How To Consistently Grow Your Robinhood Account 2018

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AnimeTechnoGirl16 says:

Is it possible to see an exponential amount of growth consistently passively?

JJ tokin says:

What do u think about BPMX?

Sew Ninja says:

What software do you use for your intros? They’re awesome!

Michael Crider says:

Tried to sign up on techbuds website with google (don’t have Facebook anymore)
Says client was deleted? How do I sign up?

GalacticBlader says:

This guy just rambles and dances around the info

Christopher Marin says:

Hey man! Are you from Atlanta by any chance? I noticed the Fulton schools Foam finger.

sun jin says:

90% of his video exactly same. He says same thing over and over and doesn’t really say much how to do anything

thalegacy6 says:

Sorry if you mentioned it in your video but a balance sheet is also a great way to start. Also having belief in what you invest in goes a long way. Great video though sir!

con elwyn says:

i’m not 18 so i can’t make a robinhood account :/

Alex K says:

answer the door !

C B says:

Bro take a breath

bao giang tran says:

Very informative video…Thanks

Aboo805 says:

This video is hard to watch with that echo going on. Invest in a mic instead..

Oscar T says:


Kyra says:

He says look for stocks with the highest margin, “look for 10% margin”, how do you know what margin it has? Im new to stock trading

renetchi says:

What is PDT rule?

ReagsRandoms D.J Sugar Pop says:

I am 13 can I invest

Spooki Jones says:

Hi Rickey! I’m very new to investing and I bought a couple of shares a few days ago but they are still in queue. I understand that the market is closed today but I was just wondering about how long it would take for them to execute? Thanks!

Tommy Martinez says:

Gracias por tus videos Ricky un ves este mas empapado con como se hace me agrego a tu curso.

Timothy Hildebrandt says:

Can I just buy 50 stocks in Netflix and never touch it and still make a profit over a year?

ryan shannon says:

Ok so step one set up a brokerage account td ameritrade is one you could start with and invest into etf’s with steady growth.

SuperSinkorswim says:

Great videos. Keep up the great work

Kaz says:

Why a 20 minute video, you consistently repeat your information.

vlKenzo says:

If you could average 5-10% a week you would literally have 8 figure salary + 8 figure bonus job offers coming at you 24/7

theseeker123 says:

Tell us precisely not just alot of hot air. Thnx

Michael VonLaurus says:

You got my sub. When looking at the trend going up or down do you look at the overall 5 year max or should you focus on the last 3 months or so? Because I’m looking at a stock called UPL. It is petroleum and the past 5 years it’s going down but the last three months it’s in the up trend. Please reply and thank you.

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