Another Great Trading Day – Up $14,826!

Another great day of trading, I guess wearing red really has been bringing me some luck! I took two trades on $CALI and made a grand total of $14,826.38 and with the $9000 I made on Monday and $600 yesterday that brings my total up $25k for the week, $44k for the month, $150k for the year and $482k in my account that I started on January of 2017!

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Nicholas P. says:

Ross I was in chat watching you trade Cali great job! I know it was on the gap scanner but did you have it on a chart or did you get an alert on volume ? It happened so fast I had no time to get in , kept hoping for a pull back to get on board.

Olin Williams says:

Holy crap my dude! I was pretty happy with my $50 gain today, but this is really next level. Hopefully I’ll be at that level one day.

supar so says:

Very good

Charles Bosque-Hamilton says:

Ross you didn’t trade in your IRA account, good trade on CALI.

Getthefuckoffmylawn says:

That’s fantastic.
Well done

Buddy Cherrix says:

Nice going Ross. Thanks for the morning watch list as always.

Brian Botello says:

Congratulations Ross, I had a really small win Just $20 on $MARA, but I am so happy because I saw ON $CALI the same entry as you watching the level 2 and the time and sales, I just hesitated to jump in again, I have to manage my confidence, that could’ve been my first win over 1k, but green is green.

Slayers Boxer says:

Made $2700 then FST glitched on me and i accidentally shorted going up… Lost it all lol. Good thing it’s paper trade

Gary Pio says:

Seems i spend all good tradeing days in the doctors instead of the market … Maybe somday i will be in tune ..

XYED Zeus says:

even though i lost money yesterday ..i m so happy for you….u taught me so many things….ur red phobia is now self treated….i wish to join ur live trading its just that so many things are happening in my life….i highly recommend everyone

Slayers Boxer says:

Ross, how much are you paying for e-Signal per month?

Sun Gang says:

great job bro. comme des garcon? red works. woah. going high brow. fyi, if you missed 10$ run on $fb and $Tsla, 3$ on $twtr. Great bounce. no halts, no crazy spreads. Saw Cali, it was scarier….

Credit Repair says:

congrats again sir

koolyo2foots says:

I was planning on jumping in but with the fast movements (big spread) and lack of news caused me to sit on the sideline

Peter Peter says:


neverevenheardofit says:

Comme des Garçons

PoPsHoTT14 says:

Hey Ross, I was wondering if you always sell on the ask as opposite to bid with your hotkey. Or only on these fast movers? Thank you !

Joseph Suarez says:

love all your videos still only papertrading learned alot from your videos… honestly watch your vids like today for an example its amazing 14k in couple of minutes i think how it took me literally whole last year in fast food to make that lmfaooo… think to myself like damn WTF! but very inspirational and motivational… try to stay away from watching your premarket vids to test out finding my own .. but as of papertrading made 1k today on gern… only paper money but means something to me untill i start to really trade…. Love your videos tho have a great day


3 trades this year and down about $50 each time. . fkkkkk 🙂

Dj 530 says:

Red day for me but only 14$. Keepin my losses small. See u in the morning Ross great job.

BillyM148 says:

I’m always so excited to watch your mid day recaps to find out how you did on the day. As I’m a beginner that’s just reading, watching videos and paper trading, this gets me too excited to some day get to this point. You’re videos are quite the inspiration.

Scott Pike says:

Main St, Great Barrington, Massachusett heading North-East? Also sorry I haven’t been watching the videos lately. I’m creating my watch list for the day but Paper Trading a couple days later using TD Ameritida OnDemand and don’t want any influence. Congrats by the way!

Si Yassine says:

good job!

Steve Crooks says:

What a ride!

SilkSatin Paradise says:

That’s incredible.

ed ugo says:

what did you see that showed you strength @ 5.61?

Melbourne Shorts says:

What city or town is this?

Terry says:

Really it was almost 15 thousand today. It just blows my mine you made as much as a lot a working people make in a year and you made 3 thousand more then I make in a year. Unreal. And I hope to make a hundred a week more one day. It gives me hope. I’m going to continue to practice really hard every day and maybe I’ll get there. You are amazing. 🙂

R BB says:

Can you please release these videos pre-market, so I can watch them and make some money!! Damn, man. What good are the videos after the fact?

Vince Le says:

Ross u fcken gangsta!

GekkoMNot says:

Way to go man! You mentioned waiting for 1 minute candles completing before deciding to jump into a stock. After you’re in a trade however using 5 minute candles for decisions and you see the 5-minute candle bouncing below your stop do you wait for it to finish forming before selling it at your stop or wait till it finishes forming and goes to the next candle to see if it winds up below your stop? Thanks as always for your advice.

frank cui says:

how much time you spend each day to research? on average

The Great Dsize says:

Hey Ross, or anyone else that can help. I’ve been trying to set up a good momentum scanner on FInviz and Td Ameritrade but can seem to find the right criteria. Does anyone else use these to screen and if so, what criteria do you use?

davidsonnow says:

Can we follow your live trades?

Tanner Trades says:

Did you use your full 6:1 margin on your small suretrader account. If so, were you not scared to lose a lot of your account?

9eman9 says:

I always see these plays too late, they seem to be the best long setups in this market so far. Just market order in as soon as volume starts coming in and sell after the halt/resume

csmith6278 says:

That’s crazy

Jay Smith says:

Man people drive fast in your town, lol. Great trade Ross!!!

man well says:

Awesome trading bro! Boght after the pause and sold a like 3 seconds later for a gain before it paused again. Scary..

csmith6278 says:


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