Day Trading Bitcoin: For Beginners

a short comprehensive guide to day trading bitcoin for beginners. learn how to buy and then sell your bitcoin at a profit, with some helpful tips and tricks.

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Monsterenergyy43 says:

Great video, one thing that I was wondering when watching this is how does this apply to the guys who have a bigger bank roll? So let’s say someone buys $100,000 worth of Bitcoin at $7900 the low for that day and then sells the next day for $8200. They would now have $103,800 minus the 1.59% fee they would be left will about $1,500 in profit. Let’s say they did this everyday buying at the low and selling at the high and kept putting all profits back in. Overall if they did this everyday for a month they would have made like $50k even with the fees being taken out. I don’t know a lot about Bitcoin, I only have a couple hundred into it and let it sit. So I when I seen your video I was curious what these guys do when they have a much
larger budget then most people? Overall I would love to hear your answer on this or an idea what might happen to this person who did invest like this. Once again great video, you earned my subscribe : )

Grm Bizzl says:

Thanks Buddy nice job with the video/tutorial it was just what I was looking for 🙂

Alex Buri says:

When i go on settings I do not have the option to click on “linked accounts” and when I want to deposit money into my gbp wallet it does not allow me to click on deposit. Im trying to buy 1 bitcoin but they are only allowing me to purchase £500 worth. Can someone help me with removing this limit. any help is greatly appreciated.

3MarkLIVE3 says:

Been looking into weekly trading (2-3 days a week) w/ a low income, more like $5-10 here an there buying/selling. Just to get the hang of it really. thanks for some insights, also subbed.

Christopher Rudy says:

Is there a way to PM you?


Thank you for your post, interesting info.

Rogan Dion says:

Fantastic video mate!!!

raemyshu says:

Thanks, man. Great info!

Tyler Markovic says:

hi there mate I really liked the video I’m currently in the uk and would like to buy some bitcoin on bittrex when its selling at a low (bear run) with the assumption that it will recover into a bullrun I’m very new to this so pick that idea apart if you’d like but my question is how do I go about making this transaction with the btc/usd market when I have British pounds as thats the best exchange rate. do I have to buy USD then use that to buy bitcoin then sell the bitcoin for USD then exchange that back to gbp to get it in my bank account. apologies in advance if I’m sounding confusing, many thanks

tyler2wheels says:

Great info. I learned the hard way about all the fees.

Juan Leiva says:

Thanks for the videos, they are huge information! I have an issue, i am from Uruguay, and can’t operate with coinbase/GDAX, any other recommendations to trade with?

VibeDollaSign says:

do I need to use gdax?

R Anthony Hardge says:

Is day trading better than using something like bitconnect or USI tech?

Weston Guidero says:

I know you mentioned there are some fees when trading, but I was confused at first. You only get fees if you buy or sell at market price. Not if you do a limit order. Is that right?

matthew chavez says:

great video, very helpful. i learned exactly what i came here for, plus much more. thanks.

Louise Devlin says:

Exactly the video I have been searching for. Brilliant!

Terrell Tinsley says:

thanks helped a lot!!

winston 911 says:

How do you track all of your trades for tax purposes?

Sayner says:

thank you man. explanation is very good.


Just started today what is a good price to buy is it $10 or $100?

Arvydas Mencinskas says:

Very good tutorial! Lots of information, but I guess I need some time to digest that information, then maybe watch it again and again

julia richards says:

hi mr soko, about previous video, I tried the cc miner, supernova worked, created username/password, so on. the coin though didn’t the file from GitHub, was the windows 64bit file that I downloaded of monacoin, that didn’t work, I tried to right click on the gear file run create I didn’t have the option to edit, because I had it ope with zipfile program

kudos56 says:

Hello Mrsotko. I have a question. I am currently trading on coinbase and have bitcoin I can sell. If I transfer my coins from my btc wallet from coinbase to gdax, does the coins I have in the market transfer or does my initial deposit transfer? Will I still have bitcoin to sell on gdax or will I have to purchase again?

Mike Tapia says:

Is there a fee to transfer the money to your bank account?

Psychic Sojourns says:

Another great video! Well done!

Kenneth Blanco says:

New to Bitcoin. Great Info, thanks man. KB Miami.

Simba Sosa says:

Guys if you really want to make money invest in Cardano and lumen these two companies have the most potential in the crypto world and have been on a tremendous rise

Alexsandro Vinhaes says:

Thank you so much!

Mansooby says:

Why not just buy on Coinbase ?

Crypto Coin says:

Simple and straight forward explanation. Great communicator!

buzztrucker says:

Sir, thank you for sharing some great basic input on how to trade bitcoin especially the setting up and some basic 101 thoughts and when to buy and sell. Keep ’em coming!

Zinzi Period says:

ChinaCache Internaational Holdings (CCIH) up 120% today.. bought in at $1 per share and riding the wave. Per my research, still a lot of climbing to go!!

MinecraftMan7778 says:

Hey how did you get GDAX to show both the price chart and the depth chart simultaneously? I have to switch between them…

chris marshall says:

Brilliant video got a new sub cant wait for more videos

bnib timepieces says:

Can you short?

Feline Online says:

Thanks, very useful vid.

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