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Baptiste Knacky says:

How did you see that the pump was going down for the verium ?

PMetheney84 says:

How do you know how long a “pump” will last though? I tried “riding pumps” using the method described in this video (looking at price change and volume, looking at MACD, Stochastics, RSI on different time scales) and only lost money.

This kind of thing doesn’t seem to work for me.

Two things that at least kind of work seem to be using Bollinger bands and trying to buy on the lower side and selling above the mean. Also waiting for the dip after a peak and looking at support lines seems to work.

An ideas, guys?

Nicholas Cooley says:

As if the spreads/cost and the liq is enough to get in and out that small NOT to mention wheres risk? 100% risk just put way way away?? To make like 3%? Then when you get in and it goes against you because you have stochs, rsi as your “genius” indicators that mean nothing. Then what? 50% loss? And what if todays the day coins go to zero cause theyre a speculative bubble market built on nothing and over energized for sustainable future. . Seriously come in

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VeganSilverStack says:

I’m going to be day trading LTC and BCH because of the low fees. BTC is too expensive to cover unless you have a lot.

ogjoec says:

Ponzi scheme commercial at the start

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Cristian Arevalo says:

Great video a lot of information thank you I do have a question hopefully you might be able to clarify, if I sell a coin out of 5% profit it converts into a bit coin but if bitcoin go to down 5% does that mean that I broke even ?

cidoXL says:

Legit video, Thank you.

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Rob Waters says:

In the first 8 minutes of your video i have learned more than the last 100 I watched, thank you.

Alain Nijholt says:

@CryptoOracle Interesting tube! If you take profit at 1% growth and pay about .5% to Bittrex you’ll have .5% profit but what is the amount of money you trade in? For example is you use 1.000 USD to speculate with in one crypto you’ll only earn 5 USD for the trade….

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bradleyfisher78 says:

you really need to place your stop loss orders and take profit stops aswell, dont get too greedy.

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Rich Buddy says:

how much USD $ are you going in and out with ?  thank you  Should I do with 5k, 10k, 15k , or 20k?

Rebecca Johnson says:

Please please please give me the whole hour lecture – or two or three – with all the in-depth information and s-l-o-w d-o-w-n when making selections of new windows and drop-down tabs/menu links, because I actually want to learn from you and remember what you teach me! Thank you for doing this video, please keep them coming.

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Oracle, accurate.

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Steven Makse says:

thanks for the great vid. best communication of all the presenters so far.

Michael McGraw says:

This dude is broke by now.

Jon Bruno says:

Pretty quick tutorial, but loaded with good info; learned a lot. What I do, after watching what I consider worthwhile videos, such as this, is rewatch; and bullet point salient points with screen shots, in a word doc. You could do the same, but save as PDF. I leave in word, so I can add notes. Thank You

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