Learn Day Trading – Limit Orders and Stock Personality

Learn day trading basics by recognizing the stock “personality” and choosing how to use a limit order.
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Meir Barak - Day Trading Academy says:

Hi traders, comments? questions? I will be glad to answer!

Dilan Hamawander says:

At 22.58 you said you’d use a market order because you’re using a (cvt’s), not sure if spelled correctly.. What does that mean?
Sincerely Dilan

Hana says:

Meir, but in the video you found the personality by measuring how much it moved after breakouts/breakdowns. How can we find out it’s personality before that? specially in some plays where you enter early on the 2nd or 4th one minute bar?

Anthony Salters says:

Thanks, We haven’t had a video lesson like that for free in a little while. Two comments.
1. at 22:00 you are different than any other person talking about stop losses. Here you are talking about a stop loss in TEVA to STAY IN THE TRADE not to GET OUT of THE TRADE. thanks you for this because if you have a good technical stop loss there is a better chance you can STAY IN the trade and make it a green one.
2. We’ve seen you “jump into” a trade a little after it passed your entry and that is based on your target…if you have an 80 cent target whats 4 or 5 cents…I think with new traders there needs to be a conversation about the difference between what you do…and CHASING…..you are simply managing your entry…we manage exits all the time…well we can manage our entry as well…but CHASING is NOT managing your entry..so I don’t think new traders should as you said “sacrifice”7 to 9 cents. new traders SHOULD NOT TAKE THE TRADE…if they don’t get in at their properly managed entry…
great video.. #chartlife 😀

Lewis Syrett says:

Hey. I was just wondering, what’s your profit percentage per day?

Ahmed Moustafa says:

Thanks for the video.
I have a question, what do you mean by unlimited liquidity?
I understand that CFDs are translated at the end to real stocks but you are not the owner of them!

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