***Why I Quit Trading FOREX!*** The SHOCKING Truth EXPOSED.

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Harris Entertainment . TV says:

invest .

Lavell Smith says:

in one reason why people fail also because based off beliefs.. in don’t wanna follow the methods at all in wanna take hella risky in get greedy like take profits in keep it pushing in be grateful in im not even successful yet I know one day will be successful with trading in learning from the best.. nice video tho

Blah Bleh says:

I don’t understand, by your own fucking logic, if you have this magic robot/algorithm then why are you advertising it?
Why aren’t you busy making money?
How fucking stupid are you to shoot yourself in the foot like that, dumbass.

Paulo Costa says:


Squarge Baw says:

I am really interested in forex trading and I have been taken advantage of on several occasions and I will be glad if you can walk me true the processes involved in FX.

Cuong Truong says:

Your video head line is very misleading.
The content of your video is about “why most people fail at forex” not “Why I quit trading forex”

It’s not a good idea to trick viewers with false headline.

Mickey Gezaw says:

if your robot is really making you that much profit,, you wouldn’t have made this promo video as well… you just said that about the others so you fall on your own words! Plus everybody is made equal if someone can do it ..you can too! it’s all about how hard you want it. i don’t think if the creator had that much time distributing talent for only certain ppl 🙂


I like your category, “comedy” .

Domen says:

Stating that there are scammers on social media selling quick scheme strategies and then 2 minutes later telling people to buy his arbitrary 6% automated system on the Youtube. What? Why not go for 24% per month? You should shoot for the moon, man. And that title. What a POS.

dino dodani says:



dude where do you get your stats ?

Sam Adams says:

lol … Just another sales pitch.

Ndali Elvis Obukowho says:


Elaine Hope says:

Exactly if they were REaLLY good they wouldn’t have to BRag about it on Social media!!

Christoph Küstler says:

Haha, nice clickbait!

Téquan Tull says:


rashad fondrose says:

You’re literally just a shit trader. You described yourself in the first 2 minutes of this video. You sound fucking retarded. Play this back to yourself and really think about how much of a dumb ass you are.

Millionairess says:

I can tell 9 seconds into the video that this is probably some bullshit just to get views. You sound too damn excited. I bet you still trade Forex.


“you literally learned all about forex”, wow!

Duy Nguyen says:

your analogy is bullcrap. anything can be learned except for the bodily physical limitation. athletes are an exception because of their build. anything else is fair game when it comes to learning. i find it hard to believe that buddy of yours made 100k in 1 day and lost it all in the same day. any trader that can earn 100k in a day probaby doesnt earn with luck. this mentality is why 95% of traders failed.

Gordon L says:

Success in a box!!! I don’t think so, you’re either in it fully or playing at it. It’s a 3 – 5 year learning curve with a mentor. This is the reason 90% fail, their not willing to be patient and PAY THE PRICE.

INVESTED505 Passive Income Ideas says:

you so fine, i will listen to anything you say and almost will do it. =) keep up the good work

Prosper With Shaq says:

yup. passive income triumphs all

df dfdffddff says:

I’ve made a good money with a non repaint system. It’s just problem solving. It’s like hacking, you’re looking for strategies and strategies to figure out how to be profitable.

Jack D says:


Salma Hafez says:


Naira Candiago says:

Show us the truth, Show us a video of your robot trading for 2 hours

Виктор Гапонов says:

Great presentation. Forex is indeed a wide industry and your video really did helped me have a clear understanding. Thank you.

johen rodriguez says:

I do agree

Marwan Daghistani says:

Start your own treading and earn extra money simple way, tray the demo account first then go real. http://etoro.tw/2utX3OJ

Ashley Neal says:

I am so passionate about trading but, as a new trader it is very stressful trying to figure out rather your winning or losing a trade. I have lost a small amount of money in the market and don’t want to lose anymore. I had this one guy who got me interested in wanting to trade in the Forex market but, he tried to rip me off and was not really helping me in the way I needed.

Jan Bonas says:


Thabani M. Dlamini says:


Major General N'golo Kante says:

You are absolutely correct, I know a ‘trader’ in my community who has opened his own ‘trading academy’ out of supposed altruism (cough) even though he posts pictures on his socials of winning 5 digits day-to-day. All bullshit, if he was making that much, he wouldn’t need to sell packages to prospective clients for his signals / training courses/ asking for 10-15% commission off his clients of their winnings as a charge…

I completely agree with you.

Michael Usilton says:

Anyone who really knows trading knows everything your saying is 100% true.

Ossy Amadi says:


conscious212 says:

fuck this mentality if you strive you will succeed, this guys just trying to sell his robot Lol, 20% is technicals in forex the rest is mental, you lose if your greedy impatient and too confident or not confident enough, be positive you can succeed in forex, if anyone learns the technical side well done now the next is to work on your self and try to build self discipline

Michel Stuart says:

Only 5% people can success in forex market and I am afraid I have to say that I am in 5% people. For me the reason behind my success and other 95% people’s failure is risk management. Without using proper risk management in trading you can not stay in this business for long time. I am using AAFX as my broker to minimize my risk. I get rebate system from them and also bonus on losses.

Fearnot Music says:

Yep you’re right.. losers are genetically predisposed to not only be losers… but then they make the supremely wise decision to become thieves and scammers. At least there’s one thing you have accomplished, you’ve figured out who you are… LOL!

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