😮Why you should NEVER Day Trade 😮

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Paul Baumann says:

I turned 18 2 months ago and started learning how to daytrade on a demo account. If you set your limits correctly, manage your money and the risk and trade abou 2% of your initial money you always end up earning more than losing. You can grow your money exponetially. A friend started with 18 aswell with 500 euro and endet up at 28k after just one year. I think it really needs the discipline to not gamble and stick to the teachings and understand them and your right it consumes time, but you can just say I work about 6 hours a day as my fulltime job and then enjoy the freetime. Its all about discipline.

James .H says:

I like that your not selling your own program while telling people to educate themselves.

Tamtudy says:

Great video, I am especially thankful for the list of books. Bought ZERO TO ONE and fell in love instantly. Thanks again.

data901 says:

Good advice man. Thanks.

mikeylikesit says:

Bitcoin isn’t investing

captainrefactor says:

Solid recommendations on the books. I don’t find the view point on day-trading to be very balanced however. Trading (nevermind day-trading) is hard, it requires a lot of skills and discipline. It is tremendously rewarding however, for those that make it through to the other side. It gives you all the flexibilities of the world in generating an income and having the lifestyle you wish to have.

Stockavision says:

Oi, shut your mouth… < <https://youtu.be/3OkFmrvjzZ8

Andrew Jenkins says:

“The reason he got into internet money is to not have to think about making money.” Well that’s the problem.

Kasra Sadeghi says:

Some idiot lost money daytrading, so you shouldn’t either. Great advice…?

Weedman Dota says:

Excellent share Cedric, thanks for the guidence.

M L says:

True .. True and …. true. I saw the pattern and managed to stop when i saw that the previous day passed and i was still watching the HIGHBB … and RSI to go up

Rob Mack says:

I steer well clear of cryptos it’s a scam

The Floogiel Trading Co. says:

Thanks for this video… I really like your list of books as well!

Bas Dobbelaere says:

How to save money: step 1: Don’t buy useless things like coffee

Peter B says:

I thought something was wrong when he said his friend was trading at 3am when the markets are closed.

royalmontpark says:

TBH, I checked once. LOL

karma police says:

what if you have step 1. every second of the day?

B_Man364 says:

7:07 knowledge

CryptoWhatElse - BITCOIN Analysen says:

those people never achived the power of technical analysis. if it would be easy…

Matteo Montanari says:

Suggesting reading over betting…deserves the like I left you (Bonus: i have tested that in my life the after-college education has given me the maximum ROI)

Baldersen Vindkalt says:

If I knew early, I do not lost my money….shit….

Duncan McAulay says:

so to make money we should stop day trading and read books, do you pay us upon completion of these books?

Benjamuffins says:

Anyone else see the UFO at 7:40???

Michael Brady says:

Good advice.

juan waun says:

Day trading is a scam warning don’t lose your money it’s a scam don’t do it

Gee Vee says:

you passed by my job

xastunts says:

If I wanted you find out about books, I WOULD GO TO A LIBRARY!!!!

Okram says:

Does this dude know you can also trade stocks instead of bitcoin?

Yaacov Sakowitz says:

1. Zero to One by Peter Thiel
2. The Starfish and the Spider by Ori Brafman, Rod A. Beckstrom
3. The internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos
4. The Dictators Handbook by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith
5. The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil

honestlythatsbull says:

I assume Internet money means Crypto’s ….. Being slightly more clever than you ???

juss says:

Interesting, because I find more stressing Swing Trading than Day Trading or than Position Trading.

Brendan Smith says:

I I daytrade stocks successfully, not bitcoin … lol… bitcoin is extremely unpredictable

Zack Mon says:

i have one stupid question, because i want extra income and before i start i want to know do i have to know good in maths ?

karma police says:

i tried this, and after a few days i felt completely drained out and very bad. the magic is to do 1 or 2 trades and be done with it and do something with your day. If you don’t do this you are going to be in bad shape after a week.

Waldo Forsest says:

Holding a position that drops fifty percent overnight will eat your soul

Satan says:

I don’t understand. How exactly did your friend lose 60% daytrading? It sounds like he was emotional, overtraded, and screwed himself over; basic stuff. The biggest lesson to learn from this video is don’t trust anybody… especially this guy.

Amer Al-tinawi says:

jesse does not exist 🙂

Mrkientube says:

I agree 100% – knowledge is power. Thanks for the advice.

Michael DiMattia says:

Day trading stocks is incredibly lucrative… I’m super novice, yet can make 500+ on intelligent day trades in less than 2 hours. Crypto has nothing to do with NASDAQ opportunity.

maria thiede says:

There has to be a way to make money without working/waiting forever. Could this be it? No really asking… I have not day traded

Jimmy Anaya says:

yeah! read books!.

XPopCornX says:

I listened to the from zero to one audio book for about an hour and Peter Thiel kept saying that monopolies are good and competition is bad for everyone. He does not understand that competition not only means more innovation but a better environment for the employees and customers since there’s competing alternatives.

Zyklon88 says:

Yeah,try trading stock not digital currency

Blake Wissemann says:

Well presented! You can use that psychy technique with any addiction. Awareness of thought, first step of enlightenment. I needed to be reminded. Thanks

Ndembela Banda says:

Anything works for you

Joel Elias Kivi says:

I think the problem is that people are really not that enthusiastic about trading. Most of these daytraders heard about bitcoin which was and I guess it’s still pretty volatile market. Plus, it doesn’t have long history which can make it nerveracking. Like my trader friend said “Like flipping a coin”. So, yeah, do your research. Don’t be lazy and greedy and you’ll be not like 90% gamblers in markets. But, I bet if crypto stays alive, trough times forecasting gets easier. Right now it must be a rollercoaster of emotions. But to the point… There is different options for daytrading. Most of them just forces you to study before making a trade, it can be though but trough knowledge you can actually make smart moves on a market.

Dan Rom says:

Whatever floats your boat

Noah Hornberger says:

thousands of people doing it wrong can not stop the 1 who can do it right

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