+$22,000 in 1 hour Day Trading! | Ross’ Trading Recap

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Finishing up the morning +$22K, which puts me up $49K in the last eight days of trading! The momentum is really starting to pick up. November, December and January are usually my best months of the year. I wasn’t the only one who made big green wins today; there were also a number of Warrior students who made $5K, $10K and $15K! Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and I’ll be back at it Monday morning. $ANY (Sphere 3D Corp) +$1,162.56, $ABIL (Ability Inc) +$438.69, $INPX (Inpixon) +$20,597.56, Total: +$22,198.81.

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Meki Ngoga says:

But I did not hear how much you traded with

2RipChic says:

Nice! I traded ABIL and INPX too in the sim.

Got in at 4.09 for ABIL, but sold too early at 3.92. Hopped back in at 4.10 and was out at 4.31. Was in with INPX at 5.89 and out at 5.99. Only made $65.00 today, but yesterday did great with ANY, made $650. Was in at 4.50 and out at 5.50ish.

How much did you start with when you first began?

W S says:

Opening a position on a surging one minute candle with 18000 share to 6$ is much too risky to me. I think there was a lot of luck that the INPX got halted after the first candle and surged up after the halt. Imagine what would have happened if the stock had crashed after the first one minute candle? A huge loss! I enter a trade only after a consolidation. But there wasn`t one. Do not misunderstand me, i like Ross`trading style but this time … wow! (the man has no nerves). But sometimes you go lucky 😉

Jose Guevara says:

What platform do you use

Khang Pham says:

That’s some great mistakes. I’ve had many mistakes in my trading: enter price to buy but forgot the decimal, after a short trade still thinking I was shorting while in a long position then accidentally hot key buy to cover instead of sell to exit. These were some of the mistakes that ruined my days.

Rayrockny says:

Ross lying lol

nettron101 says:

congrats on the big green win Ross, im happy for ya.

Nick K says:

Congrats Ross You killing it HappyThannksgiving

ewt415 says:

Ross yesterday: I’d be happy if I’m $500 in the green tomorrow

Ross today: Makes $22k profit


Eli Sarajlic says:

I do learn so much from Ross when he has a RED day…. But I love look on his face that pure happiness when Momentum comes back and its all happening at stock market and his getting closer and closer to accomplish his goal $583 to $1.000.000….. All I can say is one big thank you for trying to help me and so many others like me to become better traders thank you for recaps everyday and thank you for sharing all this precious info with all of us….. Happy holidays to you and your family….. And my wish for you is THAT YOU HAVE MINIMUM OF RED DAYS this year and in many years to come…. See you MONDAY

Air Switch says:

Firing me up to jump back in the game!!

Cedrik Kaurit says:

Hey Ross! Do you think it is possible that you could lose everything accidentally/unintentionally, with trading in your current state on your account, or do you consider that to be impossible? I’m wondering about the risks if there are any at that point. For example something like a big change where your strategy doesn’t apply to the “new market” and that causes multiple losses or something like that.

pratik shah says:

does the ebook cover the strategies you use on a daily basis ?

Mercot Singh says:


joshua dennis says:

Do you try to go full size into a halt?

Lee Dunn says:

That INPX trade was insane dude! wtf … lol … but that’s how it happens!!! good thing you were quick enough to sell right away, and the awareness to try and short is stellar!

Carlos Mucha says:


Jackson Cecchett says:

have these hot key mistake gains made up for the money you lost by messing them up before

lovinglifegrisal says:

I think it’s time to get back in the market! Time to study these hotkeys

Joseph Mendozza says:

Great video, you are a great teacher and happy for you that you didn’t wind up with 27,000 shares! That was crazy! One question though,why did you switch from lightspeed as your broker? I’m listening to Dylan’s “Oh Mercy” album today …classic Dylan..
Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all at Warrior Trading…

Mercot Singh says:


Bret Maki says:

You nailed it man! Good job there.

Ron Johnson says:

How safe is that offshore Broker you use?

archisaurus says:

This is amazing. I remember August and September in the doldrums……..now back to this. It’s incredible.

King Julien47 says:

i remember when this channel had under 50k subs. i knew one day this channel would blow up…

Sambat Ngy says:

happy thanksgiving love your hard work and energy. Keep it up!

Fred G says:

See you make money like this inspires me so much I honestly can’t wait to take this journey with a good mentor

James Taylor says:

Hey Ross. First things first, Settings -> Equities -> Qty to open position. There is a 3000 quantity there. Could that be the thing?
Second, and I say this with complete respect, your $20,000+ was NOT a “good trade”. I have been watching you for 3 months now, and you have been trading with precision, clarity and discipline. Your trade on INPX was NOT that. I am overjoyed you made money…nice! But lets face it, seriously…you got lucky. You have a problem with your platform that you do not understand. You were trading well, hitting your entries, clear about your outs, but then the issue happens…you were in with too much risk, risk you didn’t intend to take.

Fortunately, it worked in your favor. “Chance favors the prepared mind…” and you were prepared. But, saying that is was a good trade, be honest…it wasn’t.

Gilbert Tarin says:

uncle sam will love you

Dante' Alexander says:

Love the humble brag at the beginning. Lol.

Eagle i Trader says:

You know, it is just heart breaking. I am just sitting here, waiting for four hours, in a truck, in the safest place i can find (the most unthankful occupation) having been told that i can’t wait on premises until trailer can be offloaded. This is all because one person failed to be honest about the delivery time. I’m thankful that after the holiday season, i am going to get the whole education in trading and drop this job like a hot rock. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Erin B says:

So happy for you Ross !!! How much did you spend to make that today ?

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