Day Trading | How to Beat the Learning Curve

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Dominic P says:

Hey Jeff, unfortunately ran into some cash problems lately that resulted in me having to leave the page, still keeping these videos fresh in my mind, can’t wait to get back to the livestream learnt so much in the short time I was there, 100% recommend to everyone! Keep up the good work. Dom1882

yamoonie says:

Any suggestions on what broker to use for starting out with a small account?

suretrader is the only option and it’s eating me alive 😐

Joel Vergara says:

The best vídeo Ever!

24October 2016 says:

This was great

Chris Sanders says:

wow I had to stop the video to reflect.  Everything you mentioned sir described what I have experienced and what I am going through right now.  Heck I almost went into tears because someone clearly understands what I am going through and just hearing it made me feel good.  I feel that I can go back into the market with a clear head and now focus on the process rather than trying to revenge or trade emotionally to make back my big losses.   I greatly appreciate you Sir

Roman Sterlin says:

is there a video of the seminar ?

Cherubin Bernadette says:

Thank you! This visit was helpful. I am trying to get past my discouragement phase…I had 2 small but positive trades today. I am hoping to slowly add more money to my account as I get better.

Piergiorgio Pandolfi says:

Amazing true video !!!! Thanks Jeff !!!

Peter Skala says:

Hey Jeff, Its Peter. Great video. Thanks. I am definitely in the reality setting in as I have followed the exact pattern from the start of your chart, 🙂 I am going to refocus and rebuild the confidence slowly by concentrating on the slow grind to get green days consistently. Regardless of the amount $10 is a green day. Awesome video. As is the one you recommended. I will be watching all your videos as they are very well presented and explained in a really helpful manner. I also recommend your room highly to anyone who may be wanting to find somewhere to get inspiration and build your confidence as a new trader.

TradeorDie says:

I think im @ the reality setting in phase 🙁

Andrew Mcintosh says:

I have been learning part time for 2.5 years now in different areas of trading (forex, equities). I have had three different mentors ranging from $100.00 p month to $400 p month and nobody has made more sense than this guy.

Stephen Smith says:

Also, it’s funny starting out I think people always feel like they are further on this timeline than they actually are… but after more time you re-reflect and realize… Damn I’m glad I can see now that I really am past that tough part of the curve I’d thought I was before…thank the lord it finally clicked!!! I feel like the discipline of really focusing on my risk was key….PATIENCE!!!



Lica Gavrila says:

Might be old video but still so good an true. I’m can see myself in the chart on grinding after one trade that put me down.

Robert Chan says:

My god, I wish I had watched this two weeks ago. Had biggest losses over a 3 day period just when I thought I was getting consistency which could have been avoided. Excellent video by the way

Mahmud Khoja says:

awesome video, thank you

Roman Sterlin says:

This is exactly how my chart looks, need the upward stage now

ssunkite1 says:

Very honest advice. Thanks for posting this video.

David Day says:

Perfect explanation!! Nice job

sorsorsor11 says:

Spot. f*cking. on.

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