How To Day Trade For Beginners | Penny Stock Investor


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William Heckman says:

What software are you using here ?

Ray Love Window Cleaning Service says:

You talk very Fast, i would recommend you slow down a bit! I am Pleased that a young man is very Productive as you are, I will watch more of your Videos!

Ann James says:

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Oopsie Daisy says:

This has been one of the most helpful videos I’ve seen with trading.

Fabian Love says:

Charley Sheen and Michael Douglas! Yeaaa!!!

Danny Porsche says:

For beginners my ass, I don’t understand anything.

Bob Bharj says:

Great video. I wonder how many people will go onto something else , looking for the pot of gold when it’s RIGHT HERE ON THIS VIDEO ! I am subscribed son. Bless you and I sincerely wish you do really well in making money but more importantly have a happy life , using the money to enhance your life.

Jesus Gurrusquieta says:

How is this for beginners? I didn’t understand a word you were saying. Lol

J Timtam says:

Awesome Ricky!!!!!!!

TheWallStreetKid says:

nice channel bro !!!

Bjamin1107 says:

Aw Wow Thanks Be Very Well

Joel Gil says:

Can you advise how I practice before commit to trade with real money? is there any free software that I can use?

Particle Config. says:

Hi guys,
I have a question: I live in The Netherlands, Europe as you’s all know, and I’d like to get into trading starting with paper-trading. What’s the best online trading platform that’s easily accessible to Europeans?

Emerson-Leboe says:

What software is he using anyone know?

paul hawkins says:

why are you talking so fast?

Spettro says:

is this spreadsheet available for download?

Christopher Tesvich says:

Ricky can you post link for your excel sheet on this video! Thanks!

Francesco trotter says:

Howcome you do all that hard work and then share it. Is there a benefit like something to do with higher volume within the stock.

Gayan Wijerathne says:

thank you very much

Patrick Roberts says:

Thank you for all the accessible knowledge and awesome example of how to remain humble in this journey to riches. You’re a mentor to a 29 year old who thinks he’s pretty slick , but knows he can be taught by anyone. I especially like this process you do (trade commitment with personal promise, discipline, and representation), as it aligns with my own analogous logical thought process and sought behavior. Pretty inspiring — gotta keep that going, and thanks again!

Isaiah aka FREEDOM Baker says:

i have joined your group just waiting to be accepted

puchika 626 says:

what formula do you use for risk and growth?

neata dragus says:

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donna thompson says:

I trust realize all these investors are all white… and middle class…

DarkSagan says:

This is definitely not for beginners lol

Carlo Paolelli says:

a lot of background noise – unpleasant

Buda King says:

can you post a video about how you find your penny stock?

O.S.711 says:

So so long as it’s above the sma and the rsi meets the criteria it’s a decent stock to go after ?

Juan Codas says:

do i have to get any study at college or university before getting involved into trading??

Podaru Bogdan says:

What formulas are in the %risk and %growth cells?

Andrew Seth Williams says:

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Joel Gil says:

Can you do a video how a beginner should do before take the step to trade real money?

Chris Gaza says:

What is the name of the website you are using to trade penny stocks

Craig Carrillo says:

How do I get that excel spreadsheet??? It seems very helpful

Ann James says:

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Bryan Minka says:

Where is the spreadsheet located? – Thanks

BlackGirlDatingDiaries says:

This is awesome! Where can I find this spread sheet? I looked through the facebook page and did not find it?

Jerrell Wynn says:

Great video. I have been looking at trading penny stocks for a while now.

Realone JT says:

How can I get that specialized spreed sheet?

Susana Rinza says:

Never in my live trade I need to understand and what I need to do to start

Nolan Rudolph says:

Could anyone help me identify what platform he’s viewing all of these stocks on? It looks really versatile and I want it 😀

Oktobre67 says:

What program are you using???

Javier Maturrell says:

Any one know how i can get the excel spread sheet?

Bubbie pola says:

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Douglas Bonner says:

you talk real fast. sorry. i’m not that quick. I think I like what your doing, I will have to watch this a couple more time to get it all.

Peter Loh says:

What software do you use to look at the stocks?

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