Day Trading Methods So Easy Anyone Can Use

Trading price action with John Paul in the morning. The Founder of Day Trade To win conducted this live webinar and demonstrated how easy it was to use the Atlas Line trading software as well as the ABC method of trading on the Emini SP and Euro Currency by using the best day-trading methods

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Keeping it simple is key.…………


Matthew M. says:


Anonymous says:


pierre1122 says:

very good video. is it works on the long term ?? 5 min charts !! A lot of traders says it’s impossible to make money on the long term with a 5 minutes charts. what do you think ?

raymondlcm Men says:

this is really about day trade…I have tried that…quite useful but the software is quite different….I trade in the 30-min zone time…this is a 5-min zone time…look down at the bottom if you are not sure at what I am saying…

jayzee says:

How much is atlas software does it work on plus500

Noam Hiltzik says:

hey awesome job buddy.
Quick question, what type of software are you using?

king djoser says:

do you think this is good for binary options?

MakenX5 says:

ES is the symbol for S&P mini futures.

antonysixfive says:

are you talking about one point or one pip?

freeSCALPINGindicato says:

nice methods… thank you

aqeel3344 says:

What is your comment when someone says small time frames are random market noise that is not trade able?

Waeel Arif says:

thank you very match… you helpful for me 

hugo windsor-carnegie says:

I like this guys approach

Sandeep Patel says:

Unique technique to look at the most current price action. However to control your risk so tightly you also severely limit your upside. Interesting post though.

Leela Raj says:

Interesting says:

Great trading strategy. Thanks for the video.

Achola Tom says:

nice, may to send me the link to your charts for trading

FDAmusic says:

whats the program called?

Susan Foxwell says:

do you trade CFDS 

Tony Groot says:

Can your method apply to Forex?

k001cb says:

ATR with what parameters do you use ?

BonnetClaw says:

please what is “atlas” or “outlas” line and what is atr?  thank you for the video, but the title is misleading.  It is only easy for people who have some foundation in stock terms.  Can you please use language that anyone can understand.



Paul Johnston says:

Thanks for the video

Kuziai says:

5 and 3 mins 🙂 gl

forexth says:

good technic , thanks

JuicedMoose says:

Looks good but out of my price range at this time. 

jayzee says:

So you only ever trade on day trades in the start off the last qautre?? So the ABC method you only ever trade on start of C? IS that about 3pm UK time? Thnks


great video thank you

Aditya Singh says:

i like you very much

Yea Baby says:

great for daytraders, i’ll be in touch

Martin Calixte says:

i am new to first time

Armindo da costa says:

thanks very much for the video is being very helpful..

Ruby Brodersendenisruby says:

tank you very much your english is the best to understand when my language is french
Not fast tank you for the help you do !!!

Susan Foxwell says:

Hi can i email you please how do i get to messaged you. 

Loyal and Faithful says:

did i miss it??? why is the five minute better than the one minute??

Mike Boudet says:

Interesting. Must test…

ravenwda007 says:

shit stock to trade.

owijefro3ihop says:

im at my job now so ill watch later but i want to know if this is in the forex market o the stock market


John Robert says:


as Perumal says:

tamil launguage

nataliesagoess says:

Best video

Day Trade to Win says:

The 5 min. chart is the best to trade because the defaulted times that most trades use as listed on the charting platforms are: 5,10,15,30,60 minutes which are all divisible by 5 – (5-min Chart). if a move is going to occur, you can catch it must faster by using the 5 min chart.

Tiffany Kolevens says:

thanks for the day trading video

Green Room Binary Options says:

Nice, way to go…

Venus Psychic says:


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