Coast to Coast Trading Recap! + $1,136.09

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bill hake says:

did you notice the earth is flat? because it is

Brian Botello says:

Today was my first day red of the week, I jumped on LEDS But it was so volatile that setting my stop made me lose a lot, fortunately I could recover on a second entry. I’m really happy because even with a red day I was only -$37 commissions included ($35) so technically was a break even day :). Congratulation ross for your consistency. Nice video.

John Valderrama says:

When will you start trading with your IRA account?

Trader Donkey says:

Hey Ross, u gotta hold down the control button to stop that stupid dragging.

SurfnBird says:

Intro adds to the videos

FNB Frass says:

Finished the day Green i’m happy, Ross the videos are excellent keep em coming!!!!

GPH says:

missed you this morning

Insurance Casino says:

Only thing I’m afraid of is going bald. Would love to see a VR headset trading setup. I would try it.

John73T says:

eat an edible for the flight back lol

Corey mitchell says:

Ross-question for you. If I sign up for eSignal, can I execute my orders based on the Level2 from eSignal? Or should I use the Level2 in the broker (SureTrader). I notice you use eSignal charts and Level2 but trade with Lightspeed. Do you just minimize your order screen from Lightspeed and place it over eSignal?

Thanks! WT has been great thus far!

kristian80au says:

Thanks for showing your mobile setup Ross!

Davron Abzalov says:

Welcome to Cali, Ross! What laptop do you use to trade?

Flashback says:

Please what camera type is Ross using for recording ?

Michael Loots says:

Hey Ross, do you know of any reliable free websites to check the float of a stock?

David Woods says:

Any chance you’re making it down to San Diego

K Gifford says:

What do you do out in northern cali? I lived in Petaluma until last Sept. I’m missing that lovely weather right about now…

B elias says:

thank You for sharing your MOBILE tradestation. Do you use WIFI to trade and if YES is it reliable when traveling?TX

jchan59 says:

for not bailing out after being down 4k is that considered breaking your rules on keeping tight stops?

johann trader135 says:

Hi Ross, Just wanted to say thank you very much for videos like this.

Edvin Bonilla says:

i was waiting for ur live video this morning and i could not find you here…

corridor444 says:

Pre check through TSA you can leave most of your laptops in the bag as long as it’s not to cluttered.

Green Clean says:

Today is s day why I like your channel. “Keeping it Real” Ross Cameron.

Rasta FHL says:

Nice recap. Ross, I have question regarding your trading courses, do you recommend beginners course or pro course for new traders who want to learn trading?

Eyal R. says:

Brutal day, was chasing TNDM and paid for it… Glad you made money!

Big Tuna says:

Glad you made it safe to California man.

Tyler O'Hara says:

Hey Ross just wanted to say thank you! I really look forward to all your videos every day! Thank you for what you do man!

Ali Yusuf says:

hit NHLD on the first red bar down at the end of the day, entry was 4.88, sell was 6.05. questioned whether i should hold for tomorrow, but was up so much so was okay with what i made. ive gotta lower my trading volume though, had 120 ticketts. .01 per share, 1 dollar min. adds up. i swear half my profits so far went to my broker

DrStormpooper says:

Here is a solution when you travel next time 🙂 You’re welcome

Rory Patterson says:

Is there anyway to watch you personal trade live? If so, how how is it?

Credit Repair says:

Thanks again Ross

thinkalittlemore says:

Funny today when Ross said, “It (AMRH) went down … and I had to change my pants, then it popped back up.” It was a scary dip where it surely had many hearts pumping hard in the open. However, Ross made it through and, as usual, was honest about his emotional experience. This transparency is one of the aspects that make Warrior Trading soar above other trading chat rooms. Thanks, Ross! Looking forward to tomorrow.

choppychip says:

Hi Ross, enjoy your stay in California. 
Im a novice trader just starting out and I have found your videos to be incredibly helpful. For that, I can’t thank you enough. 
I was hoping to get your opinion on a question I had. Ive been studying technical analyses and have noticed a community of people who suggest TA doesn’t actually work. Im still very motivated to gain a deep understanding of TA and use it to gain an advantage in my trades. How do you respond to people who suggest TA doesn’t actually work? Obviously its not a perfect system everytime but is it safe to assume you do recommend studying TA for a beginner trader?

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