How To DAY TRADE STRATEGY For 2018 – How To Day Trade Series

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Start with a mentor, someone who has been there and back twice. When I first started trading I blew my account up twice, which spelled certain doom for me as a trader but I didn’t give up. I found a gracious mentor to teach me from start to finish and accelerate my growth. Now I’ve found consistent patterns and practices to find, trade and profit from the best stocks on the market.


Since the stock market crash in 2008, the typical investor is gone since the markets volatility is 10 fold. So how do you profit in a such a market? YOU GET IN AND GET OUT! I don’t hold my positions for more than a day or occasionally 2-3 days. I’ve made 100-200% gains in as little as hours by just using predictable but effective patterns to learn from.


-How To Trade Small Caps + Penny Stocks Under $10

-Identify Patterns. Where to Buy/Sell/Profit Targets, Stop Loss.

-How To Manage And Diversify your Portfolio to Maximize Profits

-Believe it or Not Trading Psychology is HUGE. Learn How to Think !

-Hours of Real Trade Examples both Wins/loss Explained in Detail

-Learn patterns that have made me quit my job in my 20’sTrading Mentor:

Trading Chatroom:

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Jamie says:

Killer video!

Tony Echavarry says:

Do you use the Visualized Trader offered thru Top Dog Trading. If so, what’s your thoughts on it? Thanks.

Frederic Castillo says:

Very informative tutorial bro.
Going to be buying your course soon because I swear man it’s vids like these that people who have ambition can become very successful in a short amount of time. Keep them coming bro. Excellent job.

aba cadabra says:

great video, very explanatory.

R. Trade says:

It seems tho this stock does have momentum looking from the volume. I thought u didn’t trade momo or maybe I’m confused and didn’t understand

R. Trade says:

How do you avoid buying into false breakouts when you buy above breakout point

iffy diffy says:

Thanks for your informative videos!

Golden2Talon says:

Didnt learn anything from any of your videos. Just talking about stuff that already happened is useless. I can analyse any chart I want too by interpreting what I want. Some of these stocks you show are also ridiculous like OCRX, which are so unknown that even Tradingview doesnt have them. My broker doesnt too, obviously. Trading stuff which rarely any broker has is waste of time.

Water Geek says:

Thanks this was really helpful

Chris Carrion says:

Between you and Warrior Trading, I may as well have acquired a $10,000 educational course for free. You guys are amazing, thanks so much for the guidance and your time.

Serdar Yavuz says:

Finally someone shows a different trading logic other than the boring “Wait for the breakout and once its closed buy 2 pips above the breakout candle”!! Thanks, great video

MrNeed2c says:

Hello , do you have course ? If you do , how can i get in?

a d a s i s k o says:

What program/broker are you using?

Quine Fine says:

Jay is a GOD and I would have definitely went through his program, but I have finally learned how to trade myself and I agree L2 is probably the most important part. Jay is very reasonably priced, and what he teaches is probably superior to what nearly every mentor teaches. The way he trades is simple, and works. As soon as I break 10k I will be spending money on his trading room. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that you NEED to become your own trader. Everyone needs to take this information and use it in your own way. being a cookie cutter will be confusing and cause you to loose money, trust me: Accounts have been blown up as a consequence.

Zay Ya says:

What platform did you use in this video?

jarmaine jackson says:

Dude trying to make it big on them YouTube ads damn. If you was really making great trades you would not be trying to flood your followers with 8 ads per video. smdh

Bud Pierce says:

I’m out 8min three commercials

jarmaine jackson says:

C’mon with the ads already 6 ads for a 20 minute video is a bit much. Never seen this before.

sosa Gee says:

best fkin video to date

anthony salters says:

do you have an instagram acct?


Great Video’s I would love for you to a tutorial on setting up the charts!

RedEyeJedi says:

How do you find out if a stock is about to broke out

arcangel1994 says:

Ok so you basically day trade only? What do you think about swing trading a stock overnight? Also I here many people saying that I should get familiar with one stock that has a repeating pattern and stick with it such as $UGAZ, $DGAZ, $GUSH, $DRIP, etc… What are your thoughts on that and is there anyway to set up a scanner like yours using finviz?

Melvin Fuentes says:

Hey Jay, I was wondering if you could do a video tutorial of how you set up your windows in thinkorswim. In one of your previous videos you were looking at a stock chart and at the bottom, you had news feed about that stock. So I was wondering how I could set that up as well? also, how do you have 4 charts open in one window? I’ve tried to do it but all I get is a list for my stock and not a candlestick chart. So could you make a video where you go over your setup? Thanks

Joey D says:

Plzzzz do one on Shorting Strategies

RedEyeJedi says:

What panel is at the bottom of the TOS

Quine Fine says:

One thought that came to mind about this video, lots of ask can be a good thing if they’re being gobbled up by buyers. Just because they’re is a 10000 ask on the L2 does not indicate a reversal if its getting eaten away at by buyers. An important thing to know about L2 is a lot of tricks can be played through it (Which you probably already know, just a PSA for other traders) and MMID’s can pull orders at any time providing false support, or false resistances.

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