Day Trading Bitcoin Explained And Visualized

a video of myself day trading and showing how to make some extra money by buying low and selling high! how to buy bitcoin litecoin and ethereum

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Kidze says:

I really like videos like these, can you make more?

P Rick says:

Join our pump & dump group for some real fun ….

Cesar Cervantes says:

OMG!! ihave been searching everywhere for a video that explains how the order book works and you my man have helped me! im not even half way down the video but i had to pause to tell you how good of a video this is!! Thank you!!

Solomon Odjegba says:

hello which other exchangers that dont charge a fee

Venu Gopal says:

Hi Mr Sotko no doubt your videos are amazing but seems like my question is not answered. I want to buy 1BTC for EUR 8000 but don’t wish to spend any more than 8700. What should be my limit price n what my stop price. Seems answered self but would like to hear your opinion. Seems like GDAX made changes to stop price. Previously it used to ask how much bitcoin you want to buy n for how many Euros n limit n stop price. But now it’s asking how many Euros I wish to spend n my limit price n stop price n it’s calculating quantity of bitcoins by itself unless your country has different. Very grateful for your reply. I need some help as I lost almost 2 BTC in trading my self with limit price function n missed Bull run. I need to recover n for that I need some help please.

Pack Jose says:

What are the requirements to day trade on coin base/Gdax?

Igor Smirnov says:

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Kelly Parker says:

Hey -thanks for the helpful tutorials! I’ve subscribed and am a fan. I have a very noob like question to ask and was wondering if you might know the answer. So, let’s say I buy a coin at several different price points, then go to sell a little bit of it sometime later.  How would you calculate your profit since you bought in at different amounts?

Leroy leroy says:

will Gdax close your account for doing to much daytrading


What are traders gonna do when this tax reform kicks in?? Taxes on every trade?? Way too much

Gregory Baskin says:

Wow, am just really appreciating all you have to share. Nothing like witnessing real world trading.

joelikesconverse says:

Great video man, learning a lot from you, probably a stupid question but when you want to cash out and retrieve all your profit, is that as easy as it sounds or is there fees and complicated steps to take?
Thanks man

Bangerz N' Mash says:

Scamming nerd fuck

RiverRat 25 says:

Awesome video.Could you make more like this?

Civci says:

Excellent video that gives great insight into micro trades. Thank you for this.

joshman mo says:

Do you have any video that explains the order book with more details? When to buy or sell and how the numbers work. Thanks.

Rowan Vitaly says:

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John McManus says:

Question: I put 0.547 Litecoin into GDAX and sold it at $146.20. It gave me $80.06 USD in my account. How do I turn that $80.06 back into litecoin?

scorlin gonzalez says:

is it realistic to make 300 a day if you day trade with a whole bitcoin on a normal day

Alice Hyde says:

Is it possible to change the display preferences?
this guys screen displays both Price chart and the Depth chart,
where as i have to switch between the two.
thanks in advance !

Genji Mccorkle says:

Is this guy trading inside a motor home?

Bobby Heil says:

Iv been searching for a video to explain all this! Thanks for making it!

ramon soto says:

hows taxes work? have you done them yet?

yourpersonalgrowth says:

I started to learn crypto trading weeks ago and your video was very useful for me to get an idea about day trading, thanks for that.
After a while, I became kind of more interested in “swing trading”.
Recently, bitcoin was at a low price and when I wanted to buy, I found GDAX unresponsive or down. I am considering to get Coinigy to avoid missing opportunities.

Do you trade every single day?

Geeholio says:

Nice video, a couple of questions:

1. How are you getting both the price chart and the depth chart underneath it to show simultaneously.
In my GDAX, in the top right hand corner, just to the left of “Trade History”, I can click “Price Chart” or “Depth Chart”, but not both.

2. Are you still using GDAX to trade?
I have an account setup but haven’t “completed my account” yet as it seems you can only trade 4 cryptocurrencies Vs USD/EUR. Ideally I’d like to be able to sell the likes of Feathercoin (which I actually mine) and then settle the trade in a different currency eg USD or EUR to take advantage of any currency swings taking place at the time.

Are there any other places like GDAX where you can trade more that 4 crypto’s against each other or is GDAX used as nicehash can send BTC to coinbase at low fees?

I’m sorry there’s a lot in there but I’d be interested in your opinion, cheers.

karma police says:

better off just to undercut everybody by a penny

James Guerrini says:

20k here we come!

Dylan Fowler says:

Google just brought me here. I typed MrSotko CryptoCurrency youtube in the Google search bar, will do it one more time which will help increase traffic to your channel.

lonnie romero says:

I want to get in to bitcoin just starting learning bitcoin . when is the market open is it 5 days a week?

PauL Zhou says:

Teach me how to trade pls!

Trevor Blackwell says:

You do realize they have mini charts and alerts right? LOL waste of monitors.

Christopher Rudy says:

this is all overwhelming so much info, i dont understand how to utilize it all. welp fuck it i guess ill play with the 400 $ i put in or just take it out and buy some pet rocks. jk i really need some help bro wtf do i do to start i have the concept just not the details of understanding it.

Joanna Lis says:

Great video man! I love it! We started trading few days before and your video is quite informative and good strategy 🙂 small profits but still. I like it. As someone said in another movie, do not get greedy as it can loose you

LadyBearTrap says:

What time zone, please?

Albert Paredes says:

Looks like alot of fun, great video! I want to start trading soon I just have to watch more of your videos first lol BTW I’m in Phoenix too. Keep the videos coming!!!

Jay Edward says:

Great Video! Feel free to join my Krypto Mafia on Telegram! You would be a great asset to others..

Devin Newton says:

This video was amazing, thanks a lot.

ryan day says:

Maybe I’m missing something… Please correct me if I am. But this seems like a lot of reactionary and emotionally motivated trading rather than predicting the market through TA. Isn’t that how most people lose their shirt in trading?

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