Day Trading is all about Timing! If your one second late or one second early it can be the difference between a winning or losing trade. At the end of the day you can study and learn about Day Trading but you still have to work on your timing. Timing can also be about not taking a trade as well. One thing I’ve learned is that the best trades I have are normally when my Timing is Perfect and I wait for the right moment to jump in.

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mattspawn1975 says:

Love your vids Patrick. Been watching you for quite some time. How are you scanning for stocks? Trade Ideas or something else? Thanks in advance!

Matthew Gilbert says:

Emotions can cause hesitation, trust in the process, clearly define your entries/stops/profit targets prior to taking the trade, this will help eliminate emotions and the fear associated with it, in turn letting you act without hesitation or reservation – MD.

Alex Williams says:

Thinkorswim is bad for shorting tried to short AMID @7.50 but of course they never have shares available.

Melbourne Shorts says:

Do you trade both long and short?

Schmuel Schperling says:

This morning you traded? What stock exchange??

Ricky Bobby Trading says:

So true.

ZoZo Stock Watch ZoZo Stock Watch says:

Patience is a form of timing

Jack K says:

Great Video as always !
And Timing and strategy is the key

Rayder4Life says:

if u think u can figure out where the top and bottoms end, ure gonna have a bad time lol

Ava Lit says:

Hello, how was it trading with Robinhood. Were they reliable? Did they manipulate your trades? Did you feel safe with your money in there?

MynameisntEricK says:

Your trend is in a bull flag, showing a bullish pattern. Why did you think it was going to be bearish? *shakes head*

H P says:

I agree! You can be right on the overall direction or be right eventually, but even minutes off that can stop you out/ possibly wipe out your account. And depending on your entry, it can be the matter of small risk and larger reward; big risk and smaller reward; or breakeven.

timotius says:

How did you find $AMID? from the top losers scanner?

James D. Morgan says:

Dude, that is so true, thanks for discussing this topic Bra.

Antonio says:

i noticed that you don’t really have good strategy . dont you think you need clear strategy with a edge , then you can size up and make big money .

Kadeem Perry says:

You’re right Patrick. Your name was brought up in my chatroom Friday and a lot of ppl knew who u were and started hating. New ppl started looking up your vids too. Lol u famous bro

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