Trading Strategy with Support & Resistance: Where to Buy / Sell and Set Stops

Support and resistance trading seems simple enough but therein lies the greatest risk – complacency. That reason many traders make mistakes either with where they buy and sell, where they set their Stop Loss and Take Profit. Fortunately we have David Jones who will guide us in this endeavour for beating the markets.

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daniel kalinowski says:

Why did it suddenly just break. Was there information about it like an event that happened. This is what I don’t understand

Jason Herrewyn says:

Thank you David! Your videos are very educational!

88 revenge says:

I like your videos man, can you do one on options. I would greatly appreciate the favour..

Anne Unger says:

Hi David – which broker would you recommend in UK.  I’ve just opened a practise account with NADEX which was recommended, but I’d like to have your opinion of a trusted UK broker.  Many thanks

Khizar Bhatti says:

david jones the real mvp

Car Man says:

Hi David I think these videos are a very good insight to trading
Could you cover the subject of stop hunters weather you think this happens or not
Thanks very much for your time and keep up the fantastic work
Cheers Don

Isaac Rapheal says:

Hi,how do I indicate take profit and stop loss in a market execution. I have tried without success.

G mail says:


Nathi Mnguni says:

trading 212 is the best

MLA says:

at this video @ 8.20 to 8.40 minutes in the graph there is an hammer pattern with the bearish .
can it will be also the chace for falling of 150 points …..
MR.david plese say this for the considaration

Allan jr Matengu says:

which trading platform are you using or one you would recommend

Mahmood Ali says:

Thank u V much
Can u plz make a video of how practicaly on the platform we can conbaine Fundanemtale and tecnical analisys?

John Galt says:

As a newer day trader, I must say, yours are the only videos I can watch all the way through.
Your lessons are clear, concise, and very helpful.

Brian Driesenga says:

Very nice explanation, thanks!

Steven Berendes says:

Very well done vidio’s. What platform are you using?

Eliott Camb says:

Hello David, please do ADX in one video! Thanks for the great content

MLA says:

anyhow it’s more usefull for me for finding the trading resistence and the support ..tq

Christopher Val Tronco says:

I thought support or resistance are formed when 2 candle sticks hits the same line?

André Mariano says:

thanks for the videos James Bond
don’t you think this markets move to little though? 1 week to make 1% move just sounds boring tbh :b i’m only trading crypto at the time and i’m used to 10% moves in 10 minutes haha, IDK how fun it is to trade such low volatile markets

ஏக்கலைவன் says:

Thank for u information

Elle Morgan says:

Really positive comments… OK lets go!

Play4Keeps says:

this guys voice puts me to sleep, maybe i should listen to this when i cant fall asleep at night.

V S says:

yeah, that’s wat i was looking for. My fav support and resistance level…awesome chap…

Israel Not the country says:

I suppose this is a low % win rate with low risk to reward. But how many trades do you find a month?

Ryan says:

I have trouble deciding what time interval to use when determining support/resistance. The daily interval may show support at one price while the 30 minute shows at a different price. I am always contemplating which should i follow if I plan to swing trade a stock in a couple days to a week?

Rhys Blackmore says:

At 6:43 what does Zero spread mean?

jimmyau67 says:

What are you using to view the candlesticks?

Dean Linley says:

Very Good video. Thanks

Akshay Jade says:

How to draw perfect support and resistance line in intraday …5min time frame thank you sir

sachcha88 says:

Thanks for the explanation.

Vaibhav Modi says:

Here is a blog please check which gives daily NSE market summary and daily support resistance for NSE & MCX

Greg Babayans says:

Thanks David Jones. Your videos are really really good, and without the hype.

Elite Inc says:

Which software you recommend for see support & resistance?

Dalton Alfortish says:

What trading platform do you recommend for Mac users?

Jun Moredo says:

hi a sample trading plan thanks

Nayem Islam says:

hi david it is a nice video,for 15 min expiration trading in binary option,which minute candlestick and which hour chart should I follow for trading based on support and resistance? tnx

Tom Revington says:

Hi David, your videos are great! Concise and to the point.
What is your strategy regarding timeframes. How long do you hold a position and how you utilise the different time frames. Do you stick to the bigger picture of days and hold a position for a week or so or do you hold a position for hours. Best

Saajid Akram says:

Your courses are the best on the you tube, I really enjoy learning from you … Thanks a lot …

Jude Capricien says:

Where can I download your trading chart?

Johann Botha says:

Thanks for the videos, David. A general starter question: how many pairs would you recommend watching for someone starting out in forex?

shafraz84 says:

how much you think we need minimum roughly to invest

Koven Wollrab says:

Hey, love the videos. Great presentation/teaching style. Esp. including cases with the theory. Question- how are your strategies for trading FOREX/CFDs/cryptos different from each other and can these same strategies be applied to stocks?
And also, do you do any kind of “day trading” or short term trading of junk bonds?

Obikwelu Onyeka says:


Dev Anglin says:

Thanks for the great info

Michael Bolin says:

Thank you. Common sense nice overview of perspectives

Rich Holland says:

Very enlightening thank you sir!

David Hammar says:

Hey! Love the videos and how you break them down into their simplest form. I was wondering if you can do volume indicator next?

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