Watch The Forex Guy Make a $7000 Trade with Simple Swing Trading!

In this live trade video, I demonstrate how simple and lucrative swing trading can be.

Swing trading strategies are a much more relaxing way to Forex trading in contrast to those high frequency ‘in-and-out’ systems that will melt your brain.

If you would like to learn more about swing trading, or reading charts using price action – feel free to come and check out some of my tutorials on my site.


Freddie Highnore says:

Change trading!! Change life!!

Jonathan Seriously says:

$600 is roughly 2 times what I earned per month about 12 years ago

Isaac Okai says:

i dont understand the chart..could anyone help me out?

Anchard Elmido says:

Do you use FXCM ?

Melissa‏ John says:

? What is your opinion on the American Eagle forex ea I have heard that is excellent

Joellyn Crissie says:

I read lots of good reviews on the net about how exactly Trabeplom System will help you making some money in the fx trading . Has anyone tried using this popular forex secrets?

Urban Forex says:

Wow … fantastic swing trading strategy. Thanks for sharing Dale!

Mr. Easy Fix says:

I like battle station indicator for alerting me reversal price action. How can i get that Sir?

Трофим Геворгян says:

Got yourself a subscriber here. Thanks.

global crunch says:

please where do i register an account?

unlock any forex robot says:


terry mark says:


Dritan Zmali says:

what platform is this ? what’s the website?

samedi tounsi says:

I like people show is a live trade. !!!thats honnest !!!!thanks

Jack Martin says:

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ESP Bones says:

what trading platform are you using?

Blake Colton says:

Hey guys am very exited cause started my first trading a week ago, and now am already profiting using MR MICHEAL STRATEGIES.

ahsanullah shanto says:

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Ryan Beseke says:

How did you determine your weekly resistance line? dating back to the beginning of your historical data for the currency pair, or just the weeks leading up to when you took the trade?

szewczyk pabloa says:

This might just be the closest you’ll get to putting your money worries aside and concentrating on the things you do want to do in life. Watch this video ==>> *TraderIcon. Com* .

terry mark says:


ahsanullah shanto says:

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AxiTrader says:

Always good to see how a trader develops a trade setup and executes the full trading plan. New traders can learn so much from live market analysis and trade ideas.

Curtis Stueve says:

If this trade is a profit, why is the one that is a loss highlighted and why does it appear as if you sold at a lower spot than when you bought in?

shkal alex says:

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Tomáš Domotor says:

hi, mate, normally how much you risked per trade in %..? You showed 2 positions, in 1 lot.. thx, otherwise , nice classic technic..

Anton Praja says:

Hey Dale, how can i get the battlestation software on my phone? is it free downloaded ? thx man

Laurel Chavez says:

How did you get in at $600, and then a month later make $7000 profit when its trending down? Im missing something clearly…

fx media says:

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TOZTOZ says:

…or you lose all your money

The Money Trend says:

I;m liking the idea of swing trading rather than very short term

charles morgan says:

nice video

tien thong nguyen says:

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Jamie french says:

Interesting video, thanks!

Do you trail your stop loss?

Jibon Ali says:

That’s a great trade you have made there and Congratulations on your profit there. I see you trade with good price action techniques and I really appreciate the effort. I also learned price action basics from my broker Forex4you who provides me with the educational materials and proper analysis as well. I also viewed your website which is quite rich as well. Feeling great.

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