Day In The Life With Successful Day Trader and CEO Kunal Desai (Full Documentary)

The official day in the life documentary video for successful day trader and CEO Kunal Desai. We spend a day with Kunal and get to learn his morning routine, watch him trade, get to ride in his Porsche and boat, and we get to watch him teach his bootcamp class.

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Mphikeleli Cebekhulu says:

I have a golden question here but I know I won’t get a response from Kunal. Why all Trading expects who has students want money upfront? If they have a profitable strategy, why they don’t enter into a contract with a student where they teach for free then deduct a certain agreed percentage from students after students have profited? I am saying these because a lot of these expects actually make a living out of students money.

Dwit Ashar says:

Namaste Kunal,
Hii I’m beginner and have completed technical analysis course. I like the way you thinking and want to be your student. Please share your email I’d if you don’t mind. Wish you a very good and more not luck but a success in your trading career.

Gandhi Mahatma says:

why the hell are you day trading stocks? if you actually have knowledge about the market and trading in general you would be day trading futures.

Dominic Cherry says:

Surely you should call urself bears on Wall Street if as you said you short more than you go long on?

Talea Simmons says:

My alarm clock went off as soon as he said the word “alarm”

Dr. Chris says:

Sometimes you say stuff that are full of shit but your successful at being full of shit. That doesnt happen too often u lucky bastard!

jonbyc says:

How to become a stockbroker!

Joie Amper says:

You filthy rich people can have all that money and not worship god while ill be in heaven worshiping god so fuckoff haters

James Gatti Please Subscribe! says:

yeah then you have the day that sets you back 3 months. Fuck these guys they don’t make shit trading, they make all their money on subscriptions selling you the idea they know how to trade. They DON’T

Pieter Hermans says:

Thanks for your answers. I just lost an order of 14 containers of wine, but I didn’t lose any money, and most likely I will sell them in a couple of days, but I was crushed for the better half of a day! But in comparison do you blowing all these accounts, it seems my road is a little but more chill, I just need to get over with it and adjust. Keep up the good work!

Corporate Courses says:

Another great video! Check out my channel for similar topics!

Ryan Morgan says:

Never trust anyone 100%. Take bits and pieces from everything and make your own thing happen. I have been trading for 6 months now. i watch these videos mainly as a boost for if i become successful this is what i could be doing and the life i can have haha. Nothing wrong with dreaming big huh?

Andy Marte says:

What I don’t understand is if all this guys are so successful why do they need student. I think getting subscriber is where the money is

gosh brown says:

i think cryptocurrency trading more easier and entry points more obvious
if you would like to start cryptocurrency trading check this


If I made enough money to buy a Porsche id be giving away advice for free…

John Smith says:

Truly successful traders keep to themselves, they don’t teach and have trading rooms. Now traders that trade from a simulator and make there students think its real, do need income from students and other crap.

kerpele says:

Yeah because he goes boating eeevery single day right. Lol. This video is more of a quick confidence boost to this bald headed jackass

Waldo Forsest says:

Two major short squeezes this week DCIX and CHFS

HanDea says:

Bunch of crooks

Adebayo Adetolu says:

there’s a sucker born everyday

Quincy Mattes says:

How is this guy a bull on wall street if he said that he shorts more then buys

ManchesterUtd Fan says:

Fuck off

Crypto Fitzkie says:

Learn how to make money on the Volatility in Bitcoin.

Ken Lamar says:

I’m so glad to finally see the comments I’ve been wanting to see about this piece of shit. Finally people understand what him, Tim sykes, and fous really do. Make money off there unsuccessful students. Disgusting

Joe Buza says:

If you actually listened to what he was saying and not being blinded by his success, you will gain some valuable advice. “When you do the right thing, there is no decision to make”.

Cryptoson says:

I wonder how many of these guys are trading crypto now

junkieboy11 says:

Destin Florida? I’m a couple hours a way. I would love to come out and talk to you personally and get some knowledge. I’m just getting into the stock market and some mentoring would be very useful.

flaco joey says:

Excellent marketing. A day trading education mill that offers a nearly worthless education at $3,000 per student. Owner of company makes incredible claims of making millions of dollars day trading stocks, yet can prove absolutely nothing of this supposed success. Company offering an outrageously illegal “hedge fund” which is nothing more than a unlicensed and unregistered broker dealer. A clear target for regulators and a ticking time bomb. A school for suckers. What’s new

Waldo Forsest says:

I made a ton lol

Jonny Onassis says:

It’s all lies

Ethel Suarez says:

This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about “lightspeed brokers” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Ellieton Tradify Bulldozer – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

Bohdan Kozak says:

On the 1st day of trading made -140$(using 3000$ in stock buying) 2nd day 300 (using 5000$ in bp) 3rd day made 800$(using 9000$ in bp) 4th day lost 988$ (using 14000 stock in BP). I made so huge losses because I didn’t know how to watch charts at all. And the worst thing that stock on which I lost so much money recovered and even went higher by the end of the day of trading.. Kunal I have a question to you – can you recommend any good stock screening system? I’m looking for a tool which indicates when the price for a stock rapidly goes up or down.

Penny Stock Course Reviews says:

Interesting. Looks like you’re living life!

LV PRO says:

30:20 makes it look like a scam

Micheal John says:

The first time, I used many others System and got a loss, loss, and loss. One of my friends recommends me to follow “quick dollar academy”. You get there pure information about automated trading systems that make $1800/day. Just Search On Google- *”Quick Dollar Academy”*

cracken lord says:

Buy at $0.05, made $94 in few hours. Then buy at $0.50, lost everything less then 2hrs.. greedy is trading’s ingredient. Don’t put it in..

Greiguci Wootchie says:

Utter bullshit

shakezulla86 says:

All these people in the comments with no drive or vision.

HPhenomenal says:

Don’t try to bullshit people with Porsches and boats you amateur clown. That’s not what day trading is about. You’re trying to prey on people. You’re scum.

john dough says:

too many stock gurus out here trying to peddle their system, or just plain brag about their lifestyles, which isnt as glorious as any of them make it out to be.

Eric Schmidt says:

did he just short runescape? lmao

88 mango says:

It’s good to invest just not let it turn into your only job

turbulus says:

just makes no sense.. super traders teaching classes to train traders….. why not just… trade? Time and Money are the currencies of life. To sell one for the other when you can get both just doesn’t make sense. cool story, but not buying it..

Lance Wing says:

Wow, a crap load of the comments here are from cynical doubters who are clueless about what they’re even talking about. Kunal is real and honest and very good at what he does. Why is that hard to believe? Just look at the many, many free training videos he puts here on youtube. Sounds like a very generous person to me.

Waldo Forsest says:

I love a good short squeeze lol

hotam says:

This nigga driving an automatic porsche in manual mode… cringe too real..

Ayo Belajar Forex says:


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