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dyanzzz says:

New fan here and a beginner. Hope to learn your techniques. I will browse your videos

Mr Trending says:

I am ur biggest fan from india. I love the way u trade and i hope to meet u soon.
U are such a great inspiration.
Thabk u

Paulsicles says:

Slept in today and totally forgot it was the /ng earning report.

Manandi says:

I just have a basic question how should a 18 year old get into investing? Stocks and stuff. Where can I get help ?

Me Z says:

Hey Ricky ! I am serious , I have $3,000 , I have little to nun experience about day trading . Could you help me get started and is $3,000 enough to start ?


Talk Faster

emanuel rodriguez says:

Where do u buy stocks? Stash? I have robinhood

Duh Sushi says:

Ricky, is LPP a monthly subscription or one time payment?

1sarthak1 says:

Could you share you indicators and settings, and how is a signal generated?

JRPG Anonymous says:


Sanjay Budhram says:

Can I just give you the money and you trade for me we can split it 50/50

Trades by Matt says:

Buy the dip, Sell the rip!

Hi im Arduino king says:

Thanks for the feedback ricky on my IG story that I tagged u in amazing that u have time for the fans to reply.. 🙂

James Germain: Hustle, Invest, Grow , and Live says:

Nice job! Keep it up!

Diego Frank says:

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Shiraz says:

How much is your in day trading account??

LootManMar says:

What application is that

Rock Coffee says:

its annoying to see your videos. you bull shit too much ! yOU MAKE MORE MONEY BULLSHITING PEOPLE THAN TRADING !

Kelvin Kate says:

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Joe Regal says:

Hey Ricky! Your videos are probably the most informative from what i’ve seen on here. But im curious as to how much you start off with everyday to make the $500. Thanks!

Investing Robinhood Investor says:

Nice gains Ricky! Keep it up

Walter Bocel says:


Jeffry Hernandez says:

Hey Ricky,

I recently invested 1k into Robinhood, my goal is to start making 2k a month within 2 months (May) I currently have a monthly income of $700 & my bills are a little over 1k. Tips???

GSeniorPlay says:

Do you think Ugaz is going to recover after all?

Ash Kay says:

Hey ricky do you trade in Crude Oil WTI? it is expected to hit $100 a barrel by mid-2019

Katrine Randi says:

Very explainable video, last year turned out amazing for me with forex, can’t wait to make good use of this year.

Music, Life ,Nature and travels Baba says:

I thought you didnt sell courses? Dissapointment

GLO GANG says:


Krazykid636 says:

hey ricky, my only issue is knowing when and how to make the right entries in and out quickly. thats what ive been stuck on for a very long time :(. i have a trading software (ninjatrader) i practice on but i am so overwhelmed with all of this info i see that i dont know where to start.

Hassan Hadden says:

Can you show us proof of just one full year of trading to prove your method makes consistent gains?

Stefan Supra says:

Which stocks would you recommend to begginers ?

Nicholas Carvajal Hult says:

Why sell course if you are a millionaire?

Retire By 31 says:

Great work!

Lizbeth O. says:

Maybe talk slower

Aaron Wilson says:

Have a safe trip!

Owen Fisher says:

I can’t find UGAZ or DGAZ on trading 212 and also for some reason it’s really hard to get a think or swim account


you help me pls, what broker i recommends ? For futuros

Sorry my english

Justin Grams says:

On the website it said on Friday

Dustin Huber says:

Hello guys ! lovely video, I agree with you more than most ever will. I think it is ok buying loads of coin for a future that could moon or completely dip and cost you your hodling that is primarily why I stopped hodling. I lost more than 3/4 of my BTC and way more than half the value of my $7,000 xrp. I was devastated and got desperate seeking for options to recover my loss when I stumbled upon Adrian Markus on youtube. After considering the odds, I contacted him via mail, and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading over hodling especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to make almost 700% on my ripples. Adrian never asked me to give him access to my account, and he would warn me against doing that with anybody as its a way many Fakes use to defraud people. If you have any inquiries, you can reach him on *((Adrianmarkus48@gmailcom))* and gain reliable profit with your little experience on crypto.

Erlil Mali says:

What software does he use?

Brian says:

I need help. I’m down over $1000 swing trading in the past 2 months. I analyze and see potential for growth in value in the stock before I buy and realize the reversal but when I do it just drops red. When it’s red for a couple days I get out but as soon as I get out it turns green. When I tried holding for longer waiting for the green it just kept dropping can someone help me… please.

Vertico says:

Ricky’s on fire today….. this was a great vid Ricky!

Ron Whitney says:

Thanks for your videos, I’m just learning this td ameritrade. I have pick up quit a bit . Retired and still working some stocks. Me paper trading until I have full understanding. Keep up the training.

Influencer Unchained says:

Did pretty well with JNUG this week. Respect and thanks for going over your trades so frequently and consistently!

One word of caution to newer traders is to refrain from holding 3X ETFs over a few days, as they can be prone to decay (see DGAZ which was 300+ before November 2018)!

carlos correa says:

How do I join the discord?

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