Why Trading Forex is so Difficult – Randomness in the Markets: Clusters of Bad and Good Luck

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Why Trading Forex is so Difficult: Randomness in the Markets: Clusters of Bad and Good Luck. David Paul, Financial Trader comments. If you found value in watching this video, PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can do more! It is always my understanding that it is difficult to make money long term when trading currencies and indices – how do you manage? Most trend following systems have less than a 50% correct hit rate. This means that you get a series of losing trades from time-to-time – how good would you be with executing your system with precision when you get 5 losing trades in a row.


Jack G says:

Looking to make profit in forex? Here is what I have learned from my own experience and mistakes. First of all make sure you have atleast £10000 in your trading account or more, otherwise with small capital you will lose all your money little by little to the point that you will ended up losing more than £10000 soon. Because trading with small capital is making small profit and that won’t satisfy you and you ended up trading more and more in a day to reach that profit figure you want and due to that you ended up losing at the ended. With more capital you only take one trade that you are 100% confident, don’t aim for too many pips because with good size capital account you can make a very decent profit even with 10 to 15pips. So after that you don’t need trade for that day and next day do the same. Wait for the best signal, aim for 10 to 15 pips and you know pips size.

Luca Toscani says:

This Guy is saying the absolute truth.

Kronos G. Zeus says:

What a intriguing human.

Lanky says:

I loved this interview. That was liquid gold running from his mouth, shining diamonds of knowledge in every sentence. So good, so so good

Omar namouchi says:

Manage risks

Ali Alsabe says:

This man is very thoughtful. Couldn’t agree more with him

Menziwokuhle Mhlanzi says:

10million points for saying “muthi”. this Zulu will now listen to you for ever

Ray Miller says:

Never use Fx with leverage less than 1:500 because there is no point to be on Fx with lot 0.01. You will just tired to work 24 in order to get 20 dollars and you will loose your small account by overtrading.

Carbon FX Trading says:

so much value great

Ian Galloway says:

Good lesson, biggest trade he ever had was one he forgot about. I think we are our own worst enemy. Winning trade? Let that shit run. Easier said than done. 🙂

Mukabuk says:

Who is this guy?

ProjectElevateHD says:

To think them statistics classes wouldn’t come in handy …

Jason Alerts says:

This guy sound like a losing trader. People actually make money in the Forex market and have a high success rate. These old skool traders think 50% is good well its not. 50% Win rate in my eyes is crap.

Jason Bird says:

She’s fit

Jose R. Chaves says:



Forex market is manipulated by a computer hidden in some place, that generates codes in order to make just few minority to win and makes 95% of innocent people to loose. Years ago I could identify these codes that I make money. Any attemp of using pathetic indicators or chart patters it is pure ilusion you will fail. Unless you have access to the code.

Oscar Malisz says:

True, i lost everything by getting overconfident after a good run

Jefferson Souza Martins says:

Why do many successful traders get bankrupt many times before achieve the success ? I like the markets but I don’t want to get bankrupt before achieve the success.

riva2003 says:

Very true. That is something fundamental stuff for FX trading he is talking.

R A says:

she has a tattoo on her wrist lol… forex is cool, get educated first though… economics is key

Lawson_TheGeekery says:


MrFourkinghell says:

yeh gotta agree. FX for the average punter is one long cluster fuc@$%!@@@##**(^%$#@@

LanguageMan1 says:

LOL! Trading Forex is NOT difficult.

Emuakpor Akokewhu says:

Don’t be deceived its a time wasting and difficult thing to do. Invest in assets with value in them not holding value in the differential of a specific position.

Ricardo G says:

okay like a 1000 times lol

Oby One says:

One of the best interviews on trading I have watched. A fascinating insight into the strategies of a very sharp mind! Excellent!

Sammy persian colourpoint says:

Great interview!

Emmanuel Leunamme says:

He said it all “Market makers & Algos”. They control the market very carefully, markets are not random. What is “random” is your outcome or results in the SHORT TERM.
Everything this man has said is great content.
One of the best interviews!

Kingdom Mann says:

His math is wrong regarding “2 bad/good trades in a row.” The correct answer is that there is a 1 in 4 (or 25% of the time this will occur over a 100 trades) chance of having 2 bad/good trades in a row.

Ray Miller says:

In order to be profitable you have to have account no less than 10 000 dollars with leverage 1:500 and trade 1 Lot only which will take $200 margin. Never use Stop because Broker will close your position with sleapage from 5 to 10 pips and you will be loosing your money all the time. You have to know the Tend on 1D chart and trading with the Trend. If price is moving against you but she stays in the Trend you just use this as a Gift to add 1 lot to your position and you will have $400 margin now of your 10 000 dollars account. With leverage 1:500 you can trade 20 lots but you never do that. You can maximum load you account with 10 lots and if you are in 1D trend you will never loose any money. But, if trend is changed you have to close all your position. Never trade Forex as a Day Trader. Never try get 20 or 50 pips because you are overtrading and you will loose all you account on the end. Im Financial Engineer and this is just Tip for retailers.

前田吉 says:

if you have believe and rule yourself forex are not diffcult

cobar53 says:

He has not taken into account the reward to risk ratio.
If a win gives 3 times a loss, his maths goes out the window

Israel Jones Fiagbe says:

David was just on point. Hope he is ready to coach newbies on his avid risk management strategies

jonathan yoakum says:

I would sell my granny too

Yakub Miah says:

I don’t think she plays roulette.

Poopy Joe says:

Forex tip = Find a pair in an uptrend and buy on the dips , sell into the spikes until trend changes. Small and consistent pips at a time is the key to staying alive in this game and building wealth over the long term!

Practise on a demo account to get the jist of it guys. It really does get easier over time.

Sifiso Ernest says:

this gentlemen really knows what he is talking about. i wish i could say the same for myself when it comes to trading.i have been trading for 3 months now and all my trades are a disaster,i just cannot find a strategy that works.if anyone can assist me in any way please do so,your help will be greatly apprecciated

Ray Miller says:

In order to be profitable you have to know the 1D trend and than open 10 Lots position and you will get 10 000 dollars every 100 pips move in $USDCAD for example. This is real Forex business. Trend is moving for at list two week and some time for a few month with from 500 pips up to 2000 pips. You can make money just watching a few time per day your position 10 lots and in few month you will have 200 thousands dollars profit. That my advice for retail traders.

Mehdi Hashemloo says:

Are forex traders entitled to Capital Gain Tax?

Fearnot Music says:

“Euphoria”? He’s of course talking about amateurs and beginners. My winning percentage rate is 72% for the last 6 months; it fluctuated + or – 50% before this period for as long as I can remember. He’s correct that a string of losers may or will show up in your trading, but it all depends on when and how you are able to identify it as a “loser” and what you do about it. You MUST have a level that you respect without excuses of any kind. A level where you either sell a portion of your position or you close the whole trade and get out. This is something highly discretionary because it all depends on many things. All markets at one point will return/retrace or come close to your entry point. This is why position size is so very important… You can pretty much survive anything if you’re not a greedy bastard or trying to hit home-runs on every trade. That will kill you in no time. At 2 % maximum allowed loss per trade you can be wrong 10 times in a row and end up losing 20% of your equity but you will still have your account. if you’re wrong more than that there’s simply something very flawed with your trading. 4 times in a row should already call for a serious review of your trading methodology or very likely you’re not following your own trading rules.

Traders Friend says:

I have to agree with him, it gets hard to check myself when my trades are going right, there is a sense of invincibility that comes when you are getting it right and it can be also be devastating if you end up in the chop. Discipline is everything in trading!

Toma Ishikawa says:

red black red black red black red black…..plus 2 green…the house always wins

Netred red says:

It has nothing to do with luck. Theres a particular method that outperforms the rest. Genius

raimi rosli says:

trading is not difficult if you have enough money.. 10,000 above

isaac mortimer says:

Love how he just quitely slipped in how he trades at the start. Clearly no hidden agenda there.

bebe bobo says:

He is somewhat correct, you will lose in the fx market if you are gambling but if you have set certain rules then you can execute every trade with accuracy ! 99.99 % of traders are speculators which is why so many traders lose. speculation is the form of all evil. if you don’t have a winning system Don’t trade !

Allan Mena says:

trading forex is not difficult , it is actually very easy, every time you find anything difficult in life it is because you lack skill, 95 percent of traders are looser, those who know the exact and precise secrets will never tell you because it took them a decade plus to find them

Insanity says:

2:22 And that’s why the stereotype of women being bad at math will always stay alive 🙂

3:00 To add in salt to the injury.

Doctor Hill says:

Truth spoken here.

Price Bayliss says:

Hommie didnt mention about the green space on roulette…

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