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How I learned to day trade in the stock market using ToS and Robinhood.


Rex Spencer says:

Robinhood is worthless…..Cant get the execution…takes forever

Tommy says:

You’re a pro man haha.

musicman102357 says:

I have been Day Trading for 19 years, the only thing you learned in a week was to post this video pumping this BS stock app.

trickshady2 says:

ROFL dude just stfu you don’t know how to trade! Everything you said is garbage, garbage, and more garbage. You don’t learn how to trade in a week or a month or an year. 3+ years is more realistic and that’s still pretty ambitious.

Mike Mikeson says:

his personality works

thehoopscoop says:

If you are using think or swim, you really ought to check out Tastytrade. The team at tasty trade originally built and sold think or swim to TD Ameritrade. They have now built a new platform for active traders that simplifies things even more.

Ryan Jordan says:

$50,000 Virtual Trading Challenge $321 Profit video

Rattle Hog says:

Lol.. It’s about as credible as saying..’I learned how to play the guitar in a week… This is just sad.I have been trading for years and see through this greenhorn a mile away.

EMLUU says:

A good way to lose to money by not knowing what you are doing

Ken Donnelly says:

Hi all i’m a Noob. I currently had to quit my job to take care of my girlfriend who has ALS. Long story but, i do’nt get paid much to stay at home for her. So with that i’m looking to start this and dive into it. I don’t have much to invest at first. Any help would be appreciated.

Tyler Bryan says:

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Darrell Aschenbeck says:

What about tim sykes

Cryptogate Podcast says:

Thanks for explaining float.

Cheng Liang says:

Thanks for video. With the current unpredictable flux of bitcoin in China, I might be considering selling off all my bitcoins. I am tempted. Interested persons should leave me comments.

panayot panayotov says:

I find this facebook group traders.They give signals for which cryptocurrency will rise to invest and earn and working.

crihhhs says:

thoughts on warrior trading ?

Ford GT says:

Very nice video!!! Thanks!! Was a little confused about float and volume on Finviz. Float said 85.5M… is that 85 Million? You were saying 85 thousand. Can you clarify?

Fancy O says:

how can i get your business for the future to manufacture

Kygor says:

Can someone explain “volume” and “float” to me please?

only me says:


Loki // Raw Thought says:

Maybe, just MAYBE, you’ve just changed my life. Will come back in five years to let you know.

A Google User says:

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA this is hilarious. You’re off to a great start, but just by listening to you talk you have no idea what you’re on about mate. Keep at it and maybe in 1-5 years you’ll be able to consistently profit and make real money.

Ricco Strong says:

i listend to this to just hear the bullshit

Charles Lloyd says:

I made a small fortune in the stock market.  Started with a large fortune.

Ricky Gutierrez says:

Hey bud a member in our group shouted you out for making a great intro video. I want to thank you personally for labeling me and my YouTube community as a useful channel. In your opinion what are some areas of opportunity for our channel to provide more quality content for advanced users? We have 30k members with in our group and it’s no surprise a majority of them are new traders. Just wanted some feedback and to wish you good luck on your venture!

M C says:

The moment you come across stuff like “how i learnt to trade in a week” or “how i learnt to make money fast” etc etc… should know at once its bullshit.

Pauline Drean says:

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Joey Amante says:

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Abdallah Anwar says:

What about being subject to the Pattern Day Trading rule? Do you have 25K to maintain a status as a day trader otherwise you’d be subject to margin calls, right?

Mr Joker says:

Hey Garen i been looking for trading stock a legit one with out getting scam, do you know which one i can use?

Dr Moriarty says:

Just a big fat “Hell Yeah” I have an Industrial Eng. background predominately in aerospace and in short just need some real “knowledge” not all of the hype…lol, retro term…So, thanks for a real video for real people – Huge help, and LOVE your work across the board!

Stephen Hirt says:

Love all the non-advice in the comments.

OG r says:

This is horse shit. Robinhood is awful. SureTrader, NinjaTrader, or an actual stock broker are your best bets. This is basically an advertising scheme.


harry kane?

nferno says:

Just a note, P DT only applies to a margin accounts, not cash accounts. If you’re going to be attempting any kind of trading as a beginner, day trading or otherwise, especially with a small amount of funds, margin accounts are a bad idea.

Donna William says:

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Boe'neal Tv says:

Robbing the hood

Frank Rasmussen says:

If you really want to learn to trade, DO NOT USE Robinhood (check the reviews), and you will NEVER learn to trade in a week. You just loose your money, they are no shortcuts.

Regina Haysbert says:

Stop gambling with your money, trade wisely knowledge is power and there is no shortcut making profits when trading binary options. I will recommend Mrs Helen Mckenna to you my fellow traders if you choose to be successful. You can seek her for guidance at helenmckennabo

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richard mark says:

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