor Mr Klaus Wexler. You stood by me and motivated each day to be the best and now you have surprised me with your amazing trading strategy. that makes me good money at the end of every month. i know i just feels right to share my story with everyone. well here is his email klauswexler112@gmail

Josh Rowling says:

yuck that food looks disgusting, burnt outside batter on chicken and dry as veges in a wok with no oil

Mathew Rodriguez says:

Hi.! Was wondering when you think your new trading platform will be out? Been waiting to see it.! By the way good trades man you really motivated me to trade more and better

A Hardworking Guy says:

This is nothing! I make $10,000 per day. Seriously!!

Relaxation Soundwaves says:

Isn’t penny stocks easy to lose money?

cabyambo says:

What trading platform do you guys use?

its Marik says:

11:03 HOLYYYYY SHlllllllllllllTTTT :)))))))

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