Why I Don’t Trade Forex Full Time

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Emmanuel Lawrence says:

Hello, I’m Emmanuel Lawrence from Benin Republic and a total novice in the forex trade market … I would like for you to mentor me if that doesn’t borther you!

Nicole Mangaliso says:

Lol Lis… Cumon man. I dnt mean to be rude but 3% is rediculous. Hit me up on instagram @nicolemangaliso. I will tell you how to make more than that. In a nutshell i always open like 11 to 13 positions at once different pairs. One trade on each pair. Out of all 13 pairs i always loose on like 3 or 4 pairs maximum. Ma winning pairs always hit 100pips each. N i always trade 0.50 lot size. Neva more neva less

Efe Great says:

God bless the day I learnt this amazing strategy I’m assured of having 98% to 99% winning rate… I am happy now. This strategy is absolutely amazing and I am making a lot of money out of it feel free to contact me for proper guidance at alisasesay40@gmail.com

Sindiswa Msubo says:

thank you for this! im a student and im Interested in having more than one income in the future. and because its basically gambling I am ONLY interested in im making consistent realistic goals. because like you said there is a limit.

Kryss Bizz says:

It depends on how much currencies you trade ! Doesn’t it ?

Joe Zy says:

Very Informative.

Jason Boyle says:

3% is still 3 not 36 after 12 months aint it not..

max davidov says:

Mann, i actually know some traders that do live videos and saw their myfxbook ,they literally do around 200k a week . like i was amazed. not even lying . just some traders are risky and still have profitable ideas that’s it . when u re good at trading u know which idea may actaully work out . i ve been trading for almost 5 years now and i am amazed that some traders still talk about 3%

Martin says:

3% a month is not 36% a year. Look up the wonders of compounding!

Dual Clutch says:

I day trade but also invest in cryptocurrencies, huge huge gains can be made with cryptocurrencies even with day trading, but even just dumping money into it and not touching it will make some solid gains no matter what. I’ve made well over 1000% gains and I only started on the 13th December! But also forex trade.. however I got greedy, had a huge loss in forex and my account needed topping up again.. buttt I had put that money into crypto lol… it’s good money though if done right and once you’ve built your way up

Flo Ride Her says:

I like that light thingy aelis .. How do I get my hands on it?

fuhvhj fgvjiyh says:

The reason you dont pay tax on winnings is because its classed as gambling. And like gambling the vast majority in the long term, lose.

forex187 says:

3% a month??? many retail traders do over 5% a day…

Kemar Spencer says:

I didn’t know u had a kid

colintx800 says:

0:57 WD40 or silicone needs spraying in that door hinge 🙂

Talia says:

How much do you make from trading roughly, a month?

Shonea Holligan says:

Would you help me get started one to one I was just looking at it to see if it’s worth it at my age?? Would you dm me on insta?

Frank Hernandez says:

Please tell me what bank pays 5% so I can put my money in where I’m from they only pay less then 0.005% a year.

AlphaDini says:

Great video bro! Goals are important

IIblackwidow69 says:

this channel just speaks to me trading and cars and no bullshit
subbed and liked

Yo Mama says:

Wat platforms do u use

Reece Vaughan says:

Any interest in Crypto? (Changed my channel name from Reece by the way lol) been trading crypto now for 3 months and got about 800% from my original investment so far

Dani Oort says:

Hey have you made any video about leveraging in forex?

Stéphane Clarke says:

Very few people talk about realistic goals. I think this is one of the best videos about trading!

FaTaL Dsyr says:

Love these vids

Cynical Robot says:

Trading Crypto is where the money is. Its not worth putting your money into Forex when the same money put into Crypto can make you more gains.

David Backhouse says:

*APP* expert0ption.com

Phil Mitchell says:

Rather trade crypto tbh

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