$0 To $1,300 Profit Day Trading In The Stock Market

This is how i went from $0-$1,300 profit on the day simply day trading natural gas etfs! i hope you learn something new!

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Stevi The youtuber says:

How can i become a youtuber

Harry D says:

That’s hysterical, most people cant do that though. You need a lot of free capital which most dont have and if they do have that, then it’s not with settled cash for which they will be punished.

Zeeme Alarcon says:

Thank you for sharing this. Just enrolled LPP

koolyo2foots says:

Man u need to get some sleep. Those bags are getting heavy

David Sawyers says:

I hate that 25k minimal. Its my money, let me do as I please.

KenzoosSon says:

Trade for me? Lol

Toufeeq Ahmed says:

Your charts are very complex to understand

OG NT says:

I like that new format. That was pretty cool.

Teddy Miller says:

Bamm! Love seeing this perspective!!

Jonathon Geiger says:

How to trade with webull, and avoid GFV? How to trade with an account under 25k?

Gentian elezaj says:

I wish u could make a tutorial vid step by step for us that dont understand enough , btw ur the best

Seth Riffle says:

I think you’re good but at the same time you never show any thing when it comes to swing Trading you only show what is possible with an account above $25,000 because you’re constantly day-trading I on the other hand have to follow the PDT rule and I just can’t keep going back and forth between stocks all day like that I’m not rich like you if I had 25k I’d be able to do similar to what you’re doing right now which would be great I mean I obviously have my own picks but I’m just saying show some strategies for swing trading and people that have to follow the PDT rule

Chris Egan says:

You have massive bags under those eyes

VASILE says:

Ole ricky que bueno eres , quiero algun dia conocerte en persona porque quiero ser como tu. Avisa la siguente vez que vengas a madrid , por favor. Quiere recibir tus consejos .Tengo 21 años y quiero ser como tu!!!

Luke Rhoads says:

It is awesome the success you have had and the freedom of taking naps you have

bmotron says:

I am huge fan of this dude! God Bless!

Dassd Schsdu says:

You are more mature than most people ever will be.

luke shaw says:

love u man

Chris Egan says:

Wow you still have the 500,000 sub balloons lol

Adrain Rosales says:

Profit Profit Profit lets go!

Premysl Kral says:

Hi `s speaking much slowly ,good 🙂

davidsbeast1 says:

great video

Tomo Gimmi says:

You make money from courses and MEMBERSHIPS kid

Julian Trades says:

What size is your monitor?

Kaden Moeg says:

Technically it’s not “$0 to $1,300 day trading in the stock market ” but it’s more like $33,000 to $34,300 day trading in the stock market. Good job though, you made more than I have made in the stock market in a single day lol

KenzoosSon says:

Does anyone know from what age u can trade (in Holland)

Swing Trader says:

It always seems like to make serious moves after hours

Think_About_It says:

Check my stock videos for runners. You could have easily made over 10k today on BPTH

Owen Walker says:

I love your videos but that dumb music isn’t necessary and actually quite distracting when I am trying to focus on what you’re saying.

Doug Ferrell says:

Ricky: Avg up, cost basis goes up as well? not sure of the logic of doing that.



xBladeShockerx says:

Wish i can daytrade as much as you 🙁

Tomo Gimmi says:

Do you ever lose….no your always right..you don’t use options so how are you hedging positions to never lose? Riiiigghttt..

Stevi The youtuber says:

How can i become a youtuber

metsphan1023 says:

How many shares is dude buying and selling?

bmotron says:

Slick Rick!

Tomas Roggero says:

tricky title, you didn’t start with $0.

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