How to prepare for day trading – 7 rules

Live Day Trading Stocks – Learn how to prepare for a day trading day by 7 simple rules.

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Ofri Mashiah says:

Hi meir how are you? Hope you are doing great 🙂 I would like to suggest you to check out crypto currencies. There are massive opportunities there. What do you think about them? I think the opportunities there are way greater

thegamingtrader says:

The volume output for the voice over came out much lower than that of the intro. Needs to be boosted up.

Linda Harmer says:

Fantastic, thank you 🙂

Gurprit Singh says:

Hi I’m in New York now how I can get training here

raza ali says:

I notice you short stocks more than u go long on stocks even when SPY is trending up .. can u tell us how r u able to determine counter trend ?

Rich Dupre says:

Great video Meir! Very helpful with my morning preparation

Amarh Tetteh says:

You are the best … thanks soooo much for the hard work you are teaching us. i will be glad to see a video on how you enter trades and explaining what you ar doing on the level 2 montage. cant wiat

Max daytrader says:

Very pedagogical, thanks Meir!

JJ K says:

Very impressive sir. Thank you for sharing

Dave A says:

great video, your simply the best out there!!

rajendra rao says:

thanks again for the awesome video MEIR.

Johnathon Pak says:

How do you know whether to go long or go short on gaps up or down?

Anthony Salters says:

you frequently talk about institutional traders and $10. Are there any institutional traders that do trade under $10. There are times when I see stock between $.50 and $2.50 that have institutional type volume numbers. Great trading today I am starting to understand so much. On your top 20 is there a volume or relative volume requirement to make the list. The stocks you choose to follow seem very active.

Sk Djokoto says:

Great video, do you trade with previous day losers only?

Ibrahimza Abbas says:

what is the Moving average using in your chart ( red color Line)

minh phạm says:

Hi meir, i wonder where did you get the 20-screener?

Dan Gold says:

LLY was on the list (Right Side)

Linda Harmer says:

Fantastic, thank you 🙂

Stan Ollie says:

Can someone please elaborate on dual traded stocks? Thx

James Bradley says:

Thank you for your continued teaching and effort in these videos. I appreciate it.

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